Zechariah’s End Time

ZECHARIAH.   All were my Amateur Honest Analysis: Reflection/View of the Old Testament. [The Old Testament was already Analyzed in here.]  I am Not a Visionary. Discretion Applies.  But, this was about Jewish Religion according to the Bible checking on their claims; but, we cannot judged them as persons; because, who are we to say that they were bad; when we were all sinners?   Understanding is better than Wisdom.” Suggestion to match prophecies seen here with the Bible and your own honest ideas.  My View: Old Zion of Judah was Israel; while the New Zion of Judah in this End Time is a to be raised up Nation or Religion under Lord Jesus Christ.   AMOS 6:14. MICAH 4:10-12 and ZECHARIAH 2:7-8  

PRELUDE:   In Daniel 9:26-27, some claim “Cut-off” simply means Desolation; and all should follow Jews in order to be blessed?  Num 24:9.     

My View, Alternate Version:  In Daniel 9:26-27, Cut-off or Without God; then, we are Nothing”.   GOD have enumerated Everything He likes to Cut-Off: all Jewish Burnt Offerings, Solemn Assemblies, New Moons, all Feast Days and Sabbaths , including Jewish Songs and Peace offerings [Amos 5:21-23]; because all were an Abomination and INIQUITY to God!  Isaiah 1:11-14. [*Do not mistake this Instructions of God as only for Sodom and Gomorrah; but, “it is for all Israel”; because, this Instructions of God came later, many thousands of years AFTER the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, given to Isaiah, Amos and Daniel.  Note also that, Israel was indirectly quoted as Babylon like Sodom and Gomorrah.  ISAIAH 1:3; 9; 13:19.]  “Then, to Whom they were really labeling as anti-Semitic to?”  No matter how many Purification and Re-dedication they did; if they left the “Instructions of God on ISAIAH 1:11-14; AMOS 5:21-23 and Daniel 9:26-27” totally unfollowed and remained hidden all those years [by sticking to the Torah: only the First Five Books of the Old Testament]; then, what value was their Rededication or Purification would be?  Their Faith were tested like Abraham; but, they failed to be the obedient children of God as they claimed.   Sin begets more sins.  Their prideful habitual cunning showed when they cunningly hidden the biggest Truth; and that was/is about the Real Messiah Who is Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Who already came long time ago; Who will be the Ruler of all Israel. Mi 5:2.  And, there was an increase of being “LUKEWARM”; torn between Jewish Traditions; and, Christianity.   To the Climax that God’s Wrath will Come!  Ez 38:16-18; 39:23-24.  / Basis: “Prepare to meet your God, O Israel!” Amos 4:12. “The DAY of the Lord is Darkness…” Amos 5:18. // [View:  Jewish Error of misinterpreting Numbers 24:9; will be shown in our future modern history of the End Time; excluding 1948 which already had passed. Ezekiel 7:2;13.]     God did favor them in the past; but, not for their sake; be ASHAMED, O Israel. Ez 36:32!!! Because the Real Lion of Judah is Lord Jesus Christ; Rv 5:5; therefore, Lord Jesus was/is the Same Great Lion pointed at Numbers 24:9.

Because, God already knew long time ago, what will the Jews will do in the Future:  They went crazy repeatedly reciting History/Torah in Hebrew over and over again; then, in unstable minds followed Talmud blindly including EROBIN, KETHUBOTH 11b and TALPIOTH MEDRASCH 225; which allowed abuses on children; thus, God gave His Instructions on ISAIAH 1:11-14; Amos 5:21-23 and Daniel 9:26-27.  Beware of the Rabbinical Teachings; and in hearts, do not uplift Jewish Traditions, after Christ [DC], as God’s Ways; Mt 23:1-39; 24:1-2. Note: But, this is only about Religion; we do not judge them as persons because we were all sinners.  Some were awaken now; as Jewish Christians.   No one goes to God; but, only through Lord Jesus Christ, Who as Messiah, Redeemer is GOD!   ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5.

Glossary: How can you say that Noahide/Noachide is godly; when, in turn Noachide support Talmud rules abusive to children?  Such as: *EROBIN: the Birth-Rate of non-Jews has to be Suppressed Massively!  Kethuboth 11b: Sexual intercourse for girls are permitted at 3 yrs of age. Talpioth Medrasch 225: Jews may have sex on a Child of less than 9 yrs of age. Thus, some laws were letting the Freemason Children Blood Sacrifices to Satan be unconstrained! /  Noachide is a False Peace! Same in: Obama, USA: Legalized opioid appears to be NOT only for Medical purpose; but, for Freemason Pedophiles who were drinking “Wine-like Drug” prior to assaulting children to be able to Elude the Law. It is a modern Herod’s Massacre of the Innocents!

It is for the Jews [and for ALL] to Ultimately Realize and Accept the True Lamb of GOD: Jesus Christ, the Only True Sacrifice! Because Time is now Crucial! CUT-OFF or “without God; then, we are Nothing”.  Daniel  9:26-27.  / It is NOW CRUCIAL, at this End Time, for Israel to Learn of LAMB OF GOD, the young Rabbi Jesus Christ Who is the Messiah Who will be the Ruler of All Israel, Micah 5:2, Who as a Sacrificial Lamb was Pierced and Crucified, Is 53:1-7-10; Zec 12:10; as the Only Final, True Sacrifice, Superior and Supersedes, replacing all burnt pure-animal Offerings that All Israel could ever offer to God; is now, continuously, Remembered and Celebrated “without another Bloodshed” as Bread and Wine! Lev 21:8. Symbolized in ISAIAH 6:6-7. Thus, This fulfilled God’s Words to David, “There will be NO Blood [on part of Lamb of God and Who Offers] to build His True Kingdom [Spiritual Temple]”, 1Chron 28:3. Isaiah 53:7; 11.

Jews were also given one week leeway to Convert and Transfer to the Faithful REMNANTS Jewish-Christians (as in the Flock of Rabbi Zev Porat in Israel), aka BRANCH-builders [Teachers] of the spiritual Temple of the True Vine who recognized “Jesus Christ as GOD”.  ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5. /  Time was Reversed (Mt 24:22); then, we still do not know how much exact time we have; but, then, DESOLATION will Come! And so is the judgement of those who do not believe that Jesus Christ, the Redeemer is GOD [Is 48:16-17; 54:5].  Search: NDE of acclaimed Preacher Howard Pittman who was sentenced to hell; because, he did not Accept Jesus, the Redeemer as GOD!  But; all those who really have not known nor heard of Jesus Christ; then, they will all be judged according to their hearts.   Yet, Not all hearts have the right conscience and motives; that was why we Needed Jesus Christ to speak to us what God really wanted; thus Lord Jesus is the Word made Flesh Who Dwelt among us.John 1:1; 1:14.

After, the Old Zion of Judah was Decommissioned/Cut-OFF [“without God, we are nothing”] after its 70th years; ends May 2018/2019 or 2020 [Enoch’s Calendar- by Leeland]; ; then, the Events paved the way to AMOS 6:14 Prophesy; stating that, God will raise/Uplift a Nation [the modern Zion of Judah: either Christian or Catholic]; who will be above [raised up] and against [Cunning Talmudic Teachings, secretly, inside Noachide/Noahide of] Israel. And for hidden cunning Fraud; then, Israel will be kept from entering in Hamath [perfection/ Heaven].  Amos 6:14.  “The LYING Jewish Assembly of Satan. [The Freemason].”  Rv 3:9.  We must NOT and Never Uplift Noahide or Noachide; because, we already have the TEN COMMANDMENTS from the HEAVENLY FATHER! Exodus 20:1-17.   The Heavenly Father ALONE Defines The Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments SUPERSEDE any law.  / Then, MICAH 4:10-12 and ZECHARIAH 2:7-8 Prophecies; stated that, this raised/Uplifted Nation, the modern Zion of Judah, is destined, at First, to sharply Fall [to Carry a Cross before it will be raised]; not of their own fault; but, secretly “Infiltrated” *; or Staged [internet edited; or Clone-Staged] by those from Babylon-Freemason sex-appetite Stimulation Advance Dark Technology, turning man or woman to abuse or abort Children; or allow the demise of Life [euthanasia]. Ez 16:21. Mal 2:11-12 . [Note: In analysis of Malachi 2:11-12, the new Judah of this Modern End Time, is this “UPLIFTED or Raised NATION who will be against Israel” as foretold in Amos 6:14].

View: The Infiltrator’s Technology is most probably a combination of sonic 5-6G pervasive Dream hypnosis, and jelly Nano that collects toxin to make its victim weaker, while as jell controls the temperature and movement of cells as telekinesis acting on hypothalamus able to command all cells to the Sexual or any Aggressive Behavior intended. GOD hate the [Cunning] Excellence of Jacob.  Amos 6:8. Mal 2:11-12.  [Note, again: Judah here at Malachi 2:11-12 is the Raised/Uplifted Nation or the Modern Zion of Judah foretold in Amos 6:14 ]. // Suggestions: Cutting pervasive dreams soonest it starts; Detachment from TV addiction; Ice pack placed on the head; Singing-Prayers; and Exorcism may stop Nano aggressive behavior external stimulation. // But, IF Satan Incarnate will evil possessed one of the Clones; then, it will be able to “read and command the minds”.  To this, only the Saints, especially the Blessed Virgin, can Defeat Satan.  Not by the Hand [of man], Dn 8:25; but, only through the Saints.  Dn 7:27.


View: The real SAINTS are in Heaven! … We cannot call anyone here on earth a saint because man is predisposed constantly into sin.

MICAH furtherly Prophesied that this raised Nation, modern Zion of Judah, is Cursed by many as Defile [an Apostate; and due to Religious Scandals]. Mi 4:10-12.  Current history [as of 2019] showed that it was Rome or the Roman Catholic Church who did Fall; then how and will She [modern Zion of Judah, the RC Church] be able to get up?…  Zec 13:9.  Mal 2:11. / [Had having Above or Replaced Israel who was the old Zion of Judah; then, this other new one, the raised/uplifted Nation should be the modern or New Zion of Judah; and Its faithful the modern Daughters of Zion. Zec 2:7-8; 10-13.]

* View: *Never to Revolt; but, to EXORCISE/Clean each other from evil of any [Sexual/immoral] Behavioral Addiction. Forewarned of being blamed as Defile, Micah 4:10-12, was symbolized when Jesus took off His Clothes [symbol of future “Scandal”] and must Wash each other’s feet [Exorcism].  John 13:13-14. // Pray for Other Infiltrators, non-RC nor non-Christians, who even studied the Bible in order to Attack the Catholic/Christian FAITH; and so Whom are they really attacking?  “IF only they knew that GOD hate all kinds of Pride!”  God hate the Excellence of Jacob [Amos 6:8]; including, the use of God’s Words to cause Confusion to decrease Faith.

Zec 1:14; 16-17.  Jerusalem is Bethlehem remains the Holy City.  New or Modern [End Time’s] Daughters of Jerusalem, in analysis, define as all Christians!

Zec 2:1-4; 5.  The Measuring of Jerusalem.  View: Could had been fulfilled 12-06-2017 when USA-Israel set boundaries proclaiming Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.  But, at the end, Jerusalem will remain a Holy City without Walls; but, a strong wall of Spiritual Fire.   It will be about 3 1/2 years or 42 months from the time of the Measurement before the Desolation will arrive.  Rv 11:1-2.  But, the Time was Reversed.  Thus, we do not know the exact time. Mt 24:22.

Zec 4:12-14 There was an influx of Prophesy for the Second Coming of Christ by the two Olive Trees, whose “Branches” thru the Golden Pipes empty and the Golden Oil comes out, who are the Catholics and Christians.   There will be Two Lampstands [most probably; either the two Popes; or, probably: 1 Pope and 1 Remnant] will be Martyred in symbolic Sodom [Israel; ISAIAH 1:7; 9]; and Egypt [modern Zion of Judah is the RC; or Rome.].   Rv 11:3-6.

AMOS  6:14. Rev 3:7-9-12.   Behold, I will raise up/Uplift a [Catholic/Christian] Nation above [raise up] and against you [Talmudic Teachings] O house of Israel.  They shall afflict you from entering Heaven; detour you into the wilderness. 

MICAH  4:10-12  O Daughter of Zion [Roman Catholic Faithful] though go out with Babylon [Freemason-sex appetite Dark Technology; Ez 16:21]; the Lord shall deliver thee.  Many nations shall gather against thee; cursing that you Defile [as Apostate; and due to Religious Scandals]; but, they know NOT the Thoughts of the Lord.  Rv. 3:9.   Arise Daughter of Zion [Catholic Faithful], I will make thy horn iron, thy hoofs brass, and thou shall beat many [versus dark technology, space invaders and nukes].  Zec 2:7-8; 10-13. I AM will consecrate the gain of Daughter of Zion unto the Lord of the whole of earth. And the gain of modern Daughter of Zion is their Reception of God’s True Presence in the form of Bread and Wine [The Holy Eucharist]. Lev 21:8. Symbolized in ISAIAH 6:6-7

ZEC 2:7-8; 10-13  Deliver thyself, Zion [Roman Catholic], that dwellest with the daughters of Babylon [Freemason-sex appetite Dark Technology; Ez 16:21]. Deliver thyself thru thy Mother, the Saint!  Zec 4:6;“Dn 7:27”;  “Malachi 2:11-12”.  Malachi 3:3-4. Gen 3:15. /  It is our hope that the modern Zion of Judah, the Roman Catholic Church will be delivered from her FALL! 

View: IF any other Nation appeals that they were the Cursed Nation; soon to be, the Uplifted Nation who will be “against” [Talmud Teachings of] Israel [Micah 4:10-12; Amos 6:14]; then, prove now, to us, for you to Identify and Proclaim the True Messiah as described in Accordance to All Prophesies?; Who for us, Roman Catholic, with all our hearts, we had Named and Proclaimed that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Redeemer Who is GOD as written ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5!

VIEW: And given only a very slim chance to use only the Torah [1st five books of the Old Testament] and Psalms as per the Jews; yet, even with their Jewish Standards; still, we, Roman Catholic, CONFIRMED that young Rabbi JESUS is the MESSIAH had having fulfilled the Prophesies that this Messiah already came as a “True Man” [Genesis 1:26, “Who took Dominion over the earth”]; and Who came as “True God” [Psalm 110:1 “The Lord said it to my LORD”]!   Because, even after thousands years later, now, in our time; young Rabbi Jesus has Proven beyond any doubt; that He is the Messiah by His Dominion over the earth; over His multitude Catholic and Christian Followers; [Gen 1:26; Psalm 110:1 “…sit until I make Thy enemies [sinners] Thy Footstool [/Followers]!” Rv 3:9], in the manner of as a “FOREVER PRIEST” in the Order of Melchizedek; Psalm 110:4. Gen 14:18.; and that was because, He showed that He is the “Prophet among brethren Who has spoken All the Words of God; for all to follow the Commands of God!” Deut 18:18; and He showed this; because, “HE Conquered the HEARTS of All His FOLLOWERS”; and our hearts in turn felt and Testify on His Words were all good and refreshing for our souls; and we sensed His Words were GOD’s Commands; therefore, we Follow Lord Jesus Christ!  Then, as Evidence showed and having CONFIRMED that JESUS CHRIST is the “FOREVER PRIEST” [Psalm 110:4]; because He is the Prophet Who has Spoken the Words of God [Deut 18:18]; then, it is Conclusive that the “HEAVENLY FATHER” was addressing JESUS CHRIST as LORD or GOD in Psalm 110:1! Translated [Analyzed] as: “The LORD, our Heavenly Father, said it to my LORD JESUS CHRIST, sit until I make Thy enemies [we, sinners] Thy Footstool [Followers]!” Psalm 110:1. Know that the “Definition of MESSIAH or Redeemer is “GOD” as written ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5“. //  Then; therefore, Consider all the other Books; that showed, young RABBI JESUS, as True Man came in with prophesied biography, as the Holy Arm of God [Is 52:10, 53:1-6] Who has had carried our sorrows [Is 53:4]; and as a LAMB of GOD [Is 53:7, 11] wasPierced or Crucified [Zec 12:10] as a SACRIFICE [Is 53:10]”; and that if the blood of bulls can purify sin in the Old Testament; then, how much more is the Sacrifice of the Holy Lamb of God can Purify?; which will mean for us Life Eternal for all sinners, all mankind! HE said that He will do it [Purify us in our Baptism]; you just have to believe!  For our generation is now in this Catastrophic End Time; and, it was Prophesied; that, “ALL will look upon HIM, the Messiah, the LAMB of GOD Whom we had PIERCED!”  Zec 12:10.  / Trust in the SAINTS to guide us All to our True Messiah, LORD JESUS CHRIST!  DANIEL 7:26-27.  AMEN.

Zec 8:12.   God, in His Promise, have raised BRANCH-builders [teachers] and REMNANTS Christian Faithful as Spiritual Israel from all the Mountains or Churches; including, the Jewish-Christians who will begin again to inhabit the whole Land of Israel. 

Zec 6:12   All the BRANCH aka REMNANT Christians including Jewish-Christians are those who acknowledge the “Most Holy Trinity” as is written ISAIAH 48:16; and that, those who acknowledge, “Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Redeemer is GOD” as is written!!!   ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5. / All the Remnants in all the Churches [Mountains of God] including Jewish Christians [as in the flock of Rabbi  ZEV PORAT in Israel; to be the New Israel, to begin again.] will be set in the Battle Array versus the Dark forces.  Joel 1:14; 2:1-9; 32. That the SPIRITUAL Temple might be built.  Zec 8:9

Zec 9:9  Jerusalem, Thy KING cometh unto Thee riding on a Donkey.  Note: The Lord will Only ride on a Donkey; and NOT on a modern Sky Space Ship swifter than a Leopard; flies high like an Eagle.  Habakkuk 1:8-11.

Zec 10:2  Diviners of/about Israel had false dreams. View: Because  man continuous to sin even with the Presence of the Ark; then, God allowed the destruction of the building Temples that supposed to house the Ark.   Note: It is a false dream to seek a building temple on earth; because the Ark in Israel was only a Replica. The Real Ark is in the Heavenly Temple is in Heaven! RV 11:19. But, in replace to This, instead, the Heavenly Father built of His Spiritual Temple Who is the Body of Lord Jesus Christ [Jn 14:11] in the line of David. And the Body of Lord Jesus is now shared as Bread and Wine [Holy Eucharist]! Symbolized in ISAIAH 6:6-7. Lk 22:19. Mt 26:26-28. Mk 14:22-24  “Whovever Eat My Bread and Drink My Blood has Eternal Life; I AM will raise him on the Last Day.”  John 6:27; 35; “54”; 57. While all living things have a soul; Lord Jesus, likewise, clarified to us that our blessed Christian bodies are the Dwelling or Spiritual Temple of the Most Holy Spirit. 1Co 3:16-17.

Zec 12:2-3; 10  This is a “Burden” for Israel: Jerusalem is a Cup of Trembling when there will be a siege [Persecution], on Judah (modern Daughters of Zion of Judah or the Catholics) and Jerusalem (modern Daughters of Jerusalem or all Christians): and will be a burden to all those who involve themselves with war on the possession of Jerusalem will be cut to pieces.   All shall look upon for help from the LAMB they had Crucified, Pierced. Zec 12:10. /  Fountain of Mercy opened to the House of David [Micah 4:10-12; Rev 3:7-12]; and to Jerusalem the Lord will cut-off idols and unclean spirits; there will be a time that prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision. [3 Days of Darkness.] Rev 8:12; 11:11

Zec 14:1-2  The Day of the Lord: will gather all nations against Jerusalem; half of the city shall be taken.  View: Analysis of the Words is not over until history Confirms it that Israel is well blessed even in war.   IF Zec 14:1-2 is True in this Future Time; then, the Lion of Judah Who is Jesus Christ, Rev 5:5, is; therefore, the same Lion of Israel in Numbers 24:9; and should be translated, analyzed this way: “whoever Blessed Thee [Lion of Judah: Jesus] will also be Blessed;  and whoever curse Thee [Lion of Judah: Jesus Christ] will also be cursed. Numbers 24:9. 

Zec 14:4-5  As in a Great EarthquakeThe Lord will come and all the Saints with Him.  Rv 14.

Zec 14:11    After the Day of the Lord; then, there will be no more destruction.  Remnants shall inhabit the New Jerusalem      I will cause the REMNANTs [who are the Catholics (modern Daughters of Zion) or Christians (modern Daughters of Jerusalem)] to possess all these things. Zec 8:12.