Our Modern End Time; Exactly Foretold according to Daniel 9:24-27


This is only my Personal Interpretation, Comments and Testimonies; inspired by God [to look at things in the Light of Faith]; But, I am not a Visionary; I am an Amateur; Discretion applies. 



Some phrases were repeated as reminder.  As if I am off topic; but, I need to first address this because some terms will be used later on, at Daniel’s Prophecy:   

Why good Priests who drink from the Cup commit crimes?   We are not talking about those who already admitted for the crime; but, those who cannot explain of their untoward abrupt reaction.  Because in our Current world; there were Involuntary Crimes by Evil Hypnosis Vibration that Mute, overwhelms the mind and body; and could takeover one’s own actions to perform serious crimes!   In the News:

(1) a simple wife killed a sleeping person following a Hypnosis Spiritual Mandate that she firmly attested that overwhelmed her; but, still she went to jail. [Phil].                       (2)  A Pre-Med-Doctor was under Hypnosis almost stole an old bag, slowly walked away with it, in slow motion, until the owner stopped it; the Pre-Med was unable to explain!  (3) A Four year old baby boy perverted in public; the boy cried out to stop it before it overtook; the mother stopped it with furious eyes. [I was the Mother]. 

 All those three instances had no prior same bad deeds; no prior records. Evil Hypnosis meant to increase and destroy, unless:


(1) Unless we ask for Exorcism or Blessing with the Spiritual Precious Blood spiritually poured upon us; that is, for the Blessing of the Precious Blood to be regular during Confessions; but, this kind needs fasting and praying.

(2) Unless we wear the Miraculous Medal or Sacramentals with Consecration to Immaculate Heart of The Lady Whom Satan & all devils fear the Most.  The Lady said to Consecrate again Russia [and all countries] to Her Immaculate Heart!  [Revelation Mary*6 3-21-15; 10-25-2015 and other dates].    Remember that Satan and the Devils were Only afraid of the Lady; and they were not afraid of man [in general]. Therefore, we have to be Consecrated to the Lady.  See Formula of Consecration, first given to Francis Cardinal Bourne, [England or given in Switzerland]; and implied given to His Future Apostle Francis, Pope Francis*7.  

(3) Unless we stop being lukewarm; to stop watching or in limited hours TV; to read Bible, Saints…  [How about read DIY Carpentry, Gardening and Herbs, Solar Energy?]


Hypnosis-Telekinesis Vibration.   Its Main Source could be by a: (1) Super Psychic; but, since all have a heart, a conscience, and location is a factor; then, it cannot be a regular Psychic.  (2) External Psychic Force Replicating Device.  (3) And the one controlling the Device is the Dark King Leader.  Daniel 8:23.  Not a Priest; but, a King, a Leader who will use a Sonic device [from speaker-like Psychic’s voice-frequency & Brain waves].  Sonic attack at US Embassy in Cuba 2015-2016.  It could also change, re-make and present false verbal recorded messages. 

Hypnosis-Telekinesis can manipulate man directly; and indirectly from added External Sonic Force [Main Source] transmitted to implanted Microchips DNA-Storage Technology that in turn those Microchips can deliver singular selected, targeted hypnotism*5 to others for them to follow the exact crimes that the Main Source would like each one to do; a discreet and clever Attacks on Morals such as those Sexual Abuse given to the Priests to act on. //  In Conclusion, Involuntary Attacks by Hypnosis-Telekinesis cannot be ruled out.  That, Non-Catholics media extended the blame to the Pope prematurely; and then, they prophesied for the fall of the Roman Catholic Church; which becomes a heresy; because, God said that after the Christ, no power of hell can destroy the Catholic Church.  Mt 16:16-19.




Daniel 8:13-14    A Saint asked: how long will this desolation of the host and sanctuary be trodden under foot [Or, when will the Jews who refused to believe in Christ be converted]?  God said:  Until 2300 days, 3 scores and 2 weeks. /The Lord said, “You will not finish the Conversion of Israel, when the Desolation will come.” Not to worry: St. Michael the Archangel, was seen rescuing the elects. Daniel 12:1

Daniel 8:27   What was told to Daniel was not about his time; but, years and years Later; which is, our Time.

Daniel 8:23   There will be a King of Dark Secrets who will dominate more than other kings;


Daniel 8:24   This King of Dark Secrets/King of Darkness will be mighty and destroys wonderfully [thru Modern Wonders of Technology]; but not of his own power [but indirectly by the Mark of the Beast Financial System Microchips technology placed on man’s Right hand [Corruption of the Will of man by Blackmail in Exchange for continued Financial Assistance]; or placed on the Forehead on spy men or androids that they can be used to deliver hypnotism to others when an external Vibration [from External Source] be added to implanted DNA-bio-Microchips*5;  that shall destroy in time of peace the Mighty [Presidents, via New World Order]; and the Holy [Religious, via One World Religion*1].    *1 One World Religion (OWR) is different from Ecumenical Celebration; but, even the religious can be misled to adhere to hidden OWR Communist New Bible & Communist New Commandments towards Atheism.  Caution: possibly, Never Sign a Contract due to Hidden Rules that takes out Religious beliefs.  [The free food is nice; but, they wanted like Esau.  Then, we have to be wiser than the worldly.]  


Daniel 8:25   The King of Dark Secrets that has been ruling by witchcraft incorporated its psycho super power be available thru modern technology  [was found on bio-engineer man-made Aliens in order to survive in another planet that NWO themselves placed it there; that had prospered in other planets.  That devil spirit said that if I cannot make Man, my home; then, I will make Aliens/bio-Androids as mine to invade the earth.]   All those past years, the Freemason planned-parenthood world-wide pro-abortion had used their riches in creating aliens*2, monsters*3, giants*4, androids bio-vibration*5; all to be used for WW3.  The King of Darkness boast himself prince of all Princes who will sit/claim on the High Holy Seat on the Jewish Third Temple [or NWO] to mark him as Supreme among the Elite Rulers; 2Thes 2:4; …then, without hand of man [or in a Supernatural Way]; then, God will destroy the Kingdom of Darkness.  Daniel 8:25;  Revelation 11:19>12:1.  // There will be a Conversion of the Jews to the Catholic Faith. Rev 3:9.  [not all in the Religion; but, in the Faith, loving the Lord and the Lady.]


*2 Aliens Super Powers are from Witches of the Underworld: Story of Witch Emmanuel Eni Converted to Christianity [warning: graphic]. Show-off Earth’s Military Bases in Mars; but, almost all from below the earth.    

*3 News Evidence of Bio-Engineered Monsters [some with alien faces] of mix animal-and-man DNAs were thrown to the sea; but, even the fishes would not eat them; and they resurfaced on beaches, dead!    

*4 Bio-engineered Giants were encountered by USA Armies in Afghanistan 2017.   

*Pros and Cons:  (1) Positive test showed DNA Bio-Microchip implant can manipulate remotely.  [“No Verichip for me Thanks”;by Anything Box; 2-12-08, at 5:30]. /// (2) News: Either 5G Vibration or Microwave alters brain waves: US Embassy in Cuba Sonic Attack, 2015-2016. ///  (3) Depending on the User, Androids [with or without bio-microchips] could be used in a Good way; that is, to deliver, to emit Anti-Neuro Sonic Attacks as: 1) Pyro-Energen Electrostatic Therapy, 2) Ruby Medical Treatment, and 3) Diamond Medical Treatment.  MIT Reviews.

*6 “Revelation Mary” is a Legitimate Catholic site under the Title “Queen and Mother of the End Times” with Imp Most Rev Juan Abelardomata on 03 Aug 2018, Esteli, Nicaragua.


DANIEL  9:24-27


The history proceeding the Jewish Purification and Re-Dedication Temple Celebration for the Coming of the Messiah will “depend on the hearts of Israelites, the Jews”  [Zionist, Rabbi, Sanhedrin, Jewish Leaders].


The 1st Scenario:   IF the Jews will deny to Proclaim Jesus Christ as the Messiah during the Temple Celebration of Purification and Re-Dedication; then, the Celebration is not for Him, Jesus Christ, Who is the True Messiah!   In the News: Jewish Leaders expecting that it could not be Jesus; and instead, it would be one of the rich Modern Jewish men.  Either Pride made them hard; or they were too ashamed/bashful to Accept Wronging Christ!  But, the Prophecy was, that they will Not know the Identity of the Messiah until they will Call/Proclaim His Name, Jesus the Christ!   Lord Jesus said, “You [Jews] will not see Me again until you Proclaim the Son of Man Lord and God!”


The Cut-off or Denial of the Messiah in the Jewish Celebration will cause our Heavenly Father to hide His Face.  The cut-off will manifest in the form of World War 3 between the Ram and the Goat; that, in conquest, will lead to the reign of self-proclaimed prince of Princes or King of Dark Secrets [King of Darkness] who will sit down on the High Seat in the Jewish Temple [2Thes 2:4];  that this is a symbolism that means, who will claim [/sit] Supreme over among New World Order to annihilate the Christians; and the Jews, by wonders of DNA-Microchip Hypnotic Technology  that shall destroy in time of peace the Mighty [Presidents, thru New World Order, NWO] and the Holy [Religious, by One World Religion, OWR*1]  Daniel 8:24.   *1One World Religion is different from Ecumenical Celebration.  OWR has hidden rules: Communist New Commandments and Communist New Bible. Caution: “Never Sign a Contract. Esau. Be wiser than the worldly.


The tentacles [WW3 or Communism] of the King of Darkness [NWO] will confirm Atheism to many; destroying Religions; while the Roman Catholic, Faithful of the Lady will retreat back to the desert to the caves.  Where they will be taught of active Faith, with Miracles, abound, “Prepared by God.” Rev 12:6. Later, some will be captured [time line of Revelation 11 sets around here].  The Time Frame of how long post-WW3, period of Slavery and Darkness will last, with NWO and its King of Darkness combined, to the Consummation of Both; will depend on the Obedience of the Roman Catholic to the Heavenly Father for Roman Catholic to Proclaim the Lady as  Co-RedemptrixThe issue is not the Lady; but, the issue is the Obedience to the Heavenly Father.  OLAN 12-31-51.  Then, “without the hand of man” or “in Supernatural Way”  [Time line of the Three Days of Enlightenment for the good ones or Three Days of Darkness for the bad will be set around this time; during which the Lord will introduce the Lady as His Mother and Who is, the Ark of the New Covenant*8.  Rev 11:19>12:1; 3:9.   IF, Israel will not Comply to Uplift the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, as the Messiah; then, even if our Lady be Introduced to the Jews [Protect & Convert all], as the New Ark of the Covenant; still, there will be Purification by struggles Primitive Aftermath of WW3; but, with renewed Faith from the Jews who will all Proclaim Jesus as Lord and God-Incarnate, the Messiah!; and the Lady is the Lord’s Mother; and is, also their Mother!  Like a Second Chance, in birth, beginning formation of the New Time.  Then, it appears to be, the Salvation of the world will come from the Salvation of the Jews!    


*8These Words in here will be inter-changeable, meaning the SAME:  the New Ark of Covenant or Ark of the New Covenant.


+Know that the anti-Christ or the King of Dark Secrets will Not sit on the High Seat at the Vatican as previously misinterpreted [implied in the Third Letter of Fatima] because of the Saints who were buried in its walls and floor, who can discard off all of its [devil’s dark] power.  For all those who entered the Vatican became Unpopular; and if Satan did enter as others had predicted because of the Omen Lightning that struck on the Dome of Vatican; if so, then, Satan would be more furious; because, he would temporary be Unable to further his evil plans until WW3 will be launched; meaning there will be a short Peace before WW3.


+God in His Mercy; gave Israel and Rome implied by events; yet, specific instructions from the Prophets.  That is: (1) to Israel: is for the Re-Dedication Temple Ceremony acknowledging Jesus Chirst is the Messiah! / The Prophets were St. Daniel and St. John the Baptist.  (2) To the Roman Catholic: is to Proclaim the Lady Co-Redemptrix by Obedience to the Heavenly Father!  “The issue is not the Lady; but, the issue is [Obedience to] the Heavenly Father”.  Our Lady of All Nations, OLAN 12-31-51; Gen 3:15. / The Prophet is the Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  That is to form an Offering*9 that which the Most Holy Trinity will be Most Pleased; and that is Only by and through the True Works of God: the Immaculate Conception; Who, in turn, had asked again for Catholics; not only by the Pope; but, by all Bishops, which is the whole Catholic Church and the whole Humanity, to Re-Consecrate again Russia [and all countries] to Her Immaculate Heart. Revelation Mary, 10-25-2015.  // Remember that Satan and the Devils were Only afraid of the Lady; and they were not afraid of man [in general].  Therefore, we have to be Consecrated to the Lady!  // However, if Vatican had not reached a conclusion about the Lady; then, the Vatican will not be immune to the invasion from WW3, retreating back to the desert, to the caves; then, I AM wish that Catholics may at least be prepared to run; to carry; not much, but only a little; because God will Provide in the wilderness, teaching active Faith with Miracles abound; “Prepared by God” Rev 12:6



Then, the 2nd Scenario:   That is, if the good Jewish Archeologist and the good Mathematician Rabbi [JC] established the Time Line Definitely Pointing to Jesus Christ; and IF in the Temple of Purification and Re-Dedication Celebration, all the Jews; will Declare that Jesus Christ is the Messiah!;  Then, even if Satan tries to cut-off the True Christ; by himself-the anti-Christ-Incarnate, WW3 [but will be Intercepted after the first], Microchips that will be short lived; and even if Vatican will be Invaded [but not harmed]: will flee and nourished in the desert, Rev 12:6.  [Rev 11 is not here; but in another time.]  Remember, that Satan and all Devils are all Only Afraid of the Lady, [the True Works of God, the Immaculate Conception]; but, they are not afraid of any man; therefore, we have to be Consecrated under and to the Lady.  To Consecrate the world in Turmoil.  By-passing the Dark Events; but, there will be Chaos because of the Word; but, at the end, the Co-Redemptrix will Win!  Because in the 3 Days of Darkness and Enlightenment about the Lady; all will prostrate, because God will present the Co-Redemptrix to shame man.  As in the old when God had descended thru the Ark; then, He also chose to descend Now, in no other Way; but, Only through and with the Ark of the New Covenant: the Immaculate Conception.  From St. Louis G. de Montfort.   “The issue is Not the Lady; but, the issue is God the Heavenly Father.” [Abraham, Gen 22:1-18; OLAN12-31-51]   But, because of prior ungratefulness of man; then, the Purification Test by Primitive aftermath of WW3 and the Innovations will choke [Rev 11 sets here.]. The Flood*11 +Remember, that the Lady is never above God; nor did She ever assume to be; but, She acts like the Bishops and Pastors who were also co-redeemer of Christ!+    Because Her Transfix Holy Wounds and Holy Death came in Spiritually; and It was accepted by God for the Salvation of souls.   

She is the Ordained:   Spiritual Co-Redemptrix.


*11 Then, the judgement of Flood will be recalled before the Coming of the Son of Man!  Matthew 24:39.  Depending on the outcome; there will be either a big Flood of Desolation; or the Flood of Fatima; Rev 11:19 > Rev 12:1 > Rev 3:9.

Our, Lord is always Victorious and with Him is Justice and Mercy.  (x3)


The Whole Message was Implied be given to His Holiness Pope Francis; then, to all Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and Nuns.


*7 God said to a future Apostle; whose first name is the same as Francis Cardinal Bourne [The Formula for the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart was first given to Cardinal Bourne.  Whenever they prayed it; then, they became Victorious in each and every Battle].  For the Lord Repeated the same Message of Consecration in too close, very near dates x3: September, Feast OL Sorrows; December, Christmas; and Thanksgiving, May 1919; which implied that God was asking it to a Future Apostle. /  Another Analysis:  The child prophet Samuel was called, got up x3 thinking it was the Priest Eli meaning; but, it was not yet; that something is peculiar or unusual about it; meaning that, God meant another.  / Similarly, Francis Cardinal Bourne not long ago just performed the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart; but, later, the Lord said that what He meant for the Heart of the Lady was not yet fulfilled; meaning, that God meant it another time in the Future.  And at that time, the Lord was talking about for Humanity to be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart; which was also the Message in Fatima; then, the Event evolved to our time [as if God was saying, yes, just like in Cardinal Bourne’s time and in Fatima; but, yet, there will be by another One, in another time]; thus, the Lord was talking to an Apostle in the Future whose name is “Francis” [who is Pope Francis].  The Lord said to Francis, the Apostle of God, “It is by the Son of Man that I conceived the idea; but, it is as a God that I Command it.” “It” is all about the Immaculate Heart including the Consecration to Her and the Proclamation of the Lady as Co-Redemptrix”.  Because the Lady is the Spiritual Co-Redemptrix.  The whole world should know and believe that God is Truly in Communication to His Apostle; and the All the Glory is Only God’s.   

From Pages 24, 27, 33 of the original unedited booklet “The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary” by Fr. Duffner; Imp by Most Rev Bernard Cardinal Griffin from Biography of Berthe Petit, a Franciscan.  Also, the Lady Repeated the Message of Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart in Revelation Mary, 3-21-15; 10-25-2015.









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