EZEKIEL’s End Time

My Honest Analysis.  I am Not a Visionary. Discretion Applies.  

PRELUDE: Before, Israel was the Zion of Judah; but, this End Time; Israel is now the Old Zion of Judah; because of, Sanhedrin and Jewish followers continued Defiance to ISAIAH 1:11-14; AMOS 5:22-26; past by the 70th years of Israel to present. DANIEL 9:26-27. While the Signs of the Chosen Nation “ABOVE Israel” [“ABOVE Israel”]; that we will call here the New Zion of Judah; all pointed to the ROMAN CATHOLIC Church.   AMOS 6:14. MICAH 4:10-12 and ZECHARIAH 2:7-8  


Ez  1:5-25   Four Living Creatures; each shape of a man, all over full of eyes; each with calf feet; each with crystal head firmament; each with 4 wings and each with 4 faces:  (1) face of man, (2) ox; (3) lion; and (4) eagle.   The noise of their wings was like the great waters as the Voice of the Almighty.   [These means we were being closely watched in our Circle of Life; and life is like a wheel; first, as an intelligent man; on labor [ox], strength/gifts [lion] and our goals [eagle]] .

Ez 1:26  Superior to the 4 Living Creature is a Man sitting on a sapphire Throne surrounded with glowing amber; and a bow of firmament circling above the Man.

Ez 3:15  Tel-abib near the river of Chebar.  

Ez  4:1-3   They built a fort around “LIMITING” the City of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel! [December 2017]. But, the ownership of Jerusalem is NOT in Perpetuity; because, God said, “Land shall NOT be sold in perpetuity; because, the land is Mine!” LEVITICUS 25:23. The immediate “OUTSIDE WITHOUT WALLS”; or, is OPEN to ALL, was given to the Gentiles/Christians/ Foreigners/Aliens.  ZECHARIAH 2:2. They shall lay siege against it.  This will be a Sign to the House of Israel; on how they defiled; who, suppose to be should NOT oppress the foreigners/aliens/gentiles/Christians whether in Jerusalem or in Gaza! LEVITICUS 19:33

EZ 11:13-20  Jews were given everything they needed in sanctuaries in order to convert (they will learn of “Jesus Christ the Messiah is their God” in far-off lands); later, assembled out from the countries and given the Land of Israel with a new heart of flesh; and I [Lord Jesus] will be their GOD. This was now fulfilled with Jewish Christians or smaller lions. Numbers 23:24.

Ez  12:10; 27;  Ez 21:25.   “The vision is far off at the End Time.”  Concerning the [wicked] Prince Sanhedrin in Jerusalem and the House of Israel [Judaism]. // The Spokesman of Sanhedrin said that Jews will come out with their own Messiah; anyone but Jesus; anybody else besides Jesus; and NO to the Trinity. “Sanhedrin and Third Temple by RISE or R$E”. NAHUM 1:11. 1-John 2:22.

Ez  6:1-4  All Holy Mountains means Spiritual Israel” or aka, all Catholics and Christians Churches.   Due to mid-East WW3, your altars will be desolate, your images broken, slain before/by IDOLS [dark technology], all your cities desolate. [Current trending drone Sonic Arson-Microwave in Beirut and Chile. October to December 2020; and so on.] / Yet, I will leave [Super]-Remnants Christians including Jewish-Christians among the nations that shall escape from the sword . Joel 1:14; 2:1-9; 32. / Advance Microchip Dark Technology IDOLS of Clones, bio-Android, Aliens and pet Monsters; suppose to be harmless; because, it came from the tissue of the Unborn babies; but that, will later be Out-of-Control after they were evil possessed by the Satan and the evil spirits by Sonic Nano Technology.   Exorcists be Ready.  . Compare Jewish/Israel’s IDOLS  [Ez 8:10-12]; to Muslim/Egypt’s IDOLS [Ez 30:13; 29:3].

Ez  7:1;5-6.   Unto the Land of Israel [country Israel].  An evil is to come.  The end has come.  None shall remain.  Seller will not return to what is sold in life. Ez  7:13./  The Trumpet was blown.  Their silver in the street; the gold removed.  Ez 7:19. /  The worst of the heathen shall possess their houses; their holy places defiled; they shall seek peace and there are none. Ez 7:24-25. Consistent with AMOS 3:11; 5:2. Note: Ezekiel 7:1;5-6 +23:29 is WW3 for Israel whom be left naked; and was different from Revelation 17:16-17 which is the Freemason Beast that hated the harlot USA that in turn shall be left naked [economically]. [Current, in progress: Freemason Beast versus USA President, Dec 2020; kingdom by “agreement” will be given to the Freemason Beast. Rv 17:17; and the rise of the Microchip Mark of the Beast. Rv 14:9-10.] Analyzed 12-01-20.

Ez  8:5-7; 10-12; 16   [The evidences of the FREEMASON.]  Towards the “Altar” of the House of Israel [Jewish religion], at the entry is an image of jealousy.  Nahum 1:11. Then, a door into the Wall of the Court[yard] with every form of creeping things, abominable beasts and IDOLS in the House of Israel.  They worshipped the sun towards the East [Eastern Jewish aka Noachide/ Noahide; or Communist-Freemason].  [IDOLS are Clones, bio-Android, Aliens, Monsters: they make them as Weapon for WW3! / Other IDOLS [“in extravagance; in excess”]: Money without charity; Video games leading to slot; Phone gossips; immoral sex-TV; addiction to ingested alcohol, cigarettes, drugs; take one hour time-out might break addiction! Compare Jewish/Israel’s IDOLS  [Ez 8:10-12]; to Muslim/Egypt’s IDOLS [Ez 30:13; 29:3].

Ez  13:3-4; 13:10.   Foolish prophets of Israel with lying divination liken to foxes on the desert.  They seduced the people calling peace to Israel/Jerusalem; but, there were none.  One built up a Wall LIMITING Measurement of JERUSALEM as Capital of Israel [Dec 2017]; but, which is suppose to REMAIN as City WITHOUT WALLS; open to all. ZECHARIA 2:2-4. The immediate “OUTSIDE WITHOUT WALLS” were given to all gentiles, aliens, Christians. REVELATION 11:2.

Ez  16:2; 15; 17; 21-28  Show [the wicked prince/Sanhedrin (Ezekiel 21:25) of] Jerusalem the cause of his abominations:    (1) Thou, a harlot that seduced: took My silver and gold and made them [to be adored] images of men [Coin];     (2) Thou has slain children [Erobin; Kethuboth 11b; Talpioth Medrasch 225]. Ez  16:21. /  They will discover thy nakedness and wickedness thru time of reproach of Syria and Philistines [Palestinians]; they shall burn thine houses with fire and execute judgment upon thee.  Ez 16:37; 41; 57.    (3) The sin of Sodom is pride in abundance neither strengthen the poor and needy.  Ez 16:49.   Except for the Jewish-Christians; then, Israel should have been Sodom or Gomorrah.  And Sodom and Gomorrah are Babylon.  Isaiah 1:9; 13:19.   (4) The sin of Israel is Samaria House of Esau: Palestinians; and Remnant-Christian of Edom or defected Freemason and Jewish Christians were persecuted. Micah 1:5.  Amos 9:12.  Ob 1:18-21. /  But, Nevertheless, I AM will remember My Promise; and establish My Covenant with thee; [but,] as Spiritual Israel on all Christians Churches who acknowledge that Jesus Christ is GOD!”  Ez 16:60.   ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5.

Ez  20:13; 16; 27; 29  The House of Israel has rebelled against Me in the wilderness; they polluted My Sabbaths for their hearts went after their IDOLS [Ez  8:7-10-12; 16]; their fathers blasphemed Me unto high places, [O]Bhama.  [for End Time, is Symbolic of All Presidential high places that allows LGBT, Abortion, and all Freemason Head Agendas]. /  I lived saith the Lord GOD, I will not be enquired of [be controlled] by you.  Pollute not anymore My Holy Name with your gifts and IDOLS!  [IDOLS are Clones soldiers/ISIS and SONIC Weapon for WW3!] Ez  20:31;39. View: Compare IDOLS of the House of Israel [Ez 8:10-12] to the IDOLS of the Muslims. [Ez 30:13; 29:3].  In the Effort of both Israel and Muslims of Mid-East to Outdo one another; then, they resorted to making of IDOLS: Weapons of WW3.  Later, these IDOLS will be Out-of-Control when Satan and all evil spirits will evil-possessed them as its hosts-bodies.

Ez 20:40  In all My holy mountains; they shall all [be] the House of Israel.  [Explanation:  IF it is only “House of Israel”; then, it is the “Jewish Church that rebelled”; but, IF it is the phrase: “House of Israel in all the Holy Mountains [all Churches] then, understand; that it means “SPIRITUAL ISRAEL!”  Thus, all the Holy Mountains or Churches of Lord Jesus Christ becomes the “Spiritual Israel”. 

Ez  21:29  Ez  13:3-4. Israel whiles of divinity are a lie.  Their Iniquity shall have an End. // Their Lying whiles of Divinity in our current modern history includes:  (1) Israel Using God’s Words; for self-acclamation. As in, ““No one is above the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”; [with impression, the JEWS who are closer to God, were above than Non-Jews]”; that they should be given preference over others in job, promotion and in courts, etc.  But don’t we have the same Heavenly Father? After Christ, Christians also became Children of the Heavenly Father!  // (2) God will not anymore hear the Jewish animal sacrifices.  Amos 5:21-23; Isaiah 1:11-14.  Then, instead the Sanhedrin formed Noachide/Noahide Interfaith; but WITHOUT CHRIST as Messiah nor Center of Celebration; but, only as regular prophet. Then, they tried to lure the Pope as Member? But, how come Jews like Noachide as ANCIENT PRIMITIVE Law for all? Adam did NOT know how to READ yet any Noachide codes laws? Perhaps, GOD are VERY PRECISE what best to give to man; which is ONLY the “TEN COMMANDMENTS”. Then, around Nov 2019, again, they wanted to introduce another Ancient Scroll Law they just found; but, later the ads disappeared?  It seems that ancient things were so easy for them to find and decipher just like that?  I wonder which company sells those ancient edition?  Rev 3:9.  (3)  The real problem was they have Jewish Blind Pride of not Accepting the Proof that is in already in the Holy Scripture; about, the “Most Holy Trinity” and “Jesus Christ as GOD”ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5.   (4)  Inflicting False Media by engaging Jewish students to make staged videos about false disgruntled pastors or nuns, exposing about Rom Catholic; then, initiating Apostasy.  They forgot that real priests and nuns were bound by silence.   (5)  God hate the [Cunning] Excellence of Jacob/Israel [Amos 6:8] including immoral Advance Dark Technology: Sonic Nano that increases LGBT; leads to abuses on Children [Ez 16:21]; and Bio-Engineering [“all creeping things, abominable beast and IDOLS/Clones soldiers ISIS in the House of Israel”].   Ez 8:7-10-12.

Ez  22:3-4   Judged the Blood City  [Freemason Blood Sacrifices; and Bio-Engineering of Blood].  In Blood [DNA], they made IDOLS [Clones ISIS, bio-Androids, Giant-pet-Monsters, Aliens].   I will make thee a reproach to all heathen, mocking to all countries. 

Ez  22:18-20   The House of Israel are brass [mimics Gold but is a False Virtue], tin [imbalance trade], iron and lead [war]; even silver [coins]; therefore, I will gather you into Jerusalem in My fury!  

Ez 23:29  They shall leave you “naked”.   Woe to the Bloody City:  I will take away the desire of their eyes with a stroke. [Ez 23:29 is Israel. Different from, to the will be downfall of harlot USA that will be left “naked” by the Freemason Beast as the poorest country; REVELATION 17:16-17. [Trending now Freemason Beast False Media vs Pres Trump; Dec 2020].

Ez 37:24-25. My servant SPIRITUAL DAVID, the Pope, will be One Shepherd over Israel. My SPIRITUAL David, the Pope, will be their PRINCE forever.

MICAH 4:10-13 O [modern] Daughter of Zion (Roman Catholic) though defiled out with [associating with] BabylonFreemason-Dark Technology turning man against Children; Ez 16:21.; the Lord shall deliver thee.  Many nations shall gather against thee; cursing that you DEFILE [as an Apostate; due to Religious Scandals, etc]; but, THEY DO NOT KNOW the THOUGHTS of the LORD. Malachi 2:11-12. Rev 3:9. / Arise daughters of Zion… [As of this time 2019; the only Church blamed for being Apostate and Fallen due to Religious Scandals, etc; yet, tranquil, was the Roman Catholic Church.]

[*Dark Technology started as illegally captured/detained children due to alleged witchcraft Dark Spells but were really “Natural” Super Psychic Abilities; then, replicated into Advance Dark Technology; like the 5/6G as a pervasive dream hypnosis; combined with jelly Nano Technology that can change the temperature and movement of cells telekinesis acting on hypothalamus. //  View: God gave us Gifts and some with Natural Super Psychic Abilities.  But, those Freemason would like to keep those Abilities for themselves for their own selfish purposes.]

Ez  29:3; 9: 32:2   King of Egypt, the great Dragon that lies; thou shall be meat for the fish [Flood], beasts, fowls; the land of Egypt will be desolate. / After 40 years, I will gather them again to smaller base Egypt; they will not exalt anymore nor rule above nations.  Ez  29:13; 15.   

Ez  38:2;8;21   The Land of Gog [Russia] and its people [or allies] the Magog [China, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Turkey; even USA].  [Story continues with Daniel 7; and at Rev 8-18.].  View: one will Convert to confront the other.  “every man against its brothers” Ez 38:8; 21.  

Ez 38:8; 16-19;  39:23-25  That Gog will conquer lands by the sword; but, many Christian refugees will be delivered safely; then, later, Gog will conquer Israel for years.  After Israel was converted; then, Israel will be pardoned; but, before that, there will be earthquakes; then, chaos, “every man against its brothers” (Ez 38:8; 21), pestilence and hailstorms.  And all will know this Chastisement upon Israel is from God.

Ez 38:16;  39:4-6   Gog will try to come from the north to the Mountains of Israel [to Christian Churches]; thou shall fall in an open filledI AM will be Sanctified before thy eyes of Gog. [Russia will Convert!]   /  I will send fire to Magog.

Ez  32:7; 11; 15  The sun and moon will not give light.  [Three (3) Days of Darkness. “Three (3) times, the Sun and Moon will be darkened.” Joel 210; 2:31; 3:15.]

Ez  34:8; 12  “I LIVE”… so will I deliver; bring them out of the people; gather them to the Land and feed them.  / “I LIVE” is The 2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!  All will be Converted to Christianity with Catholic Faith that Lord Jesus is GOD! [ISAIAH 48:16-17; 54:5.] even Israel and Egypt.  Rev 3:9. /  Ez  34:24  The Lord will be their God!

Ez  36:8-10   In All Mountains of Israel [Spiritual Israel means all Christian Churches including Jewish Christians]:  All of its cities and branches will multiply.

Ez  36:17; 20  SUMMARY of Ezekiel: The House of Israel  [the Jewish Church], “profaned” My Holy Name; nevertheless; yet, I will bring up REMNANTS Jewish Christians out from sanctuary far countries (they will learn of “Jesus Christ the Messiah is their God” in far-off lands); and then later, assemble you back to your own land; and then, from all idols, I will clean you [Ez 36:25-26] ; / change your hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.  [Ez 36:33-35; 38]. /  You shall remember your [elders] own evil ways and loathe yourselves.  Then, your land will become Eden.  “But, not for your sake that I AM will do this.”; but for the sake of a Promise. Ez  36:32

Ez  37:5  Skeletal Bones [of the “elects”]  , I will breathe unto you and you shall live.  Ez  37:24. [Same as Ez  11:16-17; 19]  Israel will be gathered to their land with one King; never to defile Me.  The POPE, SPIRITUAL David, My servant shall be their Prince forever; My Sanctuary.   [The word “forever” indicate NOT the previous king David who died or who was not forever; BUT, David here pertains to the Holy Priest of the Church that has the Sacraments or Key to David; Amos 6:14; Rev 3:7-13. 

Ez  39:17; 21   “A Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice.”  I will set my Glory among the heathens; and all the heathens [Christians] shall see My Judgment.   

Ez  40-47  The rest were All about the Measurement of the Holy Temple said in the Old Testament. [View: But, God do not like us to focus on those building Temples; but, only the Spiritual Temples. How can one appreciate the Temples when you can see the poor?]   See also Witness of Dr. Collett who spent seven days in Heaven.   [Back to earth >] Rev 19-22.    AMEN.