Guide to Old Testament

Suggestion GUIDE in the Old Testament with Regards to current End Time:   

(1) EZEKIEL.  End Time. Ez 12:10.  Freemason in Land of Israel:  Ez 8:5; 10-12; 4:6  The Freemason Blood [bio-engineering DNA] City.  Ez 22:3-4.  God will deliver to safety the “Remnants [Jewish-Christians]” aka “BRANCH, builder of Spiritual Temple”. Ez 36:31; but, another Catholic  or/and Christian Church which has the Key to David will be its Prince.  Amos 6:14

(2) ZECHARIAH.  Shows modern signs of End Time:  Jerusalem Zec 2:1-4.  The flight of 2 Olives and 2 Lampstands.  Zec 4:14.  Israel-Muslim war is the Cup-of-Trembling in conquest of Jerusalem.  Zec 12:2-3. Who or what Christian Church is the new or modern Zion of Judah whom God will raise up above against Israel (Amos 6:14); however, that Christian Church will Fall sharply in this End Time cursed as defile of Apostasy?  For Apostasy is Destined to come first to this Church?   Zec 2:7-8; 10-13.  Mi 4:10-12.  Rev 3:9.  Not for the sake of Israel; but, for the sake of a Promise; then, will there will be a REMNANT or Jewish-Christians or BRANCH builder of the Spiritual Temple of the True Vine in Israel.  Zec 6:12.  The Great Earthquake.  Zec 14.

(3) DANIEL.  The Freemason Countries of WW3.  Dn 7.   The Coming of the Anti-Christ after the war.  Dn 8.   [All Evil will be Released. Nahum 1:11; Ez 8:10-12; Habakkuk 1:8-11.]  The Defeat of the Anti-Christ.  Dn 11.  Am 8:1-14

 (4) MICAH; ZEPHANIA; JOEL.   The Remnants [Jewish-Christians] aka BRANCH, builder of the Spiritual Temple of the True Vine; and the Daughters of [modern] Zion of Judah [RC]; and the Daughters of Jerusalem [all Christians] will be delivered to Safety.  Zep 3.  Active Faith of God’s Army vs the forces of evil. Joel . The Lord will pardon Israel converting them to Remnants [Jewish Christians]; but, a Nation will be Above it; that is, A Christian Church that holds the Key to David will be its Prince.  Ez 36:31-32.  Mi 4:10-13.  Rev 3:7-12.

(5)  ISAIAH.  What is the Meaning of after 70 years, Israel’s Messiah will be CUT-OFF in ISAIAH 9:26-27?  Then, is Isaiah 1:11-14 True?!  What Prophesies in Isaiah points to the Coming of the Messiah? Mi 5:2; Isaiah 48:16-17; Zec 9:9; 12:10; Isaiah 52:10-13; 53:1-7-10]

 (6) “I LIVE”, says the Lord. Ez 34:8 The Second Coming.  Rev/Rv 14.  Ez 34:12-31; 37:5; 24.  All TRUTH Comes. The SAINTS.  Dn 7:27.   The Most Holy Trinity.  ISAIAH 48:16.   The Messiah, Lord Redeemer Jesus Christ is GOD!  ISAIAH 48:17.  JOHN 17:3.  AMEN.