Our Lady of All Nations

Defending Our Lady of All Nations

(1) As for the Image of Our Lady of All Nations with half veil, from 1945:

1A.  Queen of Peace, NY 11367 USA established 1939, the statue of Our Lady has No Veil.

2B.  The New American Bible (96-97 Edition) Imprimatur Most Rev Daniel E. Pilarcsyk Pres NCCB 10-10-1997, [+2 more Imprimatur from Cardinals]; here the Pictures of Our Lady as Immaculate Conception has No Veil; and as Coronation of Our Lady has Half Veil.

(2) As for the Image of Our Lady of All Nations [OLAN] with the Cross behind Her:  

1A.  This Image is the idea of the Vexillum of the Legionary of Mary when the Holy Spirit as a Dove showed its  Wings spread out like a “Cross” and below it is the Immaculate Conception (the Miraculous Medal).

2B.  St. Francis of Asisi had also seen Our Lord in a Seraphic image with the Wings outstretched like the “Cross”.  Thus, the Vexillum Dove is the same as the Seraphic Cross; and the Image OLAN is the same idea of the Vexillum.

(3) As for the statement of Our Lady, “This will be my last visit/apparition.”  But then, She came back after.  Explanation:  Our Lady can see the people in the future who do not heed Her Messages; because of this; then, She said, “This will be my last visit.”  Our Lord Jesus said the same but He also came back.  John 7:1 “He did not wish to travel to Judea…”  John 11:7:8  “Let us go back to Judea…”  [Rise of Lazarus]


(4) As those Critics who labeled the Lady of All Nations as the “adversary”; because they were thinking that the one talking was our LORD?; which is from the message 183-e given to Don S. Gobbi; but what was really stated was, “In this very place where “My” [the LADY’s] Adversary [devil] has began ‘his’ work of subtle destruction of the Church..”   If only those Critics had only continued to read 183e-f; then, they would had known that “My” refers for the “Blsd LADY“; that is, the whole book and that message in 183-e was given by the Lady to Stefano Gobbi…183f states: “I am replying (back) with My [LADY’s] cohort of little ones…that pride may be defeated.”  Meaning: where Our Lady prepares Her soldiers; yet, the evil one is also there to destroy Her.  The Adversary is the apostasy Critic who confused others/us by attacking about the Lady that we may lessen our faith on Her. Deuteronomy 13:6. 2-Thessalonians 2:3-4.

(5) As for the Lady of All Nations is the CoRedemptrix was/is true because Our Blessed LADY is the Coworker-Mother of the Redeemer; 1-CORINTHIANS 3:9; the Despensatrix or Mediatrix of All Graces. LORD GOD will show favor to only whom HE will. Exodus 33:19. DANIEL 7:18. .NOTE: the HOLY ROSARY that Our Blsd Lady propagates is in ITSELF “”REDEMPTIVE””; but not necessarily REDEEMING. .The Blsd LADY is COREDEMPTRIX; but, is NOT necessarily as COREDEEMER. .”CO” is from Coworker; 1-Cor 3:9. .”TRIX” is because The Blsd LADY’s IMMACULATE HEART was “TRANSFIXED” with the SACRED HEART of JESUS during His Passion on the Way of the Cross. * It is Our Lord Who called Our Lady, “CoRedemptrix[“Our Lord Who called Our Lady as “CoRedemptrix”] .HE said: “for the Feast of the Dolors of My Mother- the Great Feast of Her Heart as CoRedemptrix.””  From the book, “The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, with Messages to Berthe Petite“, page 45, 72-73; Imp William Cardinal Cousins; 07-06-1965; 4th Ed 1974. .*Our Lady said, “[At last,] That My role as a True Mother; and [Spiritual] CoRedemptrix will become manifested to all.”  From the book, “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, The Marian Movement of Priests”; given to Don Stefano Gobbi; Imprimatur by Most Rev Bernardino Cardinal E. Ruiz; message # 203-h; p.267./ * The Lord will do battle for us this End Time, He already had Chosen-a-Weapon Most Pure Who is also known as the Spiritual CoRedemptrix. .Gen 3:15; Rev 17:13-14. .DANIEL 7: 18+27.

(6) As for the words, “I am the Lady Mary, Mother of All Nations; who once, was Mary…”. Having said Her Name means that She loves Her Name.  And should be rewritten, “who once, was “the” [great Sign] Mary” means “who once upon a time, there was a story of long awaited of the great SIGN of a VIRGIN, [MARY], [ISAIAH 7:14] Who conceived the Son of God with us, Emmanuel/JESUS; born in Bethlehem, Whose Blessed Baby was from the Old and “EVERLASTING” [“EVERLASTING”]. MICAH 5:2.  .But should NOT nor NEVER be confused and was very different from the phrase, “who once was, Mary” [of NY, USA accent]; which means “was not there anymore”; which is not true; because, we knew that She is always around…and She loves Her Name; but, thus therefore, the phrase should be “who once, was the [great Sign] Mary”; or, “who once was the Mary”.