Our End Time…Exactly Foretold according to Daniel 8:24

These are my personal interpretation about Daniel; may those who have ears, listen:


Daniel 8:1-22   

This was already fulfilled during King Belshazzar who drinks on the Sacred Cups of the Altar of Jerusalem.  God’s Hand wrote on the wall that Belshazzar’s kingdom will end and be given to other kingdoms.  ///  That was Different from the case of individual faults and should not be mistaken from what appeared in our Current Time; except for the one who already confessed for the crime; but, when some priests who drank on Sacred Cup were falsely blamed for the sin of the secular; then, extending the blame to the Pope [even if he did not do the crime at all; but, subordinates did]; and then, prognosticating for the fall of the Roman Catholic Church [heresy].  But, they were wrong about their heresy because God said that after the Christ, no power of hell can destroy the RC Church.  Mt 16:16-19.


Daniel 8:13-14   

A Saint asked: how long will this desolation of the host and sanctuary be trodden under foot [or how long for the Jews who do not like Christianity be converted]?  God Answered:  It will be until the 2300 days.  Also Mt 23:37-39; 24:1-2. The Lord said, “You will not finish the Conversion of Israel, when the Desolation will come” / However, the time was changed because this Time of Sufferings/Desolation was Shortened or Reversed!  Mark 13:10-20.  

Daniel 8:27   

What was told to Daniel was not about his time; but, years Later; which is our Time


Daniel 8:23   

There will be a King of Dark Secrets that will dominate more than the other kings; 


Daniel 8:24   

This King of Dark Secrets or King of Darkness will be mighty and destroys wonderfully [thru Modern Wonderful Technology]; but not of his own power [indirectly by the Microchips placed on men or man-made aliens, androids, man-made giants or monsters]  that shall destroy in time of peace the mighty [Presidents by/thru New World Order or NWO] and the holy [Religious by One World Religion].


Daniel 8:25   

The King of Dark Secrets ruled by witchcraft [or psycho super power and DNA-storage by vibration which in our modern time was found incorporated only to and to control man-made Aliens bio-engineered in order to survive in another planet that had multiplied and “prospered”].  The King of Darkness was proud of his accomplishments and made himself Prince of all Princes [will sit on the Holy Seat on the Third Temple that do not accept the Christ]; then, without hand of man [or in a Supernatural Way]; then, God will destroy the Kingdom of Darkness.  Rev 12:1.  // There will be a Conversion of the Jews to the RC Faith. Rev 3:9.   Not maybe all to the RC Religion; but to RC Faith: believing in the Lord Jesus and His Mother.


Daniel 8:26-27   

The Vision [8:24-25] was only for many years after Daniel’s time; which is our End Time.   And Daniel got sick for days knowing about this Vision.


Daniel 9:24-26 

Israel must perform the Cleansing and Reconciliation Temple Ceremony within the time specified in order “to Save the world” in everlasting Righteousness.  IF they Fail, then, after which, Jerusalem will be desolated and there will be flood  [in all countries];  and WW3 [that has started] will end.  Mt. 24:1-2.  /// From Noah’s Flood; then, the judgement of Flood was recalled by God to reoccur again before the Coming of the Son of Man!  Matthew 24:39. 

But, God in His Mercy; gave Israel [or to Rome that now represent Israel in Modern world] specific instructions [Either: to Israel is the Temple Ceremony; OR, to the Roman Catholic is to Announce the Lady Co-Redemptrix by Obedience] to form an Offering that God will be pleased and He will instruct All of His True Church!  Those instructions should be done before the “End” will happen; in order to regain the Kingdom; and save the whole world. 

The Lady said that the Future could still be changed.  IF Israel accepts Jesus as Messiah; and call His Name Jesus or Yeshua; then, they will win the Battle!  Rev 3:9.   If Rome will Consecrate Russia and all countries to the Immaculate Heart…then, Peace will reign.  [Fatima]