World Current Headline: Keep the Roman Catholic Faith!

It was only now 09-13-2018, that I realized that I reacted and commented on a “made-up edited version with/on a false claim on Prophesies of Our Lady of La Salette; and whoever wrote it; claimed that, “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ”.  That was NOT at all told by the Lady of La Salette.  That false claim against Rome was used by  Freemasons to attack the Roman Church Church.  It is still used today by those “” who are currently in schism with Rome.    The True Prophesy can be found at from the Thesis of James Foster.

How I wish that you, whoever you are, did not write your False Claim [lying to provoke and damage the reputation of another]; because in my Comment; I Prophesied against those enemies of Rome.  Meaning that:

  1. Whatever you LIED about Rome; will not be done in Rome anymore.  But instead, that False Statement you said: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antiChrist.”; instead, your own words will come to your non-Roman Catholic Religion.  The good will be delivered; and the bad guys will take its place.  Next time, never ever, “LIE” like that to a large population; because i really did not mean to Prophesy against anyone nor see desolation; but i did; and it was already, “Done”.    And I remember saying (1) that the Anti-Christ will NOT sit in Rome because it cannot bear the Saints buried in its walls and floor; that anti-Christ will be STRIPPED from its power.  (2) “That instead, the coming anti-Christ will sit on the Third Jewish Temple” because they refused to accept Christ [but this now is a Symbolism, read below #5].    IF my words will ever come true [again!]; then, blame it to that person who lied about Rome….   Oh God…Over my worst fear O Lord, out of their own tongue will be their destruction.   The Lord is Righteous, the Lord is Just!


2.  Then, I also said that they were very wrong about their hearsay when a non-RC said, “an anti-Christ will sit in Rome and Rome will fall”; because, just after reading the false claim; then, I felt strongly what God hast said that “After the Christ; then, NO Power of hell can destroy the Roman Catholic Church!”  Mt 16:16  Rev 3:08.  And, I am very sure that I felt the Words of God very strongly versus that false claim.


3.  And God also said that the Roman Catholic Church will be Preserved from what is coming to the whole world!  And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Mt 16:16   Because the Fact is: only RC has St.Peter’s Dome [symbolism of Peter the Rock] because, originally, only Catholics, east and west, believes in the Saints! …. Also, Rev 3:10 [Roman Catholic Church is the Church in Philadelphia said in Rev. 3].  Also said in Daniel 12:1-2 when St. Michael, the Archangel, Prince of the Heavenly Host of Angels will come at the End Time; which is our End Time.  And No other Religion believe in St. Michael and all the Saints before; but, only, the Catholics [East and West Catholics].  Now, some of the non-RC Pastors and  Ministers of other religions were retracting back; instead, they now were saying that they do now believe; but, slightly in a lower esteem;  or they had some idea about saints before who are for them are about good alive, living people on earth [??? yeah!?- when we were all asleep or sick in bed…]; but, what i saw was that they were still laughing about the Saints…just because there is a new heifer or male cow unblemished animal that they can use/kill as a sacrifice…Poor cow…; but, if they believe this way; then, maybe…it will open their eyes to the Truth?   But, for one, honestly, they should instead believe that Jesus Christ [Yeshua] had done the Sacrifice once and for all!.


4.  The only Consolation, I could say is, IF and only IF the anti-Christ like to sit or claim a Temple or Church; then, most probably it will be the well-known disputed Third Temple that refused to accept the Christ as Lord and GOD!  But, right now, that Third Temple was not owned by the Jews; therefore, the one who will be cursed with an anti-Christ [or that the people will be evil possessed] are the regular supporters of the Third Temple who are the Muslims.  // I think that the Jews [and all people] will be safe versus WW3 [or even from the forerunner of the anti-Christ who are the ISIS disguising as FEMA]; that is, IF and only if they will call on Jesus [Yeshua]!


5.   And another Consolation.  This is a day after.  I did Pray for this.  And that the Lord said that my Prophesy is a Symbolism.   That Israel will be altered [destroyed geographically] because it will divided into two:… it will be divided between East and West.   The West are the Jews and the East are the Christians; but, specifically, Not the Muslims.   I wish that the Jews will agree to settle Israel between the Jews and the Christians because both of their [spiritual] Forces will outwit the Muslims who always resort to violence and death that the Lord does not like.  [If the Muslims will also settle; then, do not give it.  Ice and Fire do not mix.]  Regardless, if Muslims or Jews refused; then, Satan will sit on its Throne in all high men [Presidents] involved about the Third Temple because there will be a War.


The Lord will be cut off [interrupted] by the one who called himself prince of darkness because there will be W3 [of the Ram and the Goat] closest to the time of the Temple Ceremony; that post-war leading to introduction of NWO and One World Religion (OWR)], but not Himself [disguised as Supreme].  Daniel 9:23-25; 26.  2Thes 2:4


But, God in His Mercy; gave Israel [or to Rome that now represent Israel in Modern world] specific instructions [Either: to Israel is the Temple Ceremony; OR, to the Roman Catholics is to Announce the Lady Co-Redemptrix by Obedience] to form an Offering that God will be pleased and He will instruct All of His True Church!  Those instructions should be done before the “End” will happen; in order to regain the Kingdom; and save the whole world.


Reminder: Daniel 9: 2; 24-26.    Israel must perform the Cleansing and Reconciliation Temple Ceremony within the time specified in order to Save the world in everlasting Righteousness.  IF they Fail; then, after which, Jerusalem will be desolated and there will be flood  [in all countries];  and WW3…  Mt. 24:1-2.  /// From Noah’s Flood; then, the judgement of Flood was recalled by God to reoccur again before the Coming of the Son of Man!  Matthew 24:39.  // As for WW3, the Lady said that the Future could still be changed.  IF Israel accepts Jesus as Messiah; and call His Name Jesus or Yeshua during the incoming WW3; then, they will Win! Rev 3:9; and may then, Ceremony commence.//  Dearest Lord, I pray for Protection for Israel and Jerusalem until the set days of Offering is over.  How I wish Desolation of Jerusalem is not destruction; but, back to primitive?  I wish and pray for Protection for all elects from the microchips & DNA-storage-vibration.  My, Our, Lord is always Victorious and with Him is Justice and Mercy.


Do not over think of these things; for sufferings do come with or without WW3; but, instead, just keep on praying the Holy Rosary… because, I for one,  was a Witness that demons were afraid of the Holy Rosary.  I was only about 10 1/2 years old; and I really thought that I will be eaten or taken; but, the Lady saved me in Her own Supernatural Way.   The devil/s is really afraid of the Lady.  [I laughed when I saw the devil scared and it ran away so fast.  I never encountered it again.] //   For me, the Lady is close to those who pray the Holy Rosary.  Lk 10:17.   It is the most Holy Prayer we could get; because, it is only composed of the Lord’s Prayer: the “Our Father”; and the Angel’s Announcing of the Coming of Baby Jesus to Mary, known as: “Hail Mary full of Grace…”  [Grace is the Lord Jesus].   I truly believe that whether it is the devils or witches or aliens or monsters or possessed android; that, all of them can be defeated by the Lady just like what happened to me.  They have no match for Her because the Heavenly Father is the One Who gave it to Her to Crash the Head of the Serpent [And the same as the magnitude of what I experienced!].  Gen 3:15.   I highly recommend, no matter what happened to this world, to say the Holy Rosary everyday.   …..stay in the Roman Catholic Faith!


And God also said that there will be a great influx of Conversion of Faith towards the Roman Catholic Faith!  Rev 3:09.  [Not maybe the religion but in the same Faith of believing about the Saints and that Jesus Christ is Lord and “GOD”!]  And God has Spoken and it was Written.  Amen.