JOEL’s End Time

These were all my Amateur Honest Analysis.


Jl 1:2-3  That hat was spoken to Joel is for the children of Another Generation. 

Jl 2:10; 2:31: 3:15.  Three times the sun and the moon will both be darkened. 

Jl 1:15; 3:9-13; 2:11  WW3 and Super Disasters.  The Day of the Lord is at hand; the Destruction from the Almighty.

JL 1:9; 10-13; 17-20.  Dm 8:10-12.   The Meat and Drink Offerings was Cut-off from the House of the Lord; the priests and ministers mourned. [Jl 1:9].  Pray that the Lord send corn, wine and oil; and return Meat and Drink Offerings.  [Jl 1:16; 21; 28-30]

Jl 1:14; 2:1-9; 32.    When all seem had perished; then, Lament in Solemn Assemblies [Holy Mass] and be Sanctified fast; Remnants will be transformed to be Strong People in the Battle Array saving those who call upon the Lord!  None will be like those Remnants in any generation: they will lead others to Eden before them. They will be Great:  (1) Glowing with fire/flame; (2) Swift running to and from the city; (3) They will run through the walls, climb mountains and (4) Everyone in his own path; none will break its ranks; (5) They will prevail; when they fall upon the sword; then, they shall not be wounded nor death harm them.

Jl 2L20; Rev 3:9  I will drive away from you the Northern-Army.  FEMA Military part.

Jl 2:21-26; 28-30.   The Land and animals will flourish after the people Repented. 1:16. 

Jl 2:27; 28-30; 3:16  Israel will Convert! Rev 3.9.   All will proclaim the Lord Jesus, the Messiah is God!  Zec 19:3.  Rev 3:9.  My people [Catholics and Christians] shall never be ashamed to Proclaim Lord Jesus, the Messiah as GOD!   Jl 2:32.  Zec 13:19.

Jl 3:1 Behold in the End Time, will be the Captivity of Judah and Jerusalem; Israel scattered; and their lands parted. 

Jl 3:3; 7-8; 13-14.  They will cast lots who will live.  Children in slavery.  Jl 3:4-5.  The Palestine had taken silver and gold.  But, the Lord will return what they deserve on their own heads

Jl  3:16-19  Even if the earth shakes; but, in all the Eden of the End Time; mountains Churches of the Lord will flow wine and milk; rivers with water.

Jl 3:19-20.  Egypt [Muslims] shall be in desolation; Edom [Muslim Spy] shall be desolate.