Zechariah’s End Time

ZECHARIAH.   These were All my Amateur Honest Analysis.  Discretion Applies.

Prelude:   Previous old Zion of Judah was Israel up to the Time Limit of its 70th years which ended May 2018 [May 2019 on Enoch calendar?]; which means that the Traditional Jewish Religion, or the old Zion of Judah, was Decommissioned or Cut-Off; meaning that their Blood Sacrifices, and curses-prophesies to Protect themselves do not hold anymore; because, it is Ultimatum for them to know now that GOD abhor those Blood Sacrifices; and for them to know that God will Accept Only the One True Sacrifice of the Lamb of GOD: Jesus Christ!   Nor, God would Accept anymore any of the Jewish Offerings; unless, they help the poor and the gentiles which Talmudic Noachide/Noahide refused to serve nor advocate; but, secretly only pertains for the benefit of the Jews.  [The Population of the Gentiles has to be greatly diminished. “EROBIN”]!  Daniel  9:26-27.  ISAIAH 1:11-14.  Amos 5:21-23. / God will NOT tolerate anymore the Withered Fig Tree, Nahum 1:11, who were those Rabbi on Financial loop system who secretly hinder young Jews of all Truths about the Life of young Rabbi Jesus Christ Who is now the Messiah: Who is the Lamb of God; and as a Sacrificial Lamb was Pierced and Crucified; now Whose Death is Commemorated as Bread and Wine!  Mi 5:2. Rev 3:9.  Isaiah 48:16-17; Zec 9:9; 12:10; Isaiah 52:10-13; 53:1-7-10! // Jews were also given one week leeway to Convert and Transfer to the REMNANTS Jewish-Christians (as in the Flock of Rabbi Zev Porat in Israel), BRANCH builders of the spiritual Temple of the True Vine who recognized “Jesus Christ as GOD”.  ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5. /  Time was Reversed (Mt 24:22); then, we still do not know how much exact time we have; but, then, Desolation, the Consequences to Israel’s Disobedience, will COME!   And so is the judgement of those who do not believe that Jesus Christ, the Redeemer is GOD [as written]; therefore, in the same way; now, God will Refuse them also!   Isaiah 48:16-17; 54:5. 

After, the Old Zion of Judah was Decommissioned/Cut-OFF after its 70th years; then, the Events paved the way to AMOS Prophesy stating that God will raise a Nation [the modern Zion of Judah: either Christian or Catholic]; who will be above [raised up] and against [the principal teachings of] Israel; who will afflict Israel from entering in Hamath [perfection/ Heaven].  Amos 6:14.  Rev 3:7-9-12. / Then, MICAH and ZECHARIAH Prophecies stated that this raised Nation modern Zion of Judah is destined to sharply Fall [to Carry a Cross]; not of their own fault; but, Infiltrated and implanted by those from Babylon [Israel’s Freemason- sex appetite Stimulation Dark Technology to turn man to abuse; or [women] be against Children [abortion].  Ez 16:21. // [This technology is most probably a combination of jelly Nano and sonic 5-6G  Technology: hypnosis telekinesis acting on hypothalamus able to command all cells to the Behavior intended.  Fasting-Reading/Praying, Singing, or Ice pack placed at the head may stop Nano aggressive behavior external stimulation.] // Note: Except for a small Remnants [Jewish-Christians]; then, Israel was quoted as Sodom or Gomorrah; thus, to be as Babylon.  Is 1:7-9; 13:19.   

 MICAH furtherly Prophesied that this raised Nation, modern Zion of Judah, is Cursed by many as Defile [an Apostate; and due to Religious Scandals]. Mi 4:10-12.  Zec 2:7-8; 10-13.   Current history [as of 2019] showed that it was Rome or the Roman Catholic Church who did Fall; then how and will She [modern Zion of Judah, the RC Church] be able to get up?…  Zec 13:9.  Mal 2:11. / [Had having Above or Replaced Israel who was the old Zion of Judah; then, this other raised Nation should be the modern or New Zion of Judah; and Its faithful the modern Daughters of Zion.]

Zec 1:14; 16-17.  Jerusalem is Bethlehem remains the Holy City.  Daughters of Jerusalem are all Christians!

Zec 2:1-4; 5.  The Measuring of Jerusalem.  View: 12-06-2017 when USA-Israel set boundaries proclaiming Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.  But, at the end, Jerusalem will remain a Holy City without Walls; but, a strong wall of Spiritual Fire.   It will be about 3 1/2 years or 42 months from the time of the Measurement before the Desolation will arrive.  Rv 11:1-2.  But, the Time was Reversed.  Thus, we do not know the exact time. Mt 24:22.

Zec 4:12-14 There was an influx of Prophesy for the Second Coming of Christ by the two Olive Trees, whose “Branches” thru the Golden Pipes empty and the Golden Oil comes out, who are the Catholics and Christians.   There will be Two Lampstands [most probably; either the two Popes; or, probably: 1 Pope and 1 Remnant] will be Martyred in symbolic Sodom [Israel; ISAIAH 1:7; 9]; and Egypt [modern Zion of Judah is the RC; or Rome.].   Rev 11:3-6.

AMOS  6:14. Rev 3:7-9-12.   Behold, I will raise up a [Catholic/Christian] Nation above [raise up] and against you O house of Israel.  They shall afflict you from entering Heaven; detour you into the wilderness. 

MICAH  4:10-12  O Daughter of Zion [Roman Catholic] though go out with Babylon [Freemason-sex appetite Dark Technology; Ez 16:21]; the Lord shall deliver thee.  Many nations shall gather against thee; cursing that you Defile [as Apostate; and due to Religious Scandals]; but, they know NOT the Thoughts of the Lord.  Rv. 3:9.   Arise Daughter of Zion [Catholic Faithful], I will make thy horn iron, thy hoofs brass, and thou shall beat many [versus dark technology, space invaders and nukes].  I will consecrate the gain of Daughter of Zion unto the Lord of the whole of earth.

ZEC 2:7-8; 10-13  Deliver thyself, Zion [Roman Catholic], that dwellest with the daughters of Babylon [Freemason-sex appetite Dark Technology; Ez 16:21].  Rv 3:9. / Deliver thyself thru thy Mother, the Saint!  Zec 4:6;“Dn 7:27” /  “Malachi 2:11-12”.  Malachi 3:3-4. Gen 3:15. /  It is our hope that the modern Zion of Judah, the Roman Catholic Church will be delivered from her FALL! 

Zec 8:12.   God, in His Promise, have raised REMNANTS Christians as Spiritual Israel from all the Mountains or Churches; including, the Jewish-Christians who will begin again to inhabit the whole Land of Israel. 

Zec 6:12   All the BRANCH aka REMNANT Christians including Jewish-Christians are those who acknowledge the “Most Holy Trinity” as is written; and that “Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Redeemer is GOD” as is written!!!   ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5. / The BRANCH, builders of the SPIRITUAL Temple of the Lord; will be the New Israel to begin again. All the Remnants including Jewish Christians [as in the flock of Rabbi  ZEV PORAT in Israel] will be set in the Battle Array versus the Dark forces.  Joel 1:14; 2:1-9; 32.

Zec 8:9 That the SPIRITUAL Temple might be built. 

Zec 9:9  Jerusalem, Thy KING cometh from Thee riding on a Donkey.  Note: The Lord will Only ride on a Donkey; and NOT on a modern Sky Space Ship swifter than a Leopard; flies high like an Eagle.  Hebakkuk 1:8-11.

Zec 10:2  Diviners of/about Israel had false dreams. Note: It is a false dream to seek a building temple on earth; because the Ark in Israel was only a Replica. The Real Ark is in the Heavenly Temple is in Heaven! RV 11:19. / The Heavenly Father pertains to building of His Spiritual Temple Who is the Body of Lord Jesus Christ; now shared as Bread and Wine! While all living things have a soul; Lord Jesus clarified to us that our blessed Christian bodies are the Dwelling or Spiritual Temple of the Most Holy Spirit.

Zec 12:2-3; 10  This is a “Burden” for Israel: Jerusalem is a Cup of Trembling when there will be a siege [Persecution], on Judah (modern Zion of Judah or the Catholics) and Jerusalem (Daughters of Jerusalem or all Christians): and will be a burden to all those who involve themselves with war on the possession of Jerusalem will be cut to pieces.  All shall look upon for help from the LAMB they had Crucified, Pierced. Zec 13:1. /  Fountain of Mercy opened to the house of David and to Jerusalem the Lord will cut-off idols and unclean spirits; there will be a time that prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision. [3 Days of Darkness.] Rev 8:12; 11:11

Zec 14:1-2  The Day of the Lord: will gather all nations against Jerusalem; half of the city shall be taken

Zec 14:4-5  There will be a Great EarthquakeThe Lord will come and all the Saints with Him.  Rv 14.

Zec 14:11    After the Day of the Lord; then, there will be no more destruction.  Remnants shall inhabit Jerusalem      I will cause the REMNANTs or BRANCH of the True Vine to possess all these things. Zec 8:12.