Zechariah’s and etc End Time

ZECHARIAH etc.    All were my Amateur very poor; but, Honest Analysis/View. Note: Others have different versions. Discretion Applies. . We have the same Bible; we need to see if other’s claim should or should not be followed.  But, we cannot judged them as persons; because, we are all sinners.  . Reminders:  1) It doesn’t matter if we have different religions; what is more important is our heart.  To understand, and to help.   “It is forbidden to debate.”   .  2) Besides to listen to God, we read the Bible in order to talk to God.  . 3) That we may know about the Most Holy Trinity; and that Lord Jesus is GOD.  Isaiah 48:16-17; 54:5;  about the Saints of God; [Dn 7:18]; His Angels, Archangel Michael, Heavenly Angels, and our Guardian Angel/s.  Dn 12:1.

PRELUDE:   After Amos 6:14 and Micha 4:10-12; then, know that the Old Zion of Judah was Israel; while new or end-time [Zion of] Judah is a to be raised up Nation/Religion under Lord Jesus Christ.   Amos 6:14. And it was fulfilled.  2020.

RE: In Daniel 9:26-27, other’s claim “Cut-off” simply means end-time Desolation; and only those who advocate Jewish Religion or Israel, were the only ones who will be blessed; is this true??   Numbers 24:9

My View: After the 70th year of Israel; ends 2019; then, time is now Crucial; “Cut-off or Without God; then, we are Nothing!” Dn 9:26-27.  GOD enumerated all things He likes to Cut-Off”; they were ALL: Jewish Animal-Burning Sacrifices, Solemn Assemblies, calendar of Moons, Feast Days, Sabbaths , including Jewish Songs, Peace offerings [ISAIAH 1:11-14; Amos 5:21-23]; and, the [kosher] star they offered to Moloch. Amos 5:26.Because, all were INIQUITY and Abomination to God!  NOTE:  Do not be mistaken.  This Instructions “is for all Israel”; because, this Instructions of God came later, thousands of years AFTER the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, given to Isaiah, Amos and Daniel. / IF the instructions were only given once, Isaiah 1:11-14; then, God had already pardoned; but, if the instructions was repeated twice, Amos 5:21-23; 26; then, the instructions was not carried out; and mysteriously Prophets were murdered.  Mt 23:37-24:2.  The Third Instructions has an ultimatum to stop!  Daniel 9:26-27.   Sadly, Israel was indirectly quoted as Babylon. Isaiah 1:1;3; 13:19.

And whom are they saying anti-Semitic to? . God gave them the same Message once in a while that no matter how many Purification and Re-dedication they did; if they had hidden the Instructions of God in ISAIAH 1:11-14; AMOS 5:21-23; then, what value was their Re-dedication or Purification would be?  They failed God; they became heathen or goy gentiles they once used to tease.  As scholastic, did they really overlook the Prophets, e.g. Isaiah, Amos, Zechariah, Micah, Daniel, Ezekiel; etc.?  ///  Sin begets more sins.  Their pride became evident, when they cunningly hidden the biggest Truth; [Nahum 1:11]; and that was, about the Real Messiah Who is Jesus Christ; born of Bethlehem, Who will be the Ruler of all Israel. Mi 5:2. // But God was very patient of the Jews; giving 70 years of Mercy; how much HE loves them; and so must we.  That no matter what was in the past; we should not be ill to the Jews; because, in the future; Jews will surely Convert to Jewish-Christians!  Rv 3:9.    For all will call upon the One Whom they [let to be] pierced.  Isaiah 53:4;7;10-11.  Zec 12:10. // But, beware of the few Freemason Assembly Head of Satan.  Rev 3:9.

Through Prophet Samuel; God strictly implied to those who were like King Saul that not all can perform religious duties; but, only through the Holy One by God!  1Sam 13:12-14. / Throughout time, external manifestation of sin is exorcised; or treated with spiritual medicine; but, the Rabbi argued against Jesus that only God can forgive internal sins.  But, Lord Jesus said that the Son of Man has the Authority to Forgive sin!  This argument was the precursor of Freemason teachings of NOT believing in Confession or be Forgiven by Christ nor any man acting in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Mark 2:5-12. Rev 3:9.  The freemason assembly head of Satan [sect system] scattered its errors; bewitching, Dn 8:23; twisting the New Testament; stating, “There is no need for Confession after Baptism; because Jesus is only a Man”.   But, the real Truth was Lord Jesus is True Man and True GOD as written:  ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5.  Lord Jesus shows Himself God when HE had forgiven a Jewish Scholar Saul who became St. Paul! Then came the time, part or many of the Born Again, Evangelicals etc; DO NOT BELIEVE IN CONFESSION; because, they reason that “in Baptism they were saved from all sins; that, even all future sins were already cancelled out; because, they were already saved once and for all!”  But, however, in JOHN 3:16, the Word is “BELIEVE” in HIM”; and NOT “Baptize in Him”.  Baptism is only a part of Believing, for our Lord was also Baptized; but, HE HIMSELF did not baptize anyone!  Then, BELIEVE; when the Lord said to the sick, “Your Faith saved you; was because, that sick was repenting”, Mk 2:10; and so was the repentant woman who touched HIS robe.  “Many touches you; why ask who touches you?” Mk 5:31.   In Baptism, man, in general, were saved only from the many sins of the past!  But, the future sinsDEPEND on severity of the sin “and NOT WITHOUT CONFESSION”.   IF it is only a mild sin; then, we must CONFESS to one another.  James 5:16.   But, if it is a severe sin; then they have to seek for CONFESSION to a PRIEST BECAUSE THE BLESSING OF CONFESSION WAS GIVEN ONLY TO PETER; and now, today, PETER IS THE HOLY POPE and whomever the Pope delegated Confessions to; who are the PRIESTS!  Mt 16:18-19.   Above all, need to abide because, “CONFESSION was COMMANDED BY THE HEAVENLY FATHER; that no man can undo.”  Numbers 5:7. 

Above all any other reasons, bottom line, CONFESSION was COMMANDED BY THE HEAVENLY FATHER”; that no man can undo.  Numbers 5:7.   // “IF the Heavenly Father is not heeded through this Pope; then, Israel will NOT go to heaven or hamath.”  Amos 6:14.  Because God will chastise not those blinded Evangelical, etc; who do not believe in Confession; but, God will chastise those Freemason Head Assembly of Satan; Rv 3:9; who twisted His Words; and caused the Evangelical to err! Malachi 2:11-12.   At the end; all of us will be judged according to our hearts.  Happy are those who Forgive and are Merciful; for they too will obtain Mercy!

In strict law, RC Baptism is prerequisite to Confession.  Most of all, there is 1-2 years waiting list to be a Roman Catholic.  // Maybe, the best way is for the Pastors or Ministers of each non-Roman Catholic Religions; by OBEDIENCE to the Heavenly Father; should seek the Pope to ask for a compatible Confession for non-RC; that is, if they believe in God the Father defending HIS Choice of Moses; Numbers 12:8; and applying it to the Pope; because of, the Blessing of Christ to Peter who is now the Pope.  Matthew 16:18-19.  Then, hopefully, the Holy Pope will come out with a Formula or Solution by Baptism of Desire or Baptism by the Spirit, Ecumenical annex and finally, that all may avail of Confession to a Priest.  Then, the Laying of Hands of Pastors/Ministers as Spiritual Communion; in comparison to Holy Communion; symbolic of Isaiah 6:6-7. //There was a time; that all should line up for either the Communion Host [if already had Confession]; or, if for some reason, you had not attended Confession; then, just cross your hands on your chest and ask for a blessing of the Priest. [EWTN].  I know our Lord likes it.   Usually, when we become older seniors; then, we go by online Holy Mass and take Spiritual Communion [was symbolized in ISAIAH 6:6-7].  And my feeling was that the Holy Spirit accepted it.  [Also because, three times in progression, I dreamed the same, that the Lord wanted me to have a Spiritual Communion; that His HAND was bringing It to me].   Good Luck.

Confession is part of our growing up that we have to take:  (1) Because, CHRIST WAS TEMPTED AFTER BAPTISM; AND SO ARE WE.  Temptations were permitted to man in order that man may resist sin and become spiritually stronger.   (2) Because, the LUKEWARM WILL BE VOMITED OUT!!   And (3) because, MANY WILL CALL, “LORD!”; BUT, THEY WILL NOT BE HEARD!!!  Many will ask for a miracle; obligating the Lord of His Promises; [still scrutinizing if Jesus is really GOD!] but, the only miracle will be the Three Days of Darkness.   See the video of Pastor Harold Pittman who daily preached on the streets; but, was sentenced to hell. //(4) In Confession to a holy man, authorized by Christ to forgive sin; then, we will be healed; and we will become spiritually stronger!


Confession is to be ready for Judgement; because it will be like a balance beam.  Your faith or if you had suffered enough for whatever sin you had, on one side.  And the gravity of sin on the other.  / To be saved without confession; would mean to still suffer a lot here on earth or even in the next.  Because, God will not allow those who like to escape chastisement; because God cannot be deceived; nor He deceives anyone.  I rather take Confession; than suffer needlessly.  What the Lord wants us to have here; is really a Blessing.  

Yet, even if man forgets; yet, the Lord’s Love remains forever; He look upon the Repentant of no merits of its own [those who will not be able to get up on its own: the destitute, orphans, incarcerated, unfortunate]; but, only by His Unfathomable Mercy; such is His Unconditional Love.  John 3:16. 

Many will ask for a miracle at this End Time; obligating the Lord of His Promises; but, the only miracle will be the Three Days of Darkness.  Joel 2:10; 31; 3:15.  Rv 8:12.   They CANNOT OBLIGATE GOD of HIS PROMISES anymore; because, it was already fulfilled!  Because, Israel became the SPIRITUAL ISRAEL in all the Mountains or Churches of GOD!  Ez 20:40. Spiritual Israel is by Faith in the Name of Jesus Christ; who are the Christians and the Catholic; aka, the two Olive Trees.  [Trees or Nations with many leaves].   *Ez 20:40 about it: IF it is only “House of Israel”; then, it is the Jewish Church.  But, if it is the phrase, “House of Israel in ALL the Mountains (Churches) of GOD”; then, it is “SPIRITUAL ISRAEL” in all the Churches of GOD in all the lands.

Find out later: how the Holy Torah and Psalms pointed towards the True Messiah, Jesus Christ; if only the Sanhedrin were really interested to pursue to find the Messiah Whom they already knew will junk them. Is 1:11-14; Am 5:21-23.  But, instead, they wanted to choose their own messiah who will uplift their nation’s pride!  But, what the Lord was really telling the Jews; was, to stop all rituals and feast days; after 70th years; Dn 9:26-27; because, they cannot find Him; but, instead; HE likes Israel to find HIM in another way; thru All the PROPHETS in the Bible; both Old and New Testaments; to become Jewish Christians; because, Lord Jesus is the Messiah Who is GOD.  Isaiah 48:17; “54:5”!

Another twist was being “LUKEWARM” to uplift Christianity above Judaism; because, of alleged will-be returned Blessings for those who will favor Israel; but, actually, it was a misinterpreted analysis of Num 24:9!  Common sense; even if one praise Israel all day; he/she will not find fortune in life.  O Israel, you stimulated superstitious ideas and make other lukewarm using the Words of God?!  To the Climax that God’s Wrath will Come!  Ez 38:16-18; 39:23-24.  Zec 14:2. / Basis: “Prepare to meet your God, O Israel!” Amos 4:12. “The DAY of the Lord is Darkness…” Amos 5:18. Isaish 4:19.  ///  Jews will be judged in our mid-East-WW3?   Dn 9:26-27.  Because Jews were too stubborn to Repent; and the Lord is JUST!   Zec 5:1.  Ezekiel 7:2;13.  . God did favor them in the past [1967]; but, not for their sake; be ASHAMED, O Israel. Ez 36:32 .  God wanted Jews to be Converted to Christianity; because, the Lion of Judah is Jesus Christ; Rv 5:5; therefore, Lord Jesus is the Same Great Lion in Num 24:9.

But, instead, high Rabbi uplifted Noahide, Sept 2019, giving power to Freemason’s Talmud, that in turn rationalized the experimentation of children: 1) EROBIN:  Birth-Rate of non-Jews has to be Suppressed Massively! 2) KETHUBOTH 11b: Sexual intercourse for girls are permitted at 3 yrs of age. 3) TALPIOTH MEDRASCH 225: Jews may have sex on a Child of less than 9 yrs old.  [#2 & #3 are for Cloning] // Freemason definitely were doing something to the Children.  / Despite few attendance 3-5 out of 70 Rabbi; and none of 70 Representatives of other Nations attended either; and the lamb was crying and not consumed entirely; yet, still, they had promoted, Noahide.  If they implemented it; then, who is their God?    Israel, too confident; they overpassed God’s Ten Commandments!   The TEN COMMANDMENTS command us to “ADORE GOD ABOVE ALL”; not only to Respect God [Noahide]; but, there will be no other gods, even the god of self:  Not only of the Sanhedrin, choosing their own way; but according to all Prophets; less, they like the prophecy be fulfilled now; that says: “I WILL PUT DUNG ON YOUR FACES!” Mal 2:3. ….[I placed this statement here; this way you will know what will happen; IF, you keep on irritating our Lord. He is the LORD. He is not for negotiation. He need to be obeyed. ]

Glossary:  Be it known that Mal 2:11 is very specific of “Judah in Israel”; referring to the Old Zion of Judah or Israel; and their Jewish “priests/Rabi who works with Levi”  Mal 2:12 is Nahum 1:11: Noahide.   

But, in another way; but for different reason; Malachi 2:3 were also True among Roman Catholic blamed as defile or Fallen; because of Religious scandals as if having an image of dung on our faces.  Then, RC was blamed for Pachamama false god-statue; but was really from the Amazonites who pride to imply that in the Amazon; they were all naked.  How can you teach a child; but, only by gestures; what can this humble Holy Pope best do; is to accept them as our sis and bro of lesser faith!   Then, again, a week later, RC was accused of another false-god-statue “Moloch”; but, anyone, can place those things in an open field on the ruined Colloseum artifact!   But, then, God exposed that the false-idol-Moloch was originally built and adored by the Jews from Israel!  Amos 5:26.  Then, they blamed us again of 3rd false idol [USA]; but, we can only answer one thing for all of those: we, RC, do not adore those things; NOT IN OUR HEARTS!   Perhaps, even if there was any false idols; then, the Pope protects all souls from evil spirits in all areas he surveys or visited.   Our Pope chose not to retaliate back on attacks when we were scourged, mocked and accused; because, we follow the Christ!  We accept that we were the defile.  But, God will clean us from idols.  God will punish those who did those things to us; including their country of origin.  Mal 2:11-12.   God already responded by allowing the mid-East WW3, Nov 2019.  But, all stopped; because, they were given a week to Convert.  [1 Purgatorial day is 1 year; 1 wk is 7 yrs].  But, time was reversed; we do not know the exact time; but, sooner.  // Whom do you think are those from the House of David who will free Israel from clutches of evil, including WW3 and microchips?  Zec 12:7.  The Answer is at the end of this story of our generation.  “It is a Nation or Religion graced by GOD!  Amos 6:14; Micah 4:10-12.”

After, the Old Zion of Judah, or Israel, was not anymore favored or Decommissioned [fired] or “Cut-OFF” after its 70th years; ends May 2019.  After Israel’s 70th year; then, the Events paved the way to Prophesy of  AMOS 6:14 stating that God will raise or Uplift a Nation; who should, for our purpose, be distinctly called the “new or end-time Zion of Judah”: either Christian or Catholic, under Christ; who will be above [raised up] and “against” the [Talmudic] Teachings of Israel; but, if not headed; then, Israel will be kept from entering in Hamath [perfection or Heaven].  AMOS 6:14. // . Then, MICAH 4:10-12 Prophecy stated that this raised up or Uplifted Nation, the end-time Zion of Judah, is destined, at first, to sharply Fall: to Carry a Cross before it will be raised up; a cross, on those priests who did not lay things to heart; Zec 2:1-2,5-7; not of their own total fault; but, secretly plotted by Nano on Chemtrails, like fertilizer on plants, nano enhanced Stimulation of sex appetite Advance Dark Technology, [Amos 6:8], to abuse, or abort, Children; Ez 16:21.  // By victims who already came forward; Freemason were known to be experimenting on Children: 1) to produce cloning, androids as labor;  2) technologically duplicating children’s natural psychic abilities such as Telekinesis on electric, on fire, etc;   3) false healing by controlling the amount of nano we ingested from chemtrails, [false churches];  4) microchip controlled soldiers [ISIS]/slaves as inexpensive humanoid labor versus robotics;   5) bio-engineering of giants and aliens as weapons in event of WW3.  Mal 2:8-9.

Other Freemason horns or bad things:  Technology in itself is good IF used morally righteous [diamond micro tech can heal cancer].  The corrupt Infiltrator’s Technology was probably a sonic 5-6G pervasive pervert Dream; reverberating; challenging the will. Take off television as possible; because, it’s the instrument of evil sonic.   While jelly “Nano” collects toxin to make its victim weaker; and as jell, controls the temperature of cells acting on hypothalamus able to command Sexual drive or Offensive Aggressive Behavior.  Nahum 1:11; Ez 7:10; Rev 3:9; 13:11-18; Ez 29:3; 9.  . GOD hate the [Cunning] Excellence of Jacob.  Amos 6:8.  //“Guard your subconscious: rebuke it soonest it tries to lead you astray.”  Extreme Unction is Exorcism in itself to disfunction or even melt away Nano and microchip.  Using Spiritual Blood of Christ as a shield; but, cannot work if anyone have mortal sin; then, seek first Confession.

Science concluded man was brain washed by Prophecies; then, they tried to modify absolute law. Mi 2:6. Noahide was time-machine-made to be an Older Law!  High Advance Tech can now create anything “Antique” by re-routing it thru generations of Time-Travel back to our time; but, the original material was edited or made from our time.  The Ten Commandments have a True History: Exodus.  While Noahide was dug out from the East where story-telling about magical fairies, gnomes and tinker bells believe to exist; and they do exist; but, those were another realm comparable to the Limbo of unbaptized unborn or spirits of plants and animals.   Better to ignore all their antique documents; it was already an abomination to God!  No one can add or subtract from the Bible!

This 2nd Beast: the “microchip technology; or the money it was purchased for”: (1) as internal nano microchip; or bribe money, it can control or manipulate the thinking of man; that thru man, microchips or bribed-money could speak like a “lion” about advocacy on abortion, homosex, atheism; etc.   This homosex was shameful or “wounded”; but, revived as LGBT law.  Advocacy of the 1st Beast: immoral ideas that travel “from sea to sea” or internationally-known; likened to “leopard” with many spots of sins!  Rv 13:1-4.  / .  (2) Rich Micro tech as nano drone could produce climate anomaly or ball fire in the sky.  But, the elements of climate will fight back!  . All the most intelligent knowledge of man will be made futile!  . (3) As financial, chip controls big like a “bear” how we buy and sell; and controls our choices or votes.  But, IF Satan Incarnate, the Dragon, will evil possessed one or all of the Clones; then, it will be able to “read and command minds”.  To this, only the Saints, especially the Blessed Virgin, the Miraculous Medal or Scapular, can Defeat Satan.  Not by the Hand [of man], Dn 8:25; Gen 3:15; Rev 3:9; but, only thru the Saints.  Dn 7:18; 27.  TRUST Rv 3:10.

Zec 1:14; 16-17.  Jerusalem is Bethlehem remains the Holy City.  New, or End Time’s, Daughters of Jerusalem, in analysis, define as all “Christians”!

Zec 2:1-4; 5.  The Measuring of Jerusalem.  View: Could had been fulfilled 12-06-2017 when USA-Israel set boundaries proclaiming Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.  But, at the end, Jerusalem will remain a Holy City without Walls; but, a strong wall of Spiritual Fire.  It will be about 3 1/2 years from the time of the Measurement before the Desolation will arrive. Rv 11:1-2.  But, Time was Reversed; thus, we do not know the exact time. Mt 24:22.

Zec 4:12-14 The two Olive Trees, are the Catholics and Christians.   There will be Two Lampstands [most probably; either the two Popes; or, probably: 1 Pope and 1 Remnant] will be Martyred in symbolic Sodom [Israel; ISAIAH 1:7; 9]; and Egypt [new end-time Zion of Judah is RC; or Rome.]. Rv 11:3-6.

MICAH 4:10-12, furtherly Prophesied that this raised Nation, the new or end-time Zion of Judah, is “Cursed by many as Defile” [blamed as Apostate due to adoration of the Saints; and blamed for Religious Scandals]. [Sign of “being blamed as Defile; and, use of water/exorcism to clean” was symbolized in John 13:13-14.]  Current history [2019] showed that it was the Roman Catholic Church whom they were calling as Fallen; then how will She, this end-time Zion of Judah: the RC Church, be able to get up?…  Zec 13:9 / [Had having replaced Israel who was the old Zion of Judah; [Israel was“cut-off” Dan 9:26-27 due to Isaiah 1:11-14; Amos 5:23-25]; then, it is only fitting that this other new one, the raised up/uplifted Nation should be called the “new or end-time Zion of Judah”; and Its faithful the “new or end-time Daughters of Zion”. Zec 2:7-8; 10-13.] /

**  Most of all, after, Amos 6:14; then, it will show its significance on *Zec 12:2-3;*Zec 12:7, *Amos 9:8-9, etc, in current time.

AMOS  6:14. Rev 3:7-9-12.   Behold, I will raise up/Uplift a [Catholic/Christian] Nation above [raise up] and “against you, O house of Israel”.  They shall afflict you from entering hamath/perfection or Heaven; detour you into the wilderness.

MICAH  4:10-12  O Daughter of Zion [Roman Catholic Faithful] though go out with Babylon [Freemason Science-sex appetite Dark Technology; Ez 16:21]; “the Lord shall deliver thee.  Many nations shall gather against thee; cursing that you Defile” [as Apostate due to the Saints; and due to Religious Scandals]; but, “they KNOW NOT the THOUGHTS of the LORD”.

MICAH 4:13; Arise Daughter of Zion [Catholic Faithful].  I AM will consecrate the gain of Daughter of Zion unto the “Lord” of the whole of earth. . And the gain of modern Daughter of Zion is their Reception of God’s True Presence in the form of Bread and Wine [The Holy Eucharist]. Lev 21:8. Symbolized in ISAIAH 6:6-7

ZEC 2:7  Deliver thyself, Zion [Roman Catholic], that dwellest with the daughters of Babylon   My View: Deliver thyself thru thy Mother, the Saint!  Zec 4:6;“Dn 7:27”;  “Malachi 2:11-12”.  Malachi 3:3-4. Gen 3:15.

RC VIEW: And given only a very slim chance to use only the Torah [1st five books of the Old Testament] and Psalms as per the Jews; yet, even with Jewish standards; still, we, Roman Catholic, CONFIRMED that young Rabbi JESUS is the MESSIAH had having fulfilled the Prophesies that this Messiah already came as a “True Man” [Genesis 1:26, “Who took Dominion over the earth”]; and Who came as “True God” [Psalm 110:1 “The Lord said it to my LORD”]!   Because, even after thousands years later, now, in our time; young Rabbi Jesus has Proven beyond any doubt; that He is the Messiah by His Dominion over the earth; over His multitude Catholic and Christian Followers; [Gen 1:26; Psalm 110:1 “…sit until I make Thy enemies [sinners] Thy Footstool [/Followers]!” Rv 3:9], in the manner of as a “FOREVER PRIEST” in the Order of Melchizedek; Psalm 110:4. Gen 14:18.  Lord Jesus is the “Forever Priest” foretold in Psalm 110:4; because, He is the “Prophet among brethren Who has spoken All the Words of God; for all to follow the Commands of God!” Deut 18:18.   He showed to be a Priest or a Prophet; because, “HE Conquered the HEARTS of All His FOLLOWERS”, and our hearts in turn felt and Testify on His Words were all good and refreshing for our souls; and we sensed His Words were GOD’s Commands; therefore, we Follow Lord Jesus Christ!    As Evidence showed and having CONFIRMED that JESUS CHRIST is the “FOREVER PRIEST” in Psalm 110:4; because, He is the Prophet Who has Spoken the Words of God [Deut 18:18]; then, it is conclusive; and it is therefore Concluded, that the “HEAVENLY FATHER” was addressing JESUS as LORD or GOD in Psalm 110:1! Translated [Analyzed] as: “The LORD, our Heavenly Father, said it to my LORD JESUS CHRIST, sit until I make Thy enemies [we, sinners] Thy Footstool [Followers]!” Psalm 110:1. Know that the “Definition of MESSIAH or Redeemer is “GOD” as written, ISAIAH 48:17; ISAIAH 54:5.

Then; therefore, Consider all the other Books; that showed, young RABBI JESUS, as True Man came in with prophesied biography, as the Holy Arm of God [Is 52:10, 53:1-6] Who has had carried our sorrows [Is 53:4]; and as aLAMB of GOD [Is 53:7, 11] was “Pierced or Crucified [Zec 12:10] as a SACRIFICE [Is 53:10]”; and that if the blood of bulls can purify sin in the Old Testament; then, how much more is the Sacrifice of the “Holy Lamb of God” can Purify [when we, in turn, will be or were, Baptized in His Name]?! Hebrew 9:11-13.   But, our generation is now in this Catastrophic End Time; and, it was Prophesied; that, “ALL will look upon HIM, the Messiah, the LAMB of GOD Whom we had PIERCED!”  Zec 12:10.  / Trust in the SAINTS to guide us All to our True Messiah, LORD JESUS CHRIST!  AMEN.

All the BRANCH [Teachers/Disciples of the True Vine] and REMNANT [Faithful] Christians including Jewish-Christians are those who acknowledge the “Most Holy Trinity” as is written ISAIAH 48:16; and, who acknowledge, “Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Redeemer is GOD” as is written!!!   ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5. AMEN.

Zec 8:12; Zec 6:12-13.  God, in His Promise, have raised BRANCH-builders [Teachers and Disciples of the True Vine] and REMNANTS Christian Faithful. All Remnants shall be as “Spiritual Israel” from all the Mountains or Churches; including, the Jewish-Christians. Zec 8:9.    As in the flock of Rabbi  ZEV PORAT who for the first time; as a Jew, has been teaching in Israel that Lord Jesus is GOD!  Zec 11:16; Mal 2:4-7. Zep 3:13. Amos 9:11.  . All Branches will be set in the Battle Array versus the Dark forces.  Joel 1:14; 2:1-9; 32. Zec 2:8-13.  ///

All House of Israel [Christians or aka “end-time Daughters of Jerusalem”], Houses of Jacob [Jews], including Sanhedrin evil-prince of Israel, will be sifted. Nahum 1:11. Ezekiel 21:25. Micah 3:9.  There was a time, that even Catholic who were the “Daughter of end-time Zion” agrees with ideas of Babylon [Israel-Jews indirectly quoted as Babylon. Isaiah 1:3;9; 13:19]  who contaminated the ideas of Christians.  Thus, for many years, the kingdom of end-time Daughters of Zion [Catholic] went to end time Daughters of Jerusalem. Micah 3:8.   Non-RC Christians taught that there was no Confession to man because Jesus is only a Man.   But, “Arise” for Rom Catholic whom the Lord entrusted His Divinity; knew that, Lord Jesus is GOD!  ISAIAH 54:5.   Night will come, every diviners seers will have no vision; be confounded and ashamed.  [When you were young-pure; there were visions; but, after so much sins; the visions were gone.]   God will consecrate the Gain [Confession] of the daughters of the end-time Zion [end-time Tabernacle of David] unto the [Communion-] Substance of the Lord in all the earth.  Micah 4:8-13.  Amos 9:8-9-11.

Zec 9:9  Jerusalem, Thy KING cometh unto Thee riding on a Donkey.  Note: The Lord will Only ride on a Donkey; and NOT on a modern Sky Space Ship swifter than a Leopard; flies high like an Eagle.  Habakkuk 1:8-11.   They do not come from the universe outer-space; but, re-routed from below [underworld]; or, Freemason’s Area 51 Advance Technology Laboratories.

Zec 10:2  Diviners of/about Israel had false dreams. View: Because  man continuous to sin even with the Presence of the Ark; then, God allowed the destruction of the building Temples that supposed to house the Ark.   Note: It is a false dream to seek a building temple on earth; because the Ark in Israel was only a Replica. The Real Ark is in the Heavenly Temple is in Heaven! RV 11:19. But, in replace to This, instead, the Heavenly Father built of His Spiritual Temple Who is the Body of Lord Jesus Christ [Jn 14:11] in the line of David. And the Body of Lord Jesus is now shared as Bread and Wine [Holy Eucharist]! Symbolized in ISAIAH 6:6-7. Lk 22:19. Mt 26:26-28. Mk 14:22-24  “Whovever Eat My Bread and Drink My Blood has Eternal Life; I AM will raise him on the Last Day.”  John 6:27; 35; “54”; 57. . Thus fulfills God’s Words to David: “There will be no blood to build God’s True [Spiritual] Temple”.  1Chron 28:3; Isaiah 53:7; 11.  Likewise, Lord Jesus clarified to us; that, our blessed Christian bodies are the Dwelling or Spiritual Temple of the Most Holy Spirit. 1Co 3:16-17.

Note:  “Attributing Rev 12:1 to Israel and its 12 tribes as others had claimed was Wrong and is against Heaven!  Because only Pure things go to Heaven and only the Pure are in Heaven!”

Zec 11:8.   Three Shepherds [Religions] will be cut-off on same year or consecutive years or generation.  Because they had hated the Righteous Ways of God!  [Zec 11:17].  Can you guess which Religions will be cut-off?  Most probably, they abhorred God by: (1) Conquering lands thru war [ISIS advocating which religion?];  or, (2) By Conquering Christianity by the microchips [Freemason/Science Sect];  or, (3) By plotting against the True Church, the Apple of the Eye of God!  Zec 2:7-8. *Amos 9:8-9. /// Others claimed that the 3 Shepherds were three Popes?  They forgot that All Popes love God.  For Critics, natural deaths or natural events are man; but, only super-events are definitely from God?

* Zec 12:2-3; 10  This is a “Burden” for Israel: Jerusalem is a Cup of Trembling when there will be a siege [Persecution], on Judah (end-time Daughters of Zion of Judah are the Catholics) and Jerusalem (end-time Daughters of Jerusalem are all Christians): and will be a burden to all those who involve themselves with war on the possession of Jerusalem will be cut to pieces.  / All shall look upon for help from the LAMB they had Crucified, Pierced. Zec 12:10.

Zec 14:1-2  The Day of the Lord: will gather all nations against Jerusalem; half of the city shall be taken.  .  [“Love to their enemies” can save Israel.  Current 2019: Jews already started to love Roman Catholics.  They rented almost all our RC church-buildings; we share the same place of worship. -USA. ] . After its 70th, without Conversion; then, Desolation will come to Israel, even until the End; unless, all Jews be Converted to Christianity!  Dn 9:26-27.    And who, from the house of David, will free Israel from WW3? See Zec 12:8 below. 

IF Zec 14:1-2 is True in this Future Time; then, the Lion of Judah Who is Jesus Christ, Rev 5:5, is; therefore, the same Great Lion of Israel in Numbers 24:9; and should be analyzed this way: “whoever Blessed Thee [Lion of Judah: Lord Jesus] will also be Blessed;  and whoever curse Thee [Lion of Judah: Jesus Christ] will also be cursed. Num 24:9.

Zec 12:7   The Lord will save FIRST, the house of the end-time Zion of Judah [RC] from being defiled.   Fountain of Mercy opened to the House of David [Micah 4:10-12; Rev 3:7-12];

Zec 12:8  And, the house of David shall be as God, as the Angel of the Lord before them…  to Jerusalem the Lord will cut-off idols; unclean spirits [Mal 3:5]. There are 2 kinds of House of David of Lord Jesus Christ in the story, who will free Israel: Orthodox, East: one with glorious mitre; Zec 12:7.   Roman, West: end-time Zion of Judah [fallen and raised up; Amos 6:14]. Both using Exorcism and the Sacraments! Good Remnants will have super-gifts/glow; but, the bad ones will be in shame. Joel 2:1-9.

*Zec 12:7  After, the house of end-time Zion of Judah had freed Israel from evil of mid-East WW3; then, the glory of the house of David [Catholic Orthodox]; and the inhabitants of Jerusalem [Israel] will NOT magnify themselves against end-time Zion of Judah: the Raised Nation in Amos 6:14. . All will be under Prince David [symbolism of the Shepherd of Roman Catholic] with the Sacramental Key to David. See, Ezekiel 37:5.

Zec 14:16-19   Jewish Christians will be with a Catholic “Faith” [Jewish-Catholic]; but, some will not come up to Jerusalem; because, of the Roman Catholic whom they despised.  [Leads to > Rv 11.]

Zec 14:4-5  The Lord will fight back; or make Himself Known just like as in a Great Earthquake;  the Mt. of Olives shall break into two [like the curtain that cuts into two during the Crucifixion of our Lord].  All will know that this were all the doing of the Lord.  And in fear, all shall flee to the lower valleys.  . Prepare to meet your God O Israel; how many times, before you will listen? . I AM will take off their iniquity in one day! Zec 3:9.  . On this One Day, all Jews will Convert to Catholicism through the Lady. And only through the Lady that they will be able to understand the Roman Catholic Church. Rev 12.

Zec 12:7   …there will be a time that prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision. . [Three (3) Days of Darkness.] Rev 8:12; 11:11.   Mal 3:5.

Zec 14:5; 6-7  The day was bright; the night is like day; when, the Lord will come and all the Saints with Him.  Rv 14.  Ez 37:5. Ob 1:21.  

Zec 14:11    After the Day of the Lord; then, there will be no more destruction.  Remnants shall inhabit the New Jerusalem.


The Blessed Lady

Know, The Blessed Lady; Whom we RC do not adore; but, highly respect and love, said that, the outcome of world Desolation could be tolerable; if we Consecrate the Roman Catholic to Her Sorrowful Immaculate Heart [And, we did! But, the Lady said to Repeat it when war is near; for how many times shall we ask to help? As needed!]; or if nuclear [Zec 9:9]; then, to call Her; as “Spiritual Co-Redemptrix”, with a Feast Day under Lady of Sorrows or Sorrowful Immaculate Heart; every September 15th.  – this we have to wait for the right timing; that is, to uplift the Blessed Lady; just after WW3;  or when the mandatory Anti-Christ Microchip was revealed [Do it for your family.]; in order not to confuse Her for other’s claim: blaming that She causes all kinds of Desolation; which was absolutely, not true!  It was a directive from Lord Jesus, when all things fail, on the book: “The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary with Messages to Berthe Petite”; Imprimatur, William Cardinal Cousins; 7-06-1965; 4th Ed 1974;  pages 45; 72-73.  // We have to believe; that, the Holy Spirit is in all of us; then, how much more It will be for a Lady Most Pure Who is the Seat of Wisdom; or to Whom the Baby Jesus Repose?   The Lady is already in Heaven where only Pure things are.  Rev 12:1.  Love those who persecute you; and Pray for them.  Amen.  Offer those torturing sharp verbal pain they cause!  They have not Transformed; yet, to the fullness of the Holy Spirit, to know the Divinity of Christ!  How many became Saints after they were Transformed?!   But also, know that, it was really only the devil/s who knew how to accuse; in order to decrease faith; then, for depression to take its toll to end our lives; thus, the devil/s unceasingly accused the Roman Catholic over and over again; even if we had explained; that we had carefully studied with caution; and declared in our hearts, that we do not adore the Blessed Virgin; but, we highly respect and love Her;  we kneel to Her; because, She is always holding in Her Arms, the Lord Baby Jesus; even if we do not see Him.  She is the Seat of Wisdom [Who is the Lord]; or the Repose of [Spiritual] Baby Lord Jesus.  // .

And we prove it by the countless of millions of miracles obtained through the Lady especially thru the Holy Rosary.  The Holy Rosary contains only of 2 main prayers:  (1) Lord God composed “The Our Father”; and (2) the Angel of God composed the “Hail Mary full of Grace”.   Then, both Prayers of the Spirit were given to the Blessed Lady and became the Holy Rosary.  For the Heavenly Father seeks for those who will Worship Him by the “Spirit” and Truth.   John 4:23.   Deed and praises from man alone were nothing; insisting of man’s merits alone is pride!   But, we can only be perfect through the “Pure” Spirit:  the Holy Spirit of the Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus; the Saints and the Angels.   Thus, this is the Way of the Spirit that we may be perfect; as our Heavenly Father is Perfect!   Other non-RC may repeatedly pray only the “Lord’s Prayer”; but, remember to “forgive… as we forgive who sinned against us.”