ISAIAH and others; on JESUS CHRIST, the LAMB of God

We FOUND the MESSIAH FROM lineage FAMILY of JEWISH PRIESTS in the House of DAVID; 2-SAMUEL 7:12-17:


(2) ELEAZAR [NEHEMIAH 12:42]; and

(3) “”ZERUBBABEL son of Shealtiel”” [LUKE 3:27; NEHEMIAH 12;1 ]. MATTHEW 1:13’+15.

Which CONCLUDE all PROPHECIES about the MESSIAH pointing to Lord JESUS CHRIST:
(1) LORD JESUS is the PROPHET/PRIEST of GOD’s VOICE Who was raised among brethren. DEURETONOMY 18;15’+18. Who was born in BETHLEHEM in the House of DAVID whose Priestly minister is forever. 2-SAMUEL 7:12-17.
(2) That He “will establish” [“”establish””] unto the people of [future] day; that HE may be GOD to them. Deuteronomy 29;13. Whose origin is from the “OLD and EVERLASTING” [“OLD and EVERLASTING”]! MICAH 5;2.
(3) The Redeemer Lord chose/sworn to be a Priest forever “liken” or in the order of Melchizedek. Psalms 110;4. Because HE was born in the House of DAVID whose Priestly lineage is forever. 2-SAMUEL 7:12-17.
(4) LORD JESUS is the RULER of all Israel; and, SPIRITUAL ISRAEL: Catholic Christians; for all the Holy Mountains/Churches of God became now SPIRITUAL ISRAEL. EZEKIEL 20;40. The PROMISE to Abraham was FULFILLED. Genesis 15:5.

The LIFE of young Rabbi Jesus Christ, Who was; and, is still, the young LAMB of GOD.

Micah 5:2 Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, the Messiah, was Born at Bethlehem Whose real Nature is from “OLD and EVERLASTING”.  [“from OLD and EVERLASTING”]; and who is from the House of DAVID. 2-SAMUEL 7:12-17.

ISAIAH 48:17.   Lord JESUS CHRIST is the Messiah, Redeemer GOD! 

ZECHARIAH 9:9. Your KING Jerusalem so humble; riding on a DONKEY. HE said to follow HIM carrying our own crosses; and if we be a good servant; then, like HIM, we will also go to Heaven.

NOTE: The MESSIAH will ONLY ride a DONKEY in the life of hardship; and, NOT by sky space ship; Habakkuk 1:8-11; with all man-made advance Clones breathe of life that talks; REVELATION 13;15, Humanoid Microchips false feeding and healing; but, only in the mind; then later, as Brain atheistic technology; REVELATION 14:9-10.

ISAIAH 53:1-10  LORD JESUS CHRIST is the young LAMB of GOD; because, (1) HE is the Holy Arm of GOD; Whom God bare before the eyes of all nations. ISAIAH 52:10. Who has borne our griefs and our sorrows by willingly carrying the CROSS [4]; in order to redeem us; and by doing so, He has no form of comeliness [2]; there is no beauty that we should desire Him [2]. He was despised; rejected by men; a Man of Sorrows [3]. He was wounded for our transgressions; and with His stripes we were healed [5]. He was afflicted; yet, he opened Not His mouth [to reveal Who He was] [7]; in order to accept and be OFFERED as the young LAMB to God [6]. He died; was cut off out from the land of the living [8-9]. It pleased the Lord to bruised Him; make His Soul an OFFERING for sin [10]; but, a little later, He shall see His seed; He shall prolong His days; and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His Hand. [10] All the ends of the earth shall see the Salvation of God!  ISAIAH 52:10. Behold to the LORD JESUS for a NAME an EVERLASTING SIGN! ISAIAH 55:13. EXODUS 33:19.