The Most Holy Trinity… Lord God JESUS MESSIAH… Most Holy Spirit … The Beatitudes


MATTHEW  28:19 Be Baptized in the Name of the FATHER; and of the SON and of the MOST HOLY SPIRIT.”  It was very CLEAR that GOD presented to us HIMSELF in THREE different PERSONS. Each of the THREE Divinities of God is Truly a PERSON; because They can Each Think, Communicate and Act Each on Their Own 

GENESIS 18:2-8  It was very CLEAR, Abram saw “THREE Men” [“THREE MEN”]; “prostrated immediately” before Them; and SERVED Them food.  Note:  Angels do not eat!  [Between God and Angels; man serve only GOD! We obey the Angels because of GOD.] Holy GHOST has True Spiritual Shape-Body.

GENESIS 1:26 18:2   Let US [“US”] make man in Our “IMAGE”.   GOD have THREE PERSONS of SAME DIVINITY or “IMAGE“; yet, Truly United as “The ONLY ONE”; “The LORD is ONE” ZEC 14:9;  “A TRINITY [but] ONE GOD”. IS 48:16 Ps 110:1. Because Each of The THREE PERSONS of GOD can Think, Communicate and Feel the Depth of how Each Other Feels, Omnipresent; 1COR 2:10; and Interchangeably All Act in One Great Merciful Love. 

All Persons of Divinity of God are Equal in Power; it is Their Statutes at the present moment that makes us take caution in approaching Them.  St Thomas Aquinas.


PSALMS 110:1   LORD GOD the FATHER said to MY LORD GOD REDEEMER, sit at “MY RIGHT HAND” until I AM HOLY SPIRIT make Thy enemies; Thy footstool.


ISAIAH 48:17   Your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD, your GOD.

ISAIAH 54:5  Your Bridegroom is your MAKER; the LORD of HOSTS is HIS NAME, your REDEEMER, the HOLY ONE of Israel, called GOD of all the earth.  

EXODUS 33:19  “I AM will proclaim MY Name, “LORD”!” PHIL 2:11. “They should know you FATHER; “The ONLY TRUE GOD ZEC 14:9 “and” [“and”], JESUS CHRIST Whom YOU “SENT”!” Jn 17:3 

Dt 18:15+18  A PROPHET unto/like ME, LORD GOD will raise up from among your own kindred. I AM will put MY WORDS into His VOICE!  Dt 18:18.  LISTEN to HIM.  Mt 17:5  Isaiah 42:1.

PSALMS 110:3  From Birth..I BEGOT You!  Bethlehem, from thee shall come unto/like ME that is to be RULER in Israel from OLD; and, from “EVERLASTING” [“EVERLASTING”]. MICAH 5:1-2 old KJV.  “GOD affirmed” a SIGN that a “VIRGIN conceived” the Son of God with us, EMMANUEL, JESUS, born in BETHLEHEM Is 7:14, Lk 1:34-35  Mi 5:1 KJV.  Note: The SIGN cannot be interpreted as a “YOUNG woman”; because, there are many young women.

MARK 16:5-6 +19  The “ANGEL” [“ANGEL”] said, “You seek Lord JESUS Crucified; HE has RISEN [“RISEN”]; was taken up to Heaven [“HEAVEN”].”  “Lord JESUS took His Seat at the “RIGHT HAND” of GOD!” Mk 16:19 Ps 110:4.   The ANGEL has the AUTHORITY of GOD!  Messages are incontestable! Ex 23:21 



The Most Holy Spirit usually Manifest as subliminal Delight yet Captivates all senses; instant Enlightened Wisdom; Parents find HIM in Joy of having a child amidst hard work …

JOHN 4:24-25   GOD is a Divine LIVING SPIRIT Who must be worshiped in SPIRIT and in TRUTH!  WORSHIP GOD is both ADORE and HONOR.  JOHN 5:23.  And only HONOR is for SAINTS, ANGELS and PRIESTS, Lv 21:8.  ADORE-kneeling is constantly observed [at the BLESSED SACRAMENT]; and HONOR-kneeling is only at that present moment of Manifestation of GOD thru the Saints, Dn 2:46; Angels, Nm 22:28-31 Jos 5:14-15; and Priest- holding-the-Holy-Eucharist, Lv 21:8; otherwise; respect Priests at other times.

MATTHEW 12:32  “Those who sinned against the Son of Man may still be forgiven; but, those who sinned against the HOLY SPIRIT in the Angels and Saints may not be forgiven now in this life; and in Eternity.” 1-COR 3:16-17.

1CORINTHIANS 2:10  HOLY SPIRIT SCRUTINIZES.  The HOLY SPIRIT COMPELLED souls of man to kneel in Spiritual Sensitivity of the PRESENCE of GOD when GOD descended between plastered STONES; DEUTERONOMY 27:4-5; known today as STATUES of Saints and Angels of the Altars; which are LIVING STONES WITNESSES of words and deeds of man. JOSHUA 24:27.  GOD Spoke that HE will COMMUNICATE  [“COMMUNICATE”] to man; between STATUES or plastered STONES. EXODUS 25:22.  “Moses heard the VOICE [“VOICE”] of GOD between Statues of CHERUBIM”.Nm 7:89 Lv 22:2-3.


BEATITUDES    Mt 5:3-10

*Blessed are the poor in spirit who have nothing in this world but only their trust in God in order to get by from day to day.

*Blessed are those who silently mourn within [that only God know]; for they shall be heard and comforted.

*Blessed are those whose souls are hungry and thirsty for the Words of God and His Righteousness, before anything else in this world, for they shall be filled.

*Blessed are the humble who do not mind to be last, regard others first; works in joyful silence [of atonement]; and bring credit, all to GOD.   Their’s are Heaven on Earth.

*Blessed are pure of heart, detached from all worldly, they shall see the Face of God.

*Blessed are the peacemakers who give charitable help to all regardless of race, religion, etc; for I was hungry/thirsty and you fed Me; imprisoned yet visited me; for if you do these things to the least of your brothers, you did it to God.

*Blessed are judged wrongfully for the Truth; but, more Blessed are those who are merciful and forgiving of their enemies; for they too will receive forgiveness!

*Blessed are you when they do all kinds of evil things against you [financial,criminal, social, etc] because you endured for God’s sake; for in heaven, your Rewards, will be a thousand fold.



Keep the Roman Catholic Faith

The more others criticize even announced at top of the hill worldwide how worst we are; then, the more we could UNITE to the MOST SACRED HEART and the IMMACULATE HEART and PRAY the HOLY ROSARY; and, the more we should say to them that “WE ARE KEEPING OUR ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH!” 











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