Zechariah’s and etc End Time

ZECHARIAH etc.    All were my Amateur Honest Analysis. Discretion Applies.


NO one can go to the Heavenly FATHER; except through Lord JESUS CHRIST, . Who is “liken” to a HIGH PRIEST-PROPHET of GOD; Deuteronomy 18:15; PSALM 110:4; . Who is the VOICE of GOD; Deuteronomy 18:18; . and Who is the ARM of GOD; Isaiah 53:1!

Lord JESUS has only given the BLESSING of PRIESTLY OFFERING; to be able to offer to GOD, through PETER whose PRIESTS or PRIESTLY CHURCH has the KEYS [“KEYS”] to Heaven! MATTHEW 16:18-19. . “PETER you are the [Representative of] ROCK; and upon this ROCK; I AM will build MY [“MY”] CHURCH whom be given the KEYS [“KEYS”] to Heaven!”. MATTHEW 16:18-19. ZECHARIAH 3:9. . The clearest distinct SIGN of the CHOSEN CHURCH is the royal VIRGIN PRIESTS. 1-PETER 2:9. REVELATION 14:3-4.

ZECHARIAH 11:8. Three (3) Shepherds/Religions who hated Jesus Christ will be CUT OFF at this End Time; in order that they may CONVERT to Christianity; otherwise; if they do not CUT themselves OFF, nor Convert to Christianity; then, the FLOOD or CATASTROPHES will NOT END. DANIEL 9;26-27. These 3 Religions who hated Jesus Christ for the longest were/are:

(1) Judaism. ISAIAH 1:11-14; AMOS 5:22-26. Judaism was Commanded to stop all its Feasts, Sabbaths, Sanhedrin Solemn meetings, Moons, Songs and Star; that is, to be decommissioned on; or, just after the 70th year of Israel. ISAIAH 1:11-14; AMOS 5:22-26; DANIEL 9:26-27. [Note the time frame: ISAIAH 1;11-14 was given long AFTER the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. ISAIAH 1;3, 9,’+ 13;9]. Israel became the Old Zion of Judah. IF Jews do not ACCEPT the Will of GOD; then; how can Jews face ISAIAH, AMOS and DANIEL in the next life? But, the only correct way is through Lord JESUS CHRIST. They will call upon Whom they had pierced! Zec 12:10. But, defiant Sanhedrin , instead, cunningly showed to build up another sect; called, “NOAHIDE Interfaith” hiddenly WITHOUT JESUS as Messiah; but, only as regular Prophet! NAHUM 1:11. 1THESSALONIANS 2:2-4. Because of their DEFIANCE; then, FLOOD or CATASTROPHES worldwide will NOT STOP. DANIEL 9:26-27.

…Why ISAIAH 1;11-14? Because, GOD can see the future; that is, Talmud practices [EROBIN; Kethuboth 11b; Talpioth Medrasch 225*]; NAHUM 1;11, were an Abomination and INIQUITY to GOD!!! ISAIAH 1:11-14. .*EROBIN is when the Birth-Rate of Gentiles has to be Suppressed Massively! . Kethuboth 11b and Talpioth Medrasch 225 are sex rules permitted on children 3-9 yrs of age. .Freemason Children Blood Sacrifices

(2) Islam and all Muslim. People of God, get out of Egypt. EXODUS 3:10 11:1 + 12:31.
(3) Freemason and all sects of other gods. GENESIS 3:15.

But, Judaism; claiming favored pride, harden itself and would not Cut-OFF themselves at 70th years of Israel; and then, they continued their celebrations in DEFIANCE to God! . Thus, because of this defiance, the Events paved the way to the rise of the CHOSEN NATION/Church. AMOS 6:14 and AMOS 4:10-12.

  1. AMOS 6:14. God will raise/uplift a Nation/Church above Israel; known now after the finding the True Peter, as the Roman Catholic Church. Amos 6:14. Rev 3:7-12. . Finding of PETER was when all non-RC ministers and pastors; promised by their souls to tell ONLY the TRUTH; as they teased and LABELED the POPE as “PETER the Roman”. .The Chosen Nation will be reviled by many as defile. AMOS 6:14.
  2. MICAH 4:10-12 and ZECHARIAH 2:7-8. That this raised/uplifted Nation, was destined to sharply Fall; before they be uplifted. Like Christ; then, they too will Carry a Cross. Their Cross as a SIGN of a Chosen Nation; not of their own fault; but, Infiltrated or Staged [internet edited] by those from Babylon -Freemason-LGBT NANO Dark Technology that scandalizes the Priests. Ez 16:21. Mal 2:11-12. AMOS 6:8 . This raised Chosen Nation, is Cursed by many as Defile [an Apostate; and due to Religious Scandals]. Mi 4:10-12. Zec 2:7-8; 10-13. . BUT, no matter how sinful; and poorly graded among Christians this Nation/Church is; in the Book of GOD; still, the Roman Catholic REMAIN as the CHOSEN NATION whose Priests were the only Ones who can truly OFFER to God! 2-SAMUEL 12: Hebrew Zec 13:9. Mal 2:11-12. / Had having Raised Above or Replaced Israel who was the old Zion of Judah; then, this raised/uplifted Nation should be the New Zion of Judah; and Its faithful the New Daughters of Zion.

Zec 1:14; 16-17. Jerusalem remains the Holy City WITHOUT WALLS; or, OPEN to ALL people. Zec 2:5-7. Because, the ownership of Jerusalem is NOT in perpetuity; because, God said, “It is Mine.” LEVITICUS 25:23. . The immediate “outside” without the Walls were given to all the Gentiles/Foreigners/Aliens/ Christians. REVELATION 11:1. . “Daughters of Jerusalem” are all Christians!

Zec 2:1-4; 5. The Measuring or LIMITING of Jerusalem; was fulfilled after Jerusalem was declared the CAPITAL of Israel [December 2017]. Consequently, 3 1/2 years or 42 months from the time of the Measurement or Limiting of Jerusalem; then, the Desolation of the world will come. Rv 11:1-2. But, the Time was Reversed. Thus, we do not know the exact time. Mt 24:22.

Zec 4:12-14 There was an influx of Prophesy for the Second Coming of Christ by the two Olive Trees, whose “Branches” [Teachers] thru the Golden Pipes [of conversion] empty in; and the Golden Oil comes out, who are the Catholics and Christians. . As per Fr Chris Alar that all will be judged according to one’s Faith! Others who never knew the Sacraments will NOT be judged base on our Faith; but, according to one’s Faith; as long as it is in the context of the Ten Commandments.

There will be Two Lampstands [most probably the two Popes] will be martyred in symbolic Sodom [Temple of Venus of Ceasar on the Trial of Jesus connected to Palatine Hill]; and symbolic Egypt [Colosseum of Rome] Rev 11:3-6.

MICAH 4:10-12 O new Daughter of Zion [Roman Catholic] though infiltrated with Babylon [Freemason-LGBT Dark Technology; Ez 16:21]; the Lord shall deliver thee. Many nations shall gather against thee; cursing that you defile [labeled as Apostate Church; and due to Religious Scandals]; but, they know NOT the Thoughts of the Lord. Rv. 3:9. Arise Daughter of Zion [Roman Catholic], I will make thy horn iron, thy hoofs brass, and thou shall beat many [Exorcism versus dark technology and nukes]. I AM will consecrate the gain of New Daughter of Zion unto the Lord of the whole of earth. . That all be under the Roman Catholic Church; and that the Pope will be the “SPIRITUAL” Prince David. EZEKIEL 37;24-25.

ZEC 2:7-8; 10-13 Deliver thyself, Zion [Roman Catholic], that dwellest with the daughters of Babylon [Freemason-LGBT Nano Dark Technology; Ez 16:21]. Rv 3:9. / Deliver thyself thru thy Mother, the Saint! Zec 4:6; Dn 7:27. / “Malachi 2:11-12”. Malachi 3:3-4. Gen 3:15. / It is our hope that the new Zion of Judah, the Roman Catholic Church, will be delivered from her FALL!

Zec 8:12. God have raised BRANCH-builders [Teachers], or, REMNANTS [Faithful] Christians; and to these, all the Holy Mountains/Churches of God, became, Spiritual Israel. Ezekiel 20;40. The Promise was fulfilled.

Zec 6:12 ARMY of GOD in the Battle Array are those who knew “Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Redeemer is GOD” ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5! And the Blessed LADY is the CoRedemptrix. Genesis 3:15; /Versus all Dark forces. Joel 1:14; 2:1-9; 32. / . That the SPIRITUAL Temple might be built. Zec 8:9. . How can you battle if you are of less faith?

Zec 9:9 Jerusalem, Thy KING cometh from Thee riding on a Donkey. Note: The Lord will Only ride on a Donkey; and NOT like the Artificial Intelligence [AI] Jesus look alike seen aboard on a modern Sky Space Ship swifter than a Leopard; flies high like an Eagle. Hebakkuk 1:8-11.

Zec 10:2 Diviners of/about uplifting Israel past by its 70th years old had false dreams: (1) For, they rather only be the confused King Ra or King Nebuchadnezzar or even False Prophets? . All have VISIONS this End Time; but, the GIFT to ANALYZE like Joseph or Daniel is a different Gift.
(2) It is a false dream to seek a building temple on earth that previously had housed the Ark; because, now, the Ark in Israel was only a Replica. The Real Ark is in the Heavenly Temple is in Heaven! RV 11:19. /
(3) The Heavenly Father pertains to Building of His Spiritual Temple Who is the Body of Lord Jesus Christ [Jn 14:11]; now shared as Bread and Wine [Holy Eucharist]! Lk 22:19. Mt 26:26-28. Mk 14:22-24. . “Whovever Eat My Bread and Drink My Blood has Eternal Life; I AM will raise him up on the Last Day.” John 6:27; 35; “54”; 57. / “MY” Bread and “MY” Blood will come ONLY from the Chosen Nation/Church whose royal VIRGIN Priests; UNBLEMISHED, are the only ones who can Offer to the Heavenly Father. 1-PETER 2:9. MATTHEW 16:18-19.

Zec 14:1-2. “AMOS 5:18”. The Day of the Lord is Darkness: will gather all nations against Jerusalem; half of the city shall be taken. ISAIAH 9:14-17

Zec 12:2-3; 10 This is a “Burden” for Israel: Jerusalem is a Cup of Trembling when there will be a siege [Persecution] on [new] Judah [new Daughters of Zion of Judah or Rome. But, may also means Egypt, part of Judah.]; and Jerusalem [new Daughters of Jerusalem or Christians]. . And those who involve themselves with war on the possession of Jerusalem will be cut to pieces. . All shall look upon for help from the LAMB they had Crucified, Pierced. Zec 12:10. / Fountain of Mercy opened to the House of David [RC] and to Jerusalem [all Christians]; by the test of fire [test of hard life]. Zec 13:9. . The Lord will cut-off idols and unclean spirits; there will be a time that prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision. [3 Days of Darkness.] Zec 13:4. Rev 8:12; 11:11. JOEL 2:10, 31. 3:15.

IF Zec 14:1-2 is True in this Future Time; then, the Lion of Judah Who is Jesus Christ, Rev 5:5, is; therefore, the same Great Lion of Israel in Numbers 24:9; and should be analyzed this way: “whoever Blessed Thee [Lion of Judah: Lord Jesus] will also be Blessed;  and whoever curse Thee [Lion of Judah: Jesus Christ] will also be cursed. Num 24:9.

Zec 14:4-5  The Lord will fight back; or make Himself Known just like as in a Great Earthquake;  the Mt. of Olives shall break into two [like the curtain that cuts into two during the Crucifixion of our Lord].  All will know that this were all the doing of the Lord.  And in fear, all shall flee to the lower valleys.  . Prepare to meet your God O Israel; how many times, before you will listen?  . On this One Day, all Jews will Convert to Catholicism through the Lady. And only through the Lady that they will be able to understand the Roman Catholic Church. Rev 12. . I AM will take off their iniquity in one day! Zec 3:9.

Zec 14:5; 6-7  The day was bright; the night is like day; when, the Lord will come and all the Saints with Him.  Rv 14.  Ez 37:5. Ob 1:21.  

Zec 14:11 After the Day of the Lord; then, there will be no more destruction. Remnants shall inhabit Jerusalem. . I will cause the REMNANTs or BRANCH [Teachers] of the True Vine to possess all these things. Zec 8:12.


The Blessed Lady

Know, The Blessed Lady; Whom we RC do not adore; but, highly respect and love, said that, the outcome of world Desolation could be tolerable; if we Consecrate the Roman Catholic to Her Sorrowful Immaculate Heart. [And, we did! But, the Lady said to Repeat it when war is near; for how many times shall we ask to help? Like medicine, it should be as needed!. If impending nuclear [Zec 9:9]; then, to call Her; as “Spiritual Co-Redemptrix”, with a Feast Day under Lady of Sorrows or Sorrowful Immaculate Heart; every September 15th.  – to call on HER way before WW3;  or when the “mandatory” Anti-Christ Microchip vaccine was revealed.  It was a directive from Lord Jesus, when all things seem to fail, then, that is the time, we have to call on our Blessed Virgin Mother CoRedemptirx; Whose sole Definition is Genesis 3:15; and the Tradition It is in is the Holy ROSARY. . “The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary with Messages to Berthe Petite”; Imprimatur, William Cardinal Cousins; 7-06-1965; 4th Ed 1974;  pages 45; 73.