End Time According to Daniel and Zechariah

This is only a Trying my Best Analysis; I am an Amateur.  FATIMA Prophecy: Countries can Change IF they be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart that all may be Truly United to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The following were Current as of 2019; and is subject to Change. 

Note: Daniel 10:14  That what was Revealed to Daniel’s is the Future.

DANIEL 7         

Dn 7:4  LION is USA with wings of flock that will fly away or decide Independently from the Control of the Zionist Freemason; [Note that not all Zionist are Freemason; but, here we were talking about those who are Freemason aka Assembly of Satan; Rv 3:9; who lies].  These Zionist Freemason insisted to advocate Talmudic NOAHIDE to be followed by all countries for world harmony; despite, that the TEN COMMANDMENTS is [via International Arbitration] is far Superior!  Freemason has lying media because their Noahide has hidden Talmudic rules [“EROBIN”; Kethuboth 11b; Talpioth Medrasch 225 were all against the children] that will NOT bring harmony to Mankind as they claim will be!  [NOACHIDE or NOAHIDE was approved in UN 2013 and in USA in 1991 under pretense of Educational purpose; but, can be Activated only if the current Constitution is abrogated by either Martial Law; or WW3 that the Freemason themselves will orchestrate. //  Lion in Daniel 7 is definitely NOT Israel.  Lord Jesus Christ is the Lion of Judah; born of Bethlehem, Jerusalem; thus, the Blessing is in Jerusalem; but, not the whole Israel.  Israel remained Jewish and they do not like anything to do with Christ.  Mt 28:12-15.  Thus, it is a lie that whole Israel was the one blessed; but, at the End, only a REMNANT or Branch will be blessed.  Most of all Israel was Indirectly quoted to be Babylon!?  Israel is Sodom and Gomorrah.  ISAIAH 1:7; 9.  And Babylon is Sodom and Gomorrah.  ISAIAH 13:19.  Amos 5:21.  Malachi 1:1; 10-11.  Daniel 9:26-27.   Currently, Israel is the World’s Center of LGBT 2018-2019.   What those Zionist Freemason did to the Children in their Blood Sacrifices was now a cursed Spiritual Disease of the whole country. / In “all” the Prophesies; the Heavenly Father was saying that EXCEPT for the REMNANTS, a Branch of the True Vine [Jesus Christ], Micah 5:3, John 15: 1; 4. whom God will Bless at this End Time to be the New Israel to begin again; then, the rest of Israel is Sodom and Gomorrah. / Though Israel be Babylon; yet, in the Mercy of God; He will bring out the Branch Remnants whom is known to me as the Flock of Rabbi Zev Porat who Recognized that Jesus is Lord and God!  Zechariah 13:9.  JOHN 17:13.

Dn 7:5; 7:20 BEAR is Russia with Three horns [Syria, Iran and (Turkey or North Korea?)]; but, this can be changed with Conversion.  Miracles of Fatima 1917: that IF Russia be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart; then, it will be Converted; and peace will be granted to the world.  May all pray for Consecration of Russia, USA, China; etc.

Dn 7:6 LEOPARD are Freemason Countries with 4 Heads [Tech Developed Countries (EU?)] and 4 Wings [financers UAE?]: rich financers of either or both non-governmental Area 51 bio-engineering [as Weapons of WW3] and FEMA [ISIS military part] decapitation blades; but, however, the Evil Possessions of these Clones, AI, Aliens will not come from the Leopard; but, from the Zionist FREEMASON who in history; in all their Children-Blood Sacrifices; were able to call/see their Master who is Satan himself; for it; in turn, to evil possessed one of its members who will be the Anti-Christ to rule the world; but, was not successful, pending the right location which they were convinced to be in Pilate’s Praetorium; [no one knew exactly]; but, they were aiming at the Dome in Jerusalem on the Rebuilding of the Third Temple.  May 2019 [May 2020 on Enoch Calendar] is the last time that they can offer Blood Sacrifices.  Please wear your Miraculous Medal or know Exorcism [use the Blood of Christ] because those AI, Clones, Alien Monsters can only be hostile when the Freemason will call the evil spirits to evil-possessed them. References: (1) Rebuilding Third Temple Underground by Leeland Jones.  (2) Gold Crown for the Jewish Messiah by Lyn Leahz; or Tim Henderson.  (3) NDE Jeremy 10 yrs old.  (4) Karly Franz vs the Freemason.  (5) FEMA Guillotine Blades.

Thus, ISAIAH 1:11-14 and Nahum 1:1 applies to all Freemason Children Blood Sacrifices; and the promoting of Talmudic Noachide Laws instead of the TEN COMMANDMENTS!   

Dn 7:7 Furious BEAST with ten Horns is WW3; to which will come out from it, is more evil than war, who is the aka Little Horn [nuclear; or, AC; Dn 7:19. If it is nuclear; then, most probably, it will come from the three (3) Horns-Alliance of Russia.  After the War; or Desolation; then, will come from the North; is the entrance of all-white look-alike Ancient of Days [ANTI-CHRIST] > into the Jewish modern Messiah, without position on any kingdom; but has Flattery great [LGBT, pro-Choice, pro-money] speech, who will sit on the Temple, Thes 2:2; and who can direct thousands on change of times and laws; wearing out the Saints [Dn 7:25].  [View: post war, people were vulnerable to receive the Microchip Financial Digital System from which food and housing will come; but, the Freemason who will control the Microchip worldwide is Definitely the Anti-Christ.  In the Downloading of Memory [+drugs] via these Microchips; we will still know our Families; but, then, our Love to Family and to God will seem Strange; and the allegiance of many will be on Communist Financial Digital System, LGBT, pro-Choice; closing of Churches [building only; but, not end of Religion; until the downloading and changing of memories].  By peace times post war; the Anti-Christ will bring down many.

“The Lord is GOD” Zechariah 13:9.


Dn 8:4-8  WW3 between the ram and the goat;

Dn 8:9-11  Out of ten horns of WW3, came out the Little Horn [AC] who will control the people

Dn 8:12 The AC would like to be adored; thus, it cast down the host to his own way for him to be adored.

Dn 8:23  The Characteristic of the AC: fierce looking; practices witchcraft dark sentences and great speeches.   

Dn 8:24  The AC will do three (3) things: 1) destroy the mighty Presidents; 2) not of his own power, he will destroy wonderfully thru wonders of Microchip technology [chips were also placed on bio-engineered aliens and monsters]; 3) destroy the holy people and be against the Host of the Prince of princes; but, he will be Destroyed back without the hand [of man] or by the Supernatural; because Catholics and Elects will retaliate back. Dn 11:32;  Dn 7:13; 26-27; Dn 12:1-2.   

Dn 9:24-25  70 weeks [ends May 2019; or, May 2020 on Freemason Enoch Calendar; [but, regardless, God has His Own Time]; is the Time Limit for Jewish Purification and Re-Dedication of Temple.  Either they Recognize and Proclaim Lord Jesus as the True Messiah; or

Dn 9:26-27  Or, then, the search for True Messiah will be cut-off; they can proclaim their own Jewish Messiah for one week; then, Desolation will come after.

“Lord Jesus is GOD. “…that they may know Thee [Heavenly Father] the One True God; “AND” Jesus Christ Whom Thou has sent.” John 17:3.


7:17; Dn 11:4  Big prominent super Countries or Kingdoms shall be divided into 4 Unions.  /  Here were the Time Indicators that we are about to have Great Events at this End Time: There were 7-8 Kings; 5 had fallen; the 7th is also the 8th meaning he is the longest term King [must be China]; and the other King will serve only for 3 1/2 years, meaning that he is the shortest term. Rv 17:9-11.

Dn 11:5  King/s of the Asian South [Philippines, Columbia; China] shall be strong.

Dn 11:6  The UN Agreement will be Broken.

Dn 11:7-8   Out of her branch of Great Asian South [China] is the Tentacle of AC [North Korea or any country where the nuke will come from; but, this can change by Prayer of Conversion; indeed, it was on hold 2019; USA is able to see that N.Korea is too poor and needed only attention].  The Branch of the South + Freemason ISIS will invade the North. 

Dn 11:11    Army of the Great South [China] is a Multitude.

Dn 11:13; 15  The King of the North shall [Financially] Return and subdue the South.

Dn 11:18-19  The King of the North [USA]  its own accord will stumble and shamefully cannot be found [Trump?]

Dn 11:20       The Vice Pres of the North [USA] raises Taxes was short lived.

Dn 11:21-23   Out of the North is another vile person [AC]; not belonging in the govt; but, by Political Flatteries.

Dn 11:25       This Vile Flattery Person [AC] will defeat the King of the South with his tech devices.

Dn 11:28;31   The AC will have riches and his heart is against the Covenant/Church.

Dn 11:36;39; 41-43; 45   The AC will exult himself vs all gods; divide and sell the Lands/Countries for gain; he has tabernacles of his Palace between the Seas and Glorious Mountains.

Dn 11:44-45  The richness of the North and East will trouble the AC and will wage to destroy with fury.  Even with all the riches; yet, the AC will come to his end and none can help him. 

Dn 11:32  The Roman Catholics and Elects will retaliate with Exorcism.

Dn 7:13; 26-27 The Son of Man appears from the clouds; confronting the Ancient of days. Judgement will given in favor of the Saints.   

Dn 12:1-2  St Michael will Appear.  ALL Elects will be rise; some will shine in glory; but, some with ugly shame. 


The Saints are the Living Dwelling of the Most Holy Spirit; because of Their Martyrdom; and now, They are Protected by Their Beloved Who said, “If you sin against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven you. But, if you sin against the Holy Spirit and the Dwelling of the Holy Spirit; then, it will not be forgiven you, now and in eternity.” 1Cor 3:16-17 Mt 12:32

“If you believe that Lord Jesus is the Messiah; then, His Mother is a Virgin; because, according to the Jewish Prophesy, the Messiah can only be born of a Virgin.” ISAIAH 7:14.


Trying my Best Analysis based on hope.  I am only an amateur.   That there will be a modern Zion of Judah.  The Religious side of the End-Time War IF APPLIED at the End Time


Zec 1:14; 16-17.  Jerusalem is Bethlehem [the whole Jerusalem].  Zion of Judah is any Gate of God; or in my modern End Time story, it is the Roman Catholic or any Religion that believes that Jesus is God!; But, however; later, this modern Zion will sharply fall; then how and will she able to get up?…  Zec 13:9.  Mal 2:11. // Daughter of Zion are Christians. // Church with fair mitre or crown upon his head are Catholics. // Zion of Judah is a Holy Land; Jerusalem is a Holy City.  [Daughter of Babylon is Israel.  Is1:7; 9. Is13:19.  Withered Fig tree were the Freemason Zionist of Israel.  [View: Not all Zionist are Freemason; but, we were talking only those who are Freemason.  God already gave Israel a chance to be Zion in the Old Testament; up to the Time Limit of 70 years.]

Zec 1:18-21 Horns are bad IMAGE carried by Zion of Judah, Israel and Jerusalem. 

Zec 2:1-4; 5.  The Measuring of Jerusalem.  View: 12-06-2017 when USA-Israel set boundaries proclaiming Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.  But, at the end, Jerusalem will remain a Holy City without Walls; but, a strong wall of Spiritual Fire.   It will be about 3 1/2 years or 42 months from the time of the Measurement before the Desolation will arrive.  Rv 11:1-2.  Before, the Desolation; the two Olive Trees [Christians and Catholics] will Prophesy for the Second Coming of Christ; and the Two Lampstands [the two Pope’s; or 1 Pope and 1 Remnant] will be Martyred in symbolic Sodom [Israel; ISAIAH 1:7; 9] and Egypt [Zion of Judah is the Roman Catholic Church].   

Zec 2:7-8; 10-13  Deliver thyself, Zion [Rom Catholic], that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon [Israel].  [Deliver thyself thru thy Mother, the Saint! “Dn 7:27”]  “Malachi 2:11-12”.  Malachi 3:3-4. Gen 3:15.   View: It is our hope that the modern Zion of Judah, the Roman Catholic Church will be delivered from her fall. 

Zec 3:8-9  Seven eyes; seven continents or the whole world.  [Zec 3:10] The Lord will call under the True Vine [Rom Catholic] and under the Fig Tree [Remnants of Israel]. God said that He abhor the excellence of Jacob/Israel. Amos 6:8; God will raise a Nation [the modern Zion of Judah] against Israel; who will afflict Israel from entering in Hamath [perfection]

Zec 6:14.  Out of His Mercy, The Lord will bring out the Remnant BRANCH [of the True Vine] from among Israel:  The Remnant Branch will begin again [as New Israel].  The Lord will remove Iniquity in One Day. 

Zec 4:12  The Two Olive Trees; whose Branches thru the Golden Pipes empty and the Golden Oil comes out, are the Catholics and the Christians.  [View: optional Two Olive Trees are: Roman Catholics and the Remnants [flock of Rabbi Zev Porat] those who proclaim Jesus is Lord and God!  Zec 13:9.  Future History will depend on how Roman Catholic will stand up for Holliness by Uplifting more the Holy Spirit in the Saints or the Blessed Lady!  Malachi 3:3-4. Gen 3:15.  Otherwise, the Rom Catholic will just be the same as the common earthly holiness of the Eastern Orthodox.  Malachi 2:11-12.  View: This was the Reason why Catholic Orthodox is not the modern Zion of Judah because Orthodox who does not totally believe in the Divinity of the Saints.  1Cor 3:16-17.   We were saved not by our works; but, only by the Spirit; for God is looking for those who worship Him in Spirit thru the Saints and the Angels.  Jn 4:23-24.  We have the Holy Spirit too; but, we sin too often; unbelievable modern man!  Therefore, only by the Purity of the Spirit.  Jn 6:63.   What is God is God’s; and all things of God is Pure; Divine [including His Saints and Angels]!  Going back to our story, whether Roman Catholic able to stand up or not after a sharp fall will depend on how they will hold on to the Holy Spirit.  At this End Time, God is the Judge, the KING; He will Not be your Servant to serve you anymore; but, He gave His Spirit.  But, the curse of the Lord is on the one who made them, the Catholics, to fall; the one who has changed the words in Gen 3:15.  Nahum 1:1.  Malachi 2:11-12.  The Roman Catholic will be saved by the Holy Rosary [Promise #5] from all apostasy and schism.  The Lady is Truly the Co-Redemptrix; our second chance though we fall; as long as we stay humble children praying the Holy Rosary.   Not by Words we excel; but, by the Spirit of God!

Zec 5:1 “Flying Roll” is a Nuke “Curse” over the Face of the whole earth. This was on hold 2019.

Zec 6:12  The Man whose Name is the Branch shall grow and make the REMNANT SPIRITUTAL Temple of the Lord.  View: In the Mercy of God to His Promise to Abraham; He has bring out the flock of Rabbi  ZEV PORAT [2017 to present] who proclaims Jesus as Lord and GOD!   Micah 5:3  “REMNANT of “His” breathen shall return unto the children of Israel.  /”His” here is explained in Micah 5:2 is the One Born at Bethlehem Who is the Messiah, Ruler of Israel from old, from everlasting: Who is Jesus Christ born in Bethlehem at the house of David [of Mary and Joseph both from the house of David]; who rode on a donkey [Zec 9:9]; and was Crucified, Pierced.  [Zec 12:10]

Zec 7:14  By whirlwind; the pleasant Land will became Desolate.

Zec 8:3  Jerusalem is the City of Truth.  Thus, Zec 8:9 that the SPIRITUAL Temple might be built.  View: When, later, God said, that all Gold are mine; all Silver are mine.  Gold and Silver here are Not the Minerals nor Stock market.  He was saying Gold as Virtuous; Silver as the Martyrs.  Remember that God talks only about the Spiritual things.  Therefore, the Temple is a SPIRITUAL Temple; not any building temple.  It is Spiritual Temple; because, He likes the poor as symbol of INTERIOR temple; and thus, same as when He rides on a Donkey.

Zec 9:9  Jerusalem, Thy KING cometh from Thee riding on a Donkey. 

Zec 10  Diviners had false dreams.  Diviners were those who have Moons as Calendars.  ISAIAH 1:11-14 applies.

Zec 12  This is a “Burden” for Israel: 

Zec 12:2-3; 10  Jerusalem a Cup of Trembling when there will be a siege [attack], between Judah [Zion of Judah are the Catholics] and Jerusalem: and will be a burden to all those who involve themselves with war on the possession of Jerusalem will be cut to pieces.  All shall look for the LAMB they had Crucified, Pierced

Zec 13:1  Fountain of Mercy opened to the house of David and to Jerusalem [3 Days of Darkness and Enlightenment. Rv 8:12; 11:11]; the Lord will cut-off idols and unclean spirits; there will be a time that prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision.

Zec 13:9  The LORD is my GOD.  [Lord Jesus]

Zec 14:1-2   The Day of the Lord: will gather all nations against Jerusalem; half of the city shall be taken

Zec 14:4-5   There will be a Great EarthquakeThe Lord will come and all the Saints with Him.  Rv 14.

Zec 14:11     After the Day of the Lord; then, there will be no more destruction.  The Remnants shall inhabit Jerusalem 

Zec 8:12.  I will cause the REMNANTs or Branch of the True Vine; to possess all these things.


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