END TIME  according to 

2Thessalonians 2-4; 2:9; 2:11; 
Daniel 9:24-25; or 9:26-27 

This End Time had began to be visible 2018-2020.   It was said that the Apostasy shall come First.   Indeed, the Apostasy came as the Human/Humane [yet Immoral] Righteous Law (HRL), or known as the First (1st) Beast and it is now already here, also known as: the “LAWLESS one”: pro:abortion, same gender marriage, Nano producing homosexuality, Nano-affected False Media, Nano non-stop frogs Activists that boosts chaos, mugging; towards WW3.  We could recognize the Lawless one such as these sins because the First Beast was wounded and recovered; and that wound was Homosexuality that was deeply wounded, or before, for many years, it was unacceptable to almost extinction that it was shameful to even be mentioned in normal gatherings.  But, surprisingly, at this End Time; then, Homosexuality was healed and gained acceptance worldwide!  It even has an Image Statue [NY, USA and world].  LGBT statues were able to talk because it implies; as if it has breath or life, on what it like to convey; which is, it implies that no matter what your religious principles are; yet, you have to comply to the LGBT rules.  [To us who oppose, we could already feel an imprisoned heart; yet, just offer all of these; then, let it be God!]   Thus, the 1st Beast was likened to a leopard with many spots of sins that travels in acceptance worldwide from shore to shore.  The 1st Beast blasphemous Lawless one that has produced Apostasy will exalts itself above every so-called god and object of worship so as to take a seat or be adopted, or that it will infiltrate the Temple or Highest Religious Norm or Standard in pretense of Equality; claiming that it is god’s; yet, who springs from Satan, the Dragon.


Ecumenical was Not included in the First (1st)Beast; not at all!  Ecumenical, union of Religious Leaders, could have had eradicated the political Activist lawless one; however, Ecumenical Interfaith was affected by the false media- counteracting, blaming for Apostasy; and instead, majority focus to get rid of the Catholics; and that was when religious were acting like the Communist One World Religion; which gave way to unending Political Unrest; more Climate Unrest; then, Economic Collapse; then soon, WW3 beginning in the Mid-East; then, we could see the beginning New Communist Rule Financial System [Germany and USA], New Communist Bible and the New Communist Commandments [communist One World Religion, OWR] to more unending Degeneration.  All of these Catastrophes; because, “After Israel; then, the Prophecy was/is with the Catholics”.  


After the Lawless one (HRL or 1st Beast); then, the Faith of the World will depend on the Choice of Messiah of the Jews whom they will reveal during the Celebration of Purification and Re-Dedication at the Third Temple.  They may choose the Correct One Who is Jesus Christ our Lord.  Daniel 9:24-25.  Yes, there will be Peace IF Israel will get it Right!  But, there will be a big Catastrophe should they choose to insist on the Incorrect one, [Daniel 9:26-27], who could be a Chosen Political Leader; or it could be world leaders [NWO or OWR]; they may choose to Clone and/or Microchip their Choice and present it/him to the world; but, will surely only cause more Confusion; together with all its Signs and Wonders of Holograms and Geo-Weather Engineering.  And for this; then, The Heavenly Father will hide His Face from mankind; ashamed of the doings of His people Israel; and man will deserve a worldwide Catastrophe, for the world do not deserve God!


Despite Catastrophe; yet, in the Mercy of God; He Chose the Blessed Virgin, the Immaculate Conception to Defeat the Serpent.  The Lady had asked for Vatican to [Re-] Consecrate Russia, [please include USA] and the whole world to Her Immaculate Heart.  The Formula Prayer was given to whom God referred as His Apostle Francis; whom at that time was believed to be Francis Cardinal Bourne; thru the visionary Franciscan Berthe Petit of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart 1922.  But, something was peculiar not very right or seems unusual; because God had Implied three (3) times to His Apostle Francis (believed to be Francis Cardinal Bourne) that He hast Ordered the Same Consecration in very-near-Dates to each other; plus, just after the Celebration of Consecrations; then, God said that what He likes was Not yet fulfilled; that was peculiar unusual for man; just like when David rose up from his sleep three times; but, the Message was given only to the last.  But, that was/is how God are; that God can see the Future; that could only meant, a “hint”, which made it as Implied that God wanted it to be in another Time in the Future, that God was talking to His Future Apostle; to “His Apostle Francis” who could only be “Pope Francis”.   This is because of the content of the Message of the Heavenly Father; in its entirety, is about the Catholic Faith and to Consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart.  [The Lady of All Nations also said to proclaim Her as Spiritual Co-Redemptrix.  “Spiritual” because Her Transfixed Wounds and Death on the Cross were all done Spiritually.]    The Optional Formulary Prayer [while waiting for world Consecration] could be by: Personal Consecration Formula given to St. de Montfort under the usual conditions for plenary indulgences;plus, observing Total Consecration practices in 3 weeks (readings on Total Consecration; and Litany to the Holy Spirit, to the Sacred Heart, to the Holy Name of Jesus and Litany to Blessed Virgin.   The membership to St. de Montfort groups specializing on Total Consecration was only recommended but not compulsory.)  It was a very Good Consecration Prayer; but, it simply has too many steps; then, when will the whole world [the babies to the Catholic Faith] will be able to assimilate the Prayer?  Then, we will simply go back to the Original Instructions of the Heavenly Father; that is, for His Apostle Francis to Consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart.  


The Great Battle will be between the Confusing One who is the anti-Christ personified; versus the Lady, the Immaculate Conception.  St. de Montfort said that the Lord will come in the same way that He came in the first time; that is, manifested from the sky; God the Father will introduce the Messiah to Israel, He will make all Understand, through the Lady Who is the Ark of the New Covenant.  Recall, that the Lady’s Immaculate Womb was/is the Ark where the Messiah once Resided.  Together, the Lord and the Lady will fulfill both the Prophesies of the Old and New Testament; and All will believe!  Rev 11 > 12:1.


One of the Origination of New World Order (NWO), was likened unto this.  But, first, it could be traced from the Time that King Saul disobeyed God to kill ALL the enemies including its livestock [1Sam 15]; but, then, King Saul did not kill the sheep and goats which had the evil spirits in them; which in our time prospered under the archeological Myth of the Masons on books of Enoch [son of Cain].   But, however, Enoch, did NOT write any books at all!  And the Myth of Masons gained infamous around the Atlantic Myth on the Story of little Elf-Gnome-Gremlin -Fairy in their little Secret Kingdom, visible only in certain times of the year, in the Atlantic Continent; that this Masons infamous story claim to be real fairies that can make themselves life-size or even giant-size with high tech kingdom that exist in sparkling very advanced magical world; and that fairies and witches have the ability to fly and telepath and do all kinds of fairy or witchy black magic.  But, the Myth said that they Ceased to exist [from eyes of man] because their Super-Race Inter-Marry the Inferior Races.  That, in order for them to Regain their Superior Magical Races; then, they have to Depopulate the Inferior Race that includes the Freemason’s Agenda to Depopulate that in turn they believe will return the Orderliness of the world by means of the following ways:


[1]  Abortion Planned Parenthood,

[2]  Eugenics Genetic-Engineering:

    1)  By Cloning, making the same exact copy, from adult size to same new adult size, by-passing infant stage or growing age, pre-programmed to be loyal only to it’s technological owner.  It started on pets; then, actors and actresses.  Hearsay that the NWO wanted to create Schism of the Invalidity of the RC Church: producing cloned bad priests; then, blaming crimes to the good priests.  But, however, they have to release the real Pope in order to Consecrate Russia, USA and the whole world to the Immaculate Heart;and IF not; then, they will risk world Catastrophe.  Clones were not blessed and cannot replace the true Priests.  [Validity on Clones: google search on all televised News presented in  “Human Clones Living Among us;Documentary 2018”  by Jay Myers Documentaries 4-11-2018.]  When I first heard this in the news, I thought that they were joking!  How to sight clones?  Clones seems to be faithful (like Autism can be easily trained);but, their way of explanation of what they know seems not smoothly flowing especially on family; nor theirs birth dates, nor about familiar celebration;nor the holy emotions in Prayers; but, they seem to memorize well their clone numbers.  Under video recorder, just ask if they are sure of their clone number?  If you be stuck with a Clone; best way is to Convert its brain to your specifics.  By grassroots, adult- Cloning genetic engineering seem to be performed from underground between Jerusalem and Israel;and in Rome but Not the Vatican where the NWO hideouts were last seen celebrated.  Suggestion to NWO:  Instead of making more clones; would it be easier and more acceptable to instead help all the Disabled to regain with Bionic Parts? 

    2) By Nano-technology [like glyphosates insecticides, formalin to keep meat and fish fresh from the stores] that overtime, can change original DNA to Nano particles that in turn can be controlled by rock music or provocative arousing Vibration, Sunlight and Chem trails; to make the brain to become imaginative or weaker to agree to all Lawless agenda; and to become homosexual person/s that do not reproduce; but, depopulate.

     3) By Microchips to be controlled by digital Vibration; or even by Eye Contact [personal or hypnotism by watching the lawless one on TV; getting your brain to think of it over and over again].  The Microchips will be mandatory implanted to man in pretense as communist type Financial Tech System that supposed to save the world from an incoming Economic Collapse; but, in reality, corrupting the will of man to agree to all its immoral lawless agenda in exchange for financial survival; but not on shelter: meaning one will still be homeless; but, only to its food made of more Nano particles.

     4) The Microchips were also Implanted to a superior race:Androids now made to be biological by natural birth; yet, initially was from man and android laboratory made DNA-intermix race with Microchips to its offspring faithful to it’s technology Mason maker.  These Clones and Androids superior species, later, will be out of control; to be independent from inferior man; because, the Clones and Android superior species will be infiltrated by the fallen angels [the devils]. 


But,not, to be afraid, because The Prophecy was said that the Head of the Serpent will be crashed, defeated by the Lady.  Gen 3:15.  Recall that God talked to Eve; but, was really addressing to a Future Woman, the Lady, Who is the Immaculate Conception, Who will at the End Time will Battle and Defeat-Crash the Head of the Serpent.  Of course, it cannot be the Eve that is now deceased; because the Serpent is still around; and the Prophecy was that the future Lady will Defeat the Serpent at the end.   Since, Prophecy Gen 3:15 was said by the Heavenly Father Himself; then, no other authorities can reverse it.  Even those who interpreted that being Christians or Jews alone, without the Lady can Crashed the Serpent, all FAILED to eradicate the First Beast that was going around for sometimes now; that is becoming worst at this End Time to the coming of Aliens and Monsters [could be those who have tendency to kill out of political depression; or real NWO monsters just like what the US Army encountered in Afghanistan 2002.  [Source: Mark 444 on Giants are Real 2017].  [Giants and Monsters were man-made bio-engineering from bone cells of archeological remains of Giants who were slain during the time of Joshua.  NWO: why did you re-created those giants back again?  What will they eat if the NWO quarters run out of food?  Why not heed God’s Ways in the Old Testament?  With the drought and sudden thousands of animal deaths we were facing now; we can surely see clearly why God did not support a gigantic stomach?]  If you cannot trust the Lady; then, trust the Heavenly Father!  Catholics, please wear your Scapulars or Miraculous Medals and personal prayer of Consecration to the Lady; and only IF you know Exorcism.  Suggestion to NWO:  Since microchip can control even Clones and Artificial Intelligence; then, why not gun-shoot those Microchips to the Aliens or to Niburu full of Monsters; then, control it to go back to Space, in the Universe.  Then, could this be a better world?


[3]  Depopulate by [Star] Wars [Nuke, Diseases] that deceive as if it has superiority; but, only to its own extinction. 


The initial stage of this Great Apostasy in our time, could also be traced from the captivating wonders of televisions or internet games that corrupt the mind to forget about the Bible, timely chores and studies; pre-conditioning man to change its norm due to movies of lawless immoral activists as leading actors; thus, to readily accept the “Humane, yet Immoral; but, made to be as Righteous Laws” as its new god/norm that gain acceptance in the churches.  But, however, time-limited TV or internet can still be used in good ways as in televised Holy Mass or movies about the Saints or as a limited study tool; however, the temptation of corrupting the mind to be addicted to TV and to be lazy would be high.  That was why parents were asked to control their children.  But, yet, later in adult life, all movies will shortly fad away when reality sloth-poverty strikes; that is, if you do not work; then, you can not eat.  If you do not pray and seek God first in your earlier years; you cannot expect a miracle to come after.  We could only harvest what we planted.  In Heaven, there are virtual vision of moral life stories; lessons to be told; and there are virtual games with new friends in safari, mansions and even the universe to explore; meaning that we do not need to indulge to be a couch-potato by the TV set in this life on earth.  Because in the next life, we will have everything. 


[There were many Interpretations of the First and Second Beasts from each Generations which were very appropriate at that Time. ]


Do you know that the 2nd Beast is/are the leader/s who executed the Rules of the 1st Beast Immoral Civil Laws?  Some, who were the same leaders of New Word Order who had orchestrated the coming of WW3?   Seven Heads symbolizes 7 Continents; that the WW3 would be worldwide.  That the Sign of End Time will show 7 kinds of leaders:  5 out of 7 will Fall into Economic Collapse.  And 2 Leaders will have these characteristics:  one kind will be the 8th that really was the 7th; meaning that, this kind of Leader/s is/are 2 Terms or Longest Terms: example only:  Pres Xi of China.  Then, another kind of Leader will be short lived of 3 ½ years which is really a Milestone of Time that it is Over.


Prepare the Hearts. 


Thank you for coming.    


Next: The Holy Rosary with Meditation.  This is just a Personal Prayer from the Treasure of my heart Inspired by the Lord and our Lady and my spiritual Directors: the Saints.


I highly Suggest to follow Revelation Mary [Messages of the End Times, from about 2015 which were beginning to unfold now].   How do I come to know about Revelation Mary?  The Idea came to me years and years before (around 1997), when I was still in the Cenacle of the God the Father prayer group; we heard that, the Heavenly Father said, that He will have a Voice Box!  At that time, we really do not know what The Father meant?   But, we all know that It will be revealed in time?  But, when, I heard that one of the Exclusive Prayers in the Cenacle of the Father; which is, “Hail Mary most Pure, Conceived without sin.”; that this Prayer is in the Revelation Mary; then, I immediately realized that this is the Heavenly Father’s Voice Box.  Please be it known that the Messages in Revelation Mary were/are really, genuine and authentic from Lord Jesus and the Lady.  For Roman Catholic, it is a crime in Heaven to fake about Heaven; but after many years of observance of Revelation Mary; then, Msgr. Juan Abelardomata, the Bishop of Estelli, Nicaragua granted the Lady, the Official Title, “The Queen and Mother of the End Time” on Aug 08, 2018.  / I hope that you will enjoy and increase your Meditation after reading “Revelation Mary”.


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