EZEKIEL’s End Time

Below were all my Amateur Honest Analysis.  I am Not a Visionary. Discretion Applies.  

PRELUDE: The Old Zion of Judah was Israel; because of, their continued Defiance to ISAIAH 1:11-14; AMOS 5:22-26; past by the 70th years of Israel to present. DANIEL 9:26-27. While the Signs of the Chosen Nation “ABOVE Israel” [“ABOVE Israel”]; that we will call here the New Zion of Judah; all pointed to the ROMAN CATHOLIC Church.   AMOS 6:14. MICAH 4:10-12 and ZECHARIAH 2:7-8  


Ez  1:5-25   Four Living Creatures; each shape of a man, all over full of eyes; each with calf feet; each with crystal head firmament; each with 4 wings and each with 4 faces:  (1) face of man, (2) ox; (3) lion; and (4) eagle.   The noise of their wings was like the great waters as the Voice of the Almighty.   [These means we were being closely watched in our Circle of Life; and life is like a wheel; as an intelligent man first on labor [ox], strength/gifts [lion] and our goals [eagle] .

Ez 1:26  Superior to the 4 Living Creature is a Man sitting on a sapphire Throne surrounded with glowing amber; and a bow of firmament circling above the Man.

Ez 3:15  Tel-abib near the river of Chebar.  

Ez  4:1-3   They built a fort around “LIMITING” the City of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel! But, the ownership of Jerusalem is NOT in Perpetuity; because, God said, “It is Mine!” The immediate “outside without walls” was given to the Gentiles/Christians/Foreigners/Aliens.  They shall lay siege against it.  This will be a Sign to the House of Israel [that the Bible is True].

EZ 11:13-20  Jews were given everything they needed in sanctuaries in order to convert (they will learn of “Jesus Christ the Messiah is their God” in far-off lands); later, assembled out from the countries and given the Land of Israel with a new heart of flesh; and I [Lord Jesus] will be their GOD. This was now fulfilled.

Ez  12:10; 27;  Ez 21:25.   “The vision is far off at the End Time.”  Concerning the [wicked] Prince Sanhedrin in Jerusalem and the House of Israel [Judaism].

Ez  6:1-4  Against All the Mountains of Israel  [All Mountains means “Spiritual Israel” or aka, all Catholics and Christians Churches].   Due to mid-East WW3, your altars will be desolate, your images broken, slain before/by IDOLS [dark technology], all your cities desolate.  Lam 2:3-6. / Yet, I will leave [Super]-Remnants Christians including Jewish Christians among the nations that shall escape from the sword . Joel 1:14; 2:1-9; 32. / Advance Dark Technology IDOLS are Clones, bio-Android, Aliens and pet Monsters that will later be Out-of-Control after they were evil possessed by the Satan and the evil spirits.     Compare Jewish/Israel’s IDOLS  [Ez 8:10-12]; to Muslim/Egypt’s IDOLS [Ez 30:13; 29:3].

Ez  7:1;5-6.   Unto the Land of Israel [country Israel].  An evil is to come.  The end has come.  None shall remain.  Seller will not return to what is sold in life. Ez  7:13./  The Trumpet was blown.  Their silver in the street; the gold removed.  Ez 7:19. /  The worst of the heathen shall possess their houses; their holy places defiled; they shall seek peace and there are none. Ez 7:24-25.

Ez  8:5-7; 10-12; 16   [The evidences of the FREEMASON.]  Towards the “Altar” of the House of Israel [Jewish religion], at the entry is an image of jealousy.  Nahum 1:11. Then, a door into the Wall of the Court[yard] with every form of creeping things, abominable beasts and IDOLS in the House of Israel.  They worshipped the sun towards the East [Eastern Jewish aka Noachide/Noahide; or Communist-Freemason].  [IDOLS are Clones, bio-Android, Aliens, Monsters: they make them as Weapon for WW3! / Other IDOLS [“in extravagance”]: Copper/Coins, Wood or stone/Shopping Malls, addiction to picture Monsters/TV- take one hour rest before starting or rest in-between might break addiction! Compare Jewish/Israel’s IDOLS  [Ez 8:10-12]; to Muslim/Egypt’s IDOLS [Ez 30:13; 29:3].

Ez  13:3-4; 13:10.   Foolish prophets of Israel with lying divination liken to foxes on the desert.  They seduced the people calling peace to Israel/Jerusalem; but, there were none.  One built up a Wall. This was also fulfilled.

Ez  16:2; 15; 17; 21-28  Show [the wicked prince/Sanhedrin (Ez 21:25) of] Jerusalem the cause of his abominations:   (1) Thou, a harlot that seduced: took My silver and gold and made them [to be adored] images of men [Coin];    (2) Thou slain children [Erobin; Kethuboth 11b; Talpioth Medrasch 225]. Ez  16:21. /  They will discover thy nakedness and wickedness thru time of reproach of Syria and Philistines [Palestinians]; they shall burn thine houses with fire and execute judgment upon thee.  Ez 16:37; 41; 57.  /    (3) The sin of Sodom is pride in abundance neither strengthen the poor and needy.  Ez 16:49. /   Except for the Jewish-Christians; then, Israel should have been Sodom or Gomorrah.  And Sodom and Gomorrah are Babylon.   Isaiah 1:9; 13:19. /  (4) The sin of Jacob [Israel] is Samaria [House of Esau: Palestinians; and Remnant-Christian of Edom or defected Freemason and Jewish Christians were persecuted]. Micah 1:5.  Amos 9:12.  Ob 1:18-21. //  But, Nevertheless, I AM will remember My Promise; and establish My Covenant with thee; [but,] as Spiritual Israel on all Christians Churches who acknowledge that Jesus Christ is GOD!”  Ez 16:60.   ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5.

Ez  20:13; 16; 27; 29  The House of Israel has rebelled against Me in the wilderness; they polluted My Sabbaths for their hearts went after their IDOLS [Ez  8:7-10-12; 16]; their fathers blasphemed Me unto high places, [O]Bhama.  [Symbolic of All Presidential high places that allows LGBT, Abortion, and all Freemason Head Agendas].  /  I lived saith the Lord GOD, I will not be enquired of [be controlled] by you.  Pollute not anymore My Holy Name with your gifts and IDOLS!  [IDOLS are Clones, bio-Androids, Aliens, pet-Monsters: they make them as Weapon for WW3!] Ez  20:31;39. View: Compare IDOLS of the House of Israel [Ez 8:10-12] to the IDOLS of the Muslims. [Ez 30:13; 29:3].   See: In the Effort of both Israel and Muslims of Mid-East to Outdo one another; then, they resorted to making of IDOLS: Clones, Androids, etc.  Later, these IDOLS will be Out-of-Control when Satan and all evil spirits will evil-possessed them as its hosts-bodies because they rather stay on earth than to stay in hell.

Ez 20:40  In all My holy mountains; they shall all [be] the House of Israel.  [Explanation:  IF it is only “House of Israel”; then, it is the “Jewish Church that rebelled”; but, IF it is the phrase: “House of Israel in all the Holy Mountains [all Churches] then, understand; that it means “SPIRITUAL ISRAEL!”  Thus, all the Holy Mountains or Churches of Lord Jesus Christ becomes the “Spiritual Israel”. 

Ez  21:29  Ez  13:3-4. Their [Israel] whiles of divinity are a lie.  Their Iniquity shall have an End. //  Their Lying whiles of Divinity in our current modern history includes:  (1) Israel Using God’s Words; for self-acclamation.   . As in, ““No one is above the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”; [with impression, the JEWS who are closer to God, were above than Non-Jews]”. . However, Jews made themselves god; capitalizing of being closest to God, that they should be above others; and thus, be given preference over others in job, promotion and in courts, etc.  . But don’t we have the same Heavenly Father? It was true that Jews were well respected before Christ; but, after Christ, Christians also became Children of the Heavenly Father!  // Most of All the Heavenly Father said that the Jews had Defiled our Jewish Heritage. Ez 36:17-18; 31.   . And God hast now given the Kingdom to the Lamb of God, Lord Jesus Christ; then, to us, His Followers: the Christians and the Catholics; to whom, Jews should follow our leads on how to offer to God; because, God will not anymore hear the Jewish animal sacrifices.  Amos 5:21-23; Isaiah 1:11-14.  . No one goes to the Heavenly Father except through Lord Jesus Christ.   / (2) Jewish Noahide Law: Respect God; but, on the same Noahide; they have this diagram pointing to Reproduction of man?  Then, they have other countries approved Noahide as worldwide law; instead of propagating the Ten Commandments that in turn, command, not only to Respect; but, “to Adore God above all”! Then, around Nov 2019, again, they wanted to introduce another Ancient Scroll Law they just found; but, later the ads disappeared?  It seems that ancient things were so easy for them to find and decipher just like that?  I wonder which company sells those ancient edition?  Rev 3:9.   The real problem was they have Jewish Blind Pride of not Accepting the Proof that is in the Holy Scripture; about, the “Most Holy Trinity” and “Jesus Christ as GOD”ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5. /  (3)  Inflicting False Media by engaging Jewish students to make videos about false disgruntled pastors or nuns, exposing about Rom Catholic?; then, initiating debates of Apostasy.  They forgot that real priests and nuns were bound by silence. /  (4)  God hate the [Cunning] Excellence of Jacob/Israel [Amos 6:8] including Witch Crafts to Advance Dark Technology: Nano [Viagra type] causing abuses on Children [Ez 16:21]; and creating Homogenders; internal Microchip Technology; and Bio-Engineering [“all creeping things, abominable beast and IDOLS/Clones in the House of Israel”].   Ez 8:7-10-12. [View: But, those idols were also with Beasts-countries; where taxes and homelessness are?  Dn 7:4-7.  IF we ever see the Clones; as our evidence where our taxes went; then, we should ask for Free Shelter and Free Food.  Clones are DNA or same as we are; but, some have the microchips. Do not enslave them; treat them fairly.]

Ez  22:3-4   Judged the Blood City  [Freemason Blood Sacrifices; and Bio-Engineering of Blood].  In Blood [DNA], they made IDOLS [Clones, bio-Androids, Giants, pet-Monsters, Aliens].   I will make thee a reproach to all heathen, mocking to all countries. 

Ez  22:18-20   The House of Israel are brass [mimics Gold but is a False Virtue], tin [imbalance trade], iron and lead [war]; even silver [coins]; therefore, I will gather you into Jerusalem in My fury!  

Ez 23:29  They shall leave you naked.   Woe to the Bloody City:  I will take away the desire of their eyes with a stroke.

MICAH 4:10-13 O [modern] Daughter of Zion (Roman Catholic) though defiled out with [associating with] BabylonFreemason-Dark Technology turning man against Children; Ez 16:21.; the Lord shall deliver thee.  Many nations shall gather against thee; cursing that you DEFILE [as an Apostate; due to Religious Scandals, etc]; but, THEY DO NOT KNOW the THOUGHTS of the LORD. Malachi 2:11-12. Rev 3:9. / Arise daughters of Zion… [As of this time 2019; the only Church blamed for being Apostate and Fallen due to Religious Scandals, etc; yet, tranquil, was the Roman Catholic Church.]

[*Dark Technology started as illegally captured/detained children due to alleged witchcraft Dark Spells but were really “Natural” Super Psychic Abilities; then, replicated into Advance Dark Technology; like the 5/6G as a pervasive dream hypnosis; combined with jelly Nano Technology that can change the temperature and movement of cells telekinesis acting on hypothalamus. //  View: God gave us Gifts and some with Natural Super Psychic Abilities.  But, those Freemason would like to keep those Abilities for themselves for their own selfish purposes.]

Ez  29:3; 9: 32:2   King of Egypt, the great Dragon that lies; thou shall be meat for the fish [Flood], beasts, fowls; the land of Egypt will be desolate. / After 40 years, I will gather them again to smaller base Egypt; they will not exalt anymore nor rule above nations.  Ez  29:13; 15.   

Ez  38:2;8;21   The Land of Gog [Russia] and its people [or allies] the Magog [China, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Turkey].  [Story continues with Daniel 7; and at Rev 8-18.].  View: one will Convert to confront the other.  “every man against its brothers” Ez 38:8; 21.  

Ez 38:8; 16-19;  39:23-25  That Gog will conquer lands by the sword; but, many Christian refugees will be delivered safely; then, later, Gog will conquer Israel for years.  After Israel was converted; then, Israel will be pardoned; but, there will be earthquakes; then, chaos, “every man against its brothers” (Ez 38:8; 21), pestilence and hailstorms.  And all will know this Chastisement upon Israel is from God.

Ez 38:16;  39:4-6   Gog will try to come from the north to the Mountains of Israel [to Christian Churches]; thou shall fall in an open filledI AM will be Sanctified before thy eyes of Gog. [Russia will Convert!]   /  I will send fire to Magog.

Ez  32:7; 11; 15  The sun and moon will not give light.  [Three (3) Days of Darkness. “Three (3) times, the Sun and Moon will be darkened.” Joel 210; 2:31; 3:15.]

Ez  34:8; 12  As, “I LIVE”… so will I deliver; bring them out of the people; gather them to the Land and feed them.  / “I LIVE” is The 2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!  All will be Converted to Christianity with Catholic Faith that Lord Jesus is GOD! [ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5.] even Israel and Egypt.  Rev 3:9. /  Ez  34:24  The Lord will be their God!

Ez  36:8-10   In All Mountains of Israel [Spiritual Israel means all Christian Churches including Jewish Christians]:  All of its cities and branches will multiply.

Ez  36:17; 20  SUMMARY of Ezekiel: The House of Israel  [the Jewish Church], “profaned” My Holy Name; nevertheless; yet, I will bring up REMNANTS Jewish Christians out from sanctuary far countries (they will learn of “Jesus Christ the Messiah is their God” in far-off lands); and then later, assemble you back to your own land; and then, from all idols, I will clean you [Ez 36:25-26] ; / change your hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.  [Ez 36:33-35; 38]. /  You shall remember your [elders] own evil ways and loathe yourselves.  Then, your land will become Eden.  “But, not for your sake that I AM will do this.”; but for the sake of a Promise. Ez  36:32

Ez  37:5  Skeletal Bones [of the “elects”]  , I will breathe unto you and you shall live.  Ez  37:24. [Same as Ez  11:16-17; 19]  Israel will be gathered to their land with one King; never to defile Me.  David, My servant shall be their Prince forever; My Sanctuary.   [The word “forever” indicate NOT the previous king David who died or who was not forever; BUT, David here pertains to the Holy Priest of the Church that has the Sacraments or Key to David; Amos 6:14; Rev 3:7-13. 

Ez  39:17; 21   “A Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice.”  I will set my Glory among the heathens; and all the heathens [Christians] shall see My Judgment.   

Ez  40-47  The rest were All about the Measurement of the Holy Temple said in the Old Testament. [View: But, God do not like us to focus on those building Temples; but, only the Spiritual Temples. How can one appreciate the Temples when you can see the poor?]   See also Witness of Dr. Collett who spent seven days in Heaven.   [Back to earth >] Rev 19-22.    AMEN.