Nahum-Habakkuk-MICAH’s End Time

These were All my Amateur Honest Analysis


Na 1:11  There is a wicked Counselor [Anti-Christ] that imagine wicked against the Lord.

Na 2:2  The Lord will turn away the excellency of Jacob [Israel].

Na  3:1  Woe to the Bloody City [DNA-bio-engineering]; I will expose your shame; be in captivity bound in chains.


Hb  2:3.  The Vision is for the Future.

Hb  1:8-11.    Their horses [space ships] swifter than leopard and can fly as the eagle.  They shall scoff, degrade kings and take in dust [treasure].  The Master Anti-Christ changed his mind [to be on bad side] imputing his power to his god [dark technology].   

Hb  2:5. He transgress by wine, a proud man.  He enlarged his desire as hell; and death cannot be satisfied.  He gathered all nations and collect unto him all people. 

Hb  2:15.  He giveth drink that he may know their nakedness.


Mi  1:5  The Transgression of Jacob [Israel] is Samaria [Palestine]. [Parable of The Rich Man and the poor Lazarus asking for food by the Gate.]

Mi  4:1  In the Last Days [End Time], the House of the Lord shall be established.  [He will make known His Favor.] Many nations will come to the mountain [True Church] of the Lord.  

Mi  4:8  The Stronghold are in the daughters of Zion [Catholics] and in the daughters of Jerusalem [Christiains].

Mi  4:10-12  O Daughter of Zion [Roman Catholic] though go/defiled out with Babylon [Freemason-sex appetite Nano Dark Technology]; the Lord shall deliver thee.  Many nations shall gather against thee; cursing that you defile [blamed for Apostasy; Religious Scandals]; but, they know not the Thoughts of the Lord.  Rev. 11; 3:9.   Arise Daughter of Zion [Catholic Sacraments and Exorcism], I will make thy horn iron, thy hoofs brass, and thou shall beat many [versus all evil that will be released: dark technology, space invaders, nukes and monsters].  I will consecrate the gain of Daughter of Zion unto the Lord of the whole of earth.