ANNOUNCEMENT: To ALL CHRISTIANS, Roman or non-ROMAN CATHOLIC, and NON-CHRISTIANS: you are all INVITED to participate in adoring of the “TRUE DIVINE BREAD from HEAVEN through “URBI et ORBI”, ZECHARIAH 13:1-6; 14:16; which by the Will of Lord GOD the FATHER, replaces the old Jewish Feast Day of Atonement, Lv 16:29-30, ” for all to be cleaned from all sins”. “AMOS 5:21-26”.

URBI et ORBI replaces the old Jewish Feast Day of Atonement, Lv 16:29-30. “LORD GOD our FATHER SPOKE that “even if Jews have many Sabbaths and Feasts Days; yet, LORD GOD will NOT ACCEPT IT“! AMOS 5:21-26. Thus, the CLEANSING of SINS will NOT ANYMORE thru Jewish NOBLE [Elders/HEAD nor TAIL], ISAIAH 9:14/15 [new/old version], aka REVELATION 12:4 [Tail of Dragon, aka too knowledgeable Teachers who will bring down the Roman Catholic who are the lowly faithful Children of God!]”. ZECHARIAH 14:16. DEUTERONOMY 32:21. AMOS 6:14 [use KJV]

At URBI ET ORBI, there is NO NEED to CONVERT to ROMAN CATHOLIC; you may stay in your own religion; and yet attend actual, or online, or by self-observance wherever one may be [at work or remote places]; and still avail of the benefit to be CLEANSED from all SINS. Urbi et Orbi is scheduled every Christmas and Easter. Please watch for the schedules from Rome.

At URBI et ORBI, LORD GOD would like us to accept each and every one on this Day regardless of Religion!  The only requirement of Urbi et Orbi since 2020 is to be prayerful to humbly ask GOD to end the Coronavirus and all Pandemic Virus; and to believe that LORD JESUS is in the Eucharistic DIVINE BREAD entrusted to the Roman Catholic Church!

Urbi et Orbi does not require Rom Catholic Confession to a Priest; nor Holy Communion thru the RC Priest; however, it is more fitting, that in your own words [DIY or do-it-yourself], REPENT or have Spiritual Confession; and have Spiritual Communion during Urbi et Orbi. A change of Pope will change rules. One may attend to Urbi et Orbi, and instead offer it for the relief of souls in purgatory.

The Roman Catholic Faith have at least TWO WITNESSES from “OLIVE TREES” aka SAINTS, that the DIVINE BREAD is with the Roman Catholic; Zechariah 14:14, Rv 11:3-4, they were: (1). St Claire [St Clare] scared the big mob that started to put the Monastery on fire; but, St Claire alone stopped them by procession of the DIVINE BREAD; then later other sisters joined her. And (2) St Anthony showed that Roman Catholic has the DIVINE BREAD when he let the very hungry donkey/mule, unfed for 2 1/2 days; yet no matter how hungry, the Donkey REFUSED the meal of hay; and instead the mule prostrated, knelt itself with two front legs bent in front of Eucharistic DIVINE BREAD prepared by St Anthony! Rv 11: 1-2; DANIEL 7:18+27. This story of St Anthony about the mule was also symbolized by other stories about donkeys that was used by Lord God “to convey a message” to man.  NUMBERS 22:22-31. 

Note: Even if you did not make it on schedule; because of an emergency that came up as in picking up children from school or you are still at work; then, in your own time, just replay Urbi et Orbi online; and add the Holy Rosary, and to complete everything within 2 weeks or as soon as possible.  //  Each and everyone must now participate in Urbi et Orbi because this Time is now the End Time.  DANIEL 9:26-27.  ZECHARIAH 14:16-17. /// Well, if sadly many do not participate in Urbi et Orbi; then, how can we expect for Lord God to take off the punishment due to our sins; then, we will surely get the punishments including all disasters that we truly deserve; just like when the curtain was divided into half during the passion of our Lord JESUS CHRIST; then, we shall witness that Mt Olives will also be divided into half and will make all run down in fear to the valleys from all spiritual Mt Olives; all of these because of the stubborn stiff neck sin also known as PRIDE. ZECHARIAH 14:4. ALL that we can and should do is to continuously PRAY the “HOLY ROSARY”. When all things seems hopeless; then the BLESSED LADY will come!

How the change came about that the old Jewish Day of Atonement, Lv 16;29-30, is now the ROMAN CATHOLIC “URBI ET ORBI”, Zec 13:1-6?

First, (1) Because, Lord GOD took off the delights of the Jewish Eyes: their Sanctuary Temple/s, EZEKIEL 24;16,21, and then RE-ESTABLISHED the “COVENANT” [“COVENANT”], EZEKIEL16;62, thru the LAMB of GOD, LORD JESUS CHRIST thru HIS BLOOD of the “COVENANT” [“COVENANT”]. MARK 14:24. Now This Covenant is entrusted to a Chosen Nation/Religion with chaste/royal PRIESTS [NOT alone chaste Bishops as in Orthodox Catholic; but also on lowly “chaste PRIESTS” which is the ROMAN CATHOLIC] entrusted with the KEYS [“KEYS”] to Heaven. 1-PETER 2:9;  REVELATION 14:4, MATTHEW 16:18-19. REVELATION 3:7. Knowledge could be theirs; but the Keys to Heaven are with the Roman Catholic.

Second (2), the Day of Atonement, Lv 16;29-30, is now with Roman Catholic as “URBI et ORBI”; because (2) GOD placed the imperfect ROMAN CATHOLIC “ABOVE” the Chosen [“Israel or Jewish”] People of God. DEUTERONOMY 32;21.

Third (3), because, Lord God Spoke, “As I AM Live, I will not allow Myself to be consulted/represented by you Jewish ELDERS [House of Israel: Priests, Rabbi, Sanhedrin.” EZEKIEL 20:3+13. Such was observed for many years, centuries; and no Messiah came to the Jews because they had refused to believe on JESUS CHRIST as Messiah; until their seeking was cut off. DANIEL 9:26-27.

Fourth, (4) “[Israel, EZEKIEL 20:13] you shall NO LONGER exalt yourself on MY Holy Mountains”; ZEPHANIAH 3:11. // But, however, Jewish Religion and other religions can still go on practice with their worship services; and is considered in Heaven as a way of PRAISING GOD which all can do and is good to do so; but, to ADORE and UPLIFT GOD HIMSELF as the DIVINE BREAD is now “ENTRUSTED only” to ROMAN CATHOLIC Church.


Daughters of ZION is the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH placed above the Chosen [Israel] people of God; because as if pregnant in labor, the Roman Catholic was the Nation hated by many at this End Time; and treacherously was associated with Babylon [Freemason].  MICAH 4:10.  ZECHARIAH 2:11.

Daughters of JERUSALEM are all Christians including NEW ISRAEL [JEWISH CHRISTIANS].   ZEPHANIAH 3:14Lord GOD might change HIS MIND because of HUMBLE Remnants of Israel.  ZEPHANIAH 3:12+15.   *Remnants means after all Disasters, Desolation and War.

NEW ISRAEL. After the END of Jewish Feast of “Day of Atonement”, that previously took OFF SINS in one day, LEVITICUS 16:30, which was when LORD GOD, the “HEAVENLY FATHAER” SPOKE that “even if Jews keep on having SABBATHS and FEASTS, “I WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM“” AMOS 5:20-22. ISAIAH 1:11-15. THIS WAS CONFIRMED in EZEKIEL 20:3 when LORD GOD SPOKE that “AS I AM LIVE, I WILL NOT MAKE MYSELF BE CONSULTED nor REPRESENTED BY YOU JEWISH ELDERS [Noble-Elders HEAD of Epistle 1-JOHN 2:22, and TAIL, ISAIAH 9:14/15 [new/old version], aka TAIL of the DRAGON, REVELATION 12:4 that will sweep away the CHRISTIANS, the real faithful Children of GOD.” // Then, Lord GOD the FATHER gave an Ultimatum to CONVERT at the End of Time. DANIEL 9:26-27. AMOS 4:12 5:18. For JEWS have hidden its PRIDE by saying they were the LION among all Nations but they would NOT HEED on LORD GOD WHO WAS VERY PATIENT TO WAIT for their Conversion! JEREMIAH 5:12 DANIEL 9:26-27. Only the Head and Tail of Judaism will be destroyed; but, however, the JEWISH-CHRISTIANS will REMAIN and be REBUILT again as the “NEW ISRAEL“! AMOS 9:8+14. / In the WAY LORD GOD will tear down/purify this Nation; AMOS 7:9+9:10, then, the Jews, and all nations will surely know that LORD GOD abhor the PRIDE of JACOB or the old JUDAISM, AMOS 6:8; never their pride to be erected again. ZEPHANIA 3:11. AMEN.”