DANIEL’s End Time

These were all my Amateur Honest Analysis of the Old Testament. I am not a visionary. . FATIMA Prophecy: The future of man can still change IF they be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart that all may be Truly United to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. . Others have different version; discretion applies. . It doesn’t matter if we have different religions; what is more important is our heart.  These were written, to as possible understand and encourage to read the Bible.   “It is forbidden to debate; unless guided by the Priest.”  To forgive; because, we are sinners too.    . We read the Bible in order to listen and talk to God.   That we may know about the Most Holy Trinity; and that Lord Jesus is GOD.  Isaiah 48:16-17; 54:5.   And to know about the Saints of God; [Dn 7:18];  and, His Angels, [Archangel St. Michael, all Heavenly Angels, and our Guardian Angel/s].  Dn 12:1.


Public Service: Beware: Please, do NOT believe on some Born Again that will say, “The Lord said to me…”; because, it was NOT a real true quote from the actual Lord’s Statements; but, I found out, that most of the Evangelists and Born Again; were quoting the Lord “OUT OF THEIR ORDINARY DREAMS”. That was NOT GOOD; they should never do that way; because, no one can control dreams, which the evil one can also control. And most of all; how can we know if those Born Again be the good Daniel or Joseph in the Old Testament; or, they could be the dreamer RA or dreamer King Nebuchadnezzar? Which one are they? But, only if they were good all throughout their lives; which was too hard to achieve; and if they were shouting to their family; then, it means that they were not good; or just ordinary just like us; nor were they the good Daniel or good Joseph? In the following writing of past events; or analysis or my view/opinion; I will quote God only by the Bible; but, not according to my dreams.

Glossary: Old Zion of Judah was Israel; while the New Zion of Judah in this End Time, our time, is a raised Nation or Church under Lord Jesus Christ; and is ABOVE Israel. We will reveal this Nation/Church at the end; after you read all of these. AMOS 6:14. MICAH 4:10-12. ZECHARIAH 2:7-8

Daniel 10:14  That what was Revealed to Daniel’s is the Future End Time which is, our Time.       

Dn 7:3  There were four (4) Beasts of the Freemason at this End Time. 

Dn 7:4    LION is Freemason Beast of Abortion and LGBT; by ingested NANO binary fertilizers (viagra-like) spread by Chemtrails on plants and water; that increases LGBT; and, made the Chaste Priests to become pervert; but, God said; that not the Priests; but, the one who did those things to them will be CUT-OFF. Malachi 2:12 applies.  The Eagle USA will pluck/fly away from Freemason LION.  USA will be given a heart! // Note: Freemason usually is hidden administrative that controls the population size and social voices/rallies; media, politics, pharmaceuticals including “Nano” on chemtrails spread on plants and on water to cause sexual desire [increase LGBT]; and, irritated Behaviors [Angry Mob pandemic]. Freemason caused the problem blaming it to another and publicly announces to make people hate another. But, Malachi 2:12 applies.

After Israel’s 70th year, ends 2018; the Lord had commanded the Sanhedrin to stop all rituals [Is 1:11-14; Amos 5:21-23; 26; DANIEL 8:26-27]; because nothing was working with the Sanhedrin; and Jews cannot find HIM; and thus, they have to find HIM in another way; among all Prophets, Psalms, all written in the Old and New Bible; thus, to convert; to become Jewish Christians!  [Any Feast should be with Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua.]/ . But, instead, they proclaimed the Jewish Letter of Antiquity: Noahide Codes laws as a worldwide law [United Nations June 2013], [International Noahide Sept 2019]; but, then, who became their Messiah if they implemented it?! . Poor Adam, he did not know how to READ yet.  Perhaps; God are Very Precise to give “only” the best to all; that is, the Ten Commandments. The Jewish Noahide had tried to bypass the Ten Commandments; thus, the Curse of Daniel 9:26-27; Ezekiel 39:23-25 is about to happen. “I lived; saith the Lord God, I will not be inquired [be controlled] by you!” Ez 20:13, 16, 27, 29.    When will the Sanhedrin stop calling and attracting evil spirits?   But, God is not blessing their rituals anymore! And any Feasts; Sabbaths after the 70th year of Israel, were now being held in defiance against God! Is 1:11-14. Am 5:26. // The Jews were persistent; because of Lion in Numbers 24:9. . Lion in Numbers 24:9 is different from Lion Freemason of Daniel 7:4. Israel in NOT the Real Great Lion in  Numbers 24:9; but, the Great Lion is Lord Jesus Christ. Revelation 5:5.    Great is the Lion; but, not Israel. There is another young lion/lioness that could go either way: it could be the good or the bad: Israel will introduce a younger lion who are the good Jewish Christian Faith, “One-for-Israel, or the Jewish Christian Rabbi Zev Porat; etc”; Numbers 23:24 [KJV] they were teachers or BRANCH of Jewish Christian Faith. Or, that, Israel might introduce a lioness Jewish Messiah Noahide Interfaith [without Jesus Christ] with motto: One Religion, One G-D (God)]; see Noahide.org. Numbers 23:24 [RC. We still do not know whoever will win; hopefully, it will be the younger lion; and not the lioness.

Dn 7:5; 7:20 Second Beast is a BEAR with Three horns: (1) SONIC ARSON/MICROWAVE that strategically; specifically pinpoint and BOMBED military sites. (Iran x 3). . SONIC ARSON that sets fire to Catholic and Christian Churches [Lebanon x 2; etc]. It showed that the originator, I will call, “Sonic Man” hated the Muslims and Christians. . (2) SONIC Nano that could go either ends: 1) False love or increase LGBT; and, that causes the Priests to pervert; but, the one causing it, will be Cut-Off; Malachi 2:12 applies. Or, 2) increase ANGRY MOB pandemic. . (3) SONIC VIRUS; aka, a virus spread by Sonic. Same as in “SONIC ATTACK on USA Embassy in Cuba, 2017; wherein, “many got sick; and some died.”

Dn 7:6 The Third Beast is a LEOPARD that has 4 Wings enticing fads: (1) TV or Internet. (2) Video Games. (3) False Media, political or religious . (4) Social Phone gossips.

And the Leopard has 4 Heads:

(1)  Geo-Engineering by altering the storm paths; but, the Elements of Climate [Water/Tsuanmi; Fire/Volcanic Eruptions; Wind/Tornado; and Earth (eartquakes, sinkholes)] showed to be FIGHTING BACK with Super-Catastrophes.

(2) FEMA-military part. [Clone; or Humanoid ISIS staging as local military under FEMA; but, on the side; AI can also become friendly laborers; depending on the mandate of microchip on their heads].

(3) Stocks and Economic Collapse: Credit Cards. [Includes disappearance of the number of homeless; FEMA CAMPS; later, with Decapitation Blades; Rv 20:4.]

(4)  Area 51 bio-engineering; mixing animal DNA to human DNA. The rise or acceptance of AI, Clones, bio-Androids, Aliens. Ezekiel 8:10-12. Clones and bio-androids need to eat? Where or to whom do they use the tons of unborn babies that was being sold? Aliens and monsters were all man-made; not coming from the universe. View: But, most probably, they can transport those clones or AI there in another planet before coming here on earth. Most Area 51 laboratory aliens or that missing people injected with allergic microchips ; but, the face looked alien. The chip also took off the voice; all of their aliens CANNOT TALK; in order for them not to disclose what really happened.”]; died after a crash? But, aliens have tele-transport and how could it crash?

But, however, the Evil Possession that will be inflicted on those Clones, AI and Aliens will Not come from the Leopard itself; but, will come from the Great Horn LION FREEMASON, who in history; in all their Children-Blood Sacrifices; MOLECH; [AMOS 5:22-26]/Kethuboth/Medrasch were able to call and see the Master of all Freemasons who is Satan himself; for it; in turn, to resurrect on one of its members who will be the Anti-Christ to rule the world, Nahum 1:11. They did already; but, of lesser evil; because, out of them [the Great Horn]; then, they hired/paid the Little Horn to become “Communist Global Order” who had brought down the holy into an Atheist Transformation School [changing Christians and Muslims to Atheists]; and who had brought down the mighty Presidents [Hongkong; Fiji, Taiwan] (Dn 7:7-8); but, that the leader of Global Order will soon be Cut-OFF; DANIEL 11:45. But, however, the Great Horn were still aiming for the Dome or anywhere in Jerusalem on the Rebuilding of the Third (3rd) Temple Extension; originally frustrated underground-animal-blood sacrifices; because of unable to produce a Messiah x many years/centuries; reported by Third Temple by Leeland Jones; that will raise up the Great Horn Jewish Messiah other than Jesus as per the Spokesman of the Sanhedrin, NAHUM 1:11. [Frustrated or that was broken; but, still lives]. Dn 8:8.  // .

The Sanhedrin have to stop calling and attracting evil spirits; because, God is not blessing their Sanhedrin rituals anymore; or, that their Rituals are held in defiance against God! Isaiah 1:11-14; and until they seek HIM among Christians; only then, the WW3 and Super-Catastrophes will stop!  Ez 38:16-18. DANIEL 9:26-27.

Dn 7:7 The Fourth, Most furious BEAST is the (1) MICROCHIP with ten Horns/sins attached to it; and (2) The rise of the AI Jewish Messiah complete with technology adopted super-psychic abilites: Sonic Arson/Microwave; Sonic Nano; Sonic Virus; Sonic Treatment. . (3) WW3; From this War, will come out that is more evil than WW3, who is the Anti-Christ [Dn 11:36, 39; 41-43, 45].

View 1:  In the effort of both Israel and Muslims (Mid-East) to out-do one another; they resorted to making of Dark Crafts IDOLS to Advance Tech IDOLS: Clones, bio-Androids, Aliens, pet Monsters and Giants.  Later, these IDOLS will be OUT-OF-CONTROL when Satan and all evil spirits will evil-possessedthem as its hosts because they rather reside on earth; than in hell.   One of them, will be Satan Incarnate [as Little Horn; and as Big Horn]; very powerful even without real position on the kingdoms it conquered; but by flattery; tricky, bribe “like Mafia” way of speech.  Dn 7:25. Ez 30:13; 29:3. Is 19:4.

View 2:  Just after the WW3, people will be vulnerable to receive the Microchip Financial System from which food will come from.  Then, the Freemason Anti-Christ will control the Microchip worldwide by the Downloading of Memory replaced by Uploaded [Noahide/ Science] preprogram. Nahum 1:11. Under the Brain Microchips, people will still know their Families; but, then, the Love to Family and Love of God will seem Strange; their allegiance is in Freemason system and Advance Technology. Microchips will control choices: any that controls population and vote on pro-communism or deep state. .  By peace time post war; or on times without resistance; the Anti-Christ will bring down many. Daniel 8:24.

View 3:  Worst, post war scenario; due to poorest economy; then, the Anti-Christ will buy our lives as slaves; because, our needs will be subconsciously supplied minimally to us: free food, or to place in our brains that we are NOT HUNGRY; but, there will be NO FOOD. Free lounge, coffin size. Free TV gadgets for our brain; while it is downloading and uploading data on our brain. Not to be resistive; but, in Exchange for our scheduled deaths because the mafia-like AC, big horn; wanted to control the population [only for the rich]; by Decapitation [because there might not be enough electricity post WW3]. Rev 20:4.  But, have Faith, for we do not fear those who harm the body; but, who cannot harm the souls!  May our last breath be the Name of Jesus!

No amount of amo [ammunition] or “hand of man” can cut-off all the Beasts; but, only by the Supernatural; which are Saints in the Priests Exorcists; or, the Saints Themselves; more specifically the LADY COREDEMPTRIX whose Definition is solely GENESIS 3:15 and REVELATION 12:1; and Whose Tradition She is into; is, the HOLY ROSARY. DANIEL 7:18’+ 27. . Also, please wear your Miraculous Medals or know Exorcism [spiritually use the (Spiritual) Blood of Christ] because those AI, bio-Androids, Clones and pet Monsters, (all made from DNA of the Unborn, were suppose to be harmless); and can only be hostile when the Freemason called on the evil spirits to evil-possess them. . Mafia-like bribes of the Communists should also be all Exorcised! Even if evil lives; but, only for a short time; because, the Good always prevail over evil.


[There were two wars: 1. with China, and 2nd in mid-East; Updated 11-23-2019]

Rev 17:9-11. Here were the Time Indicators that we are about to have Great Events at this End Time: There were 7-8 Kings; 5 had fallen; the 7th is also the 8th meaning he is the longest term King [must be China]; and the other King will serve only for 3 1/2 years, meaning that he is the shortest term. [Philippines]/ But Time was REVERSED [shortened]; thus, we really do Not know the exact time. Mt 24:22.

DANIEL Chapter 7 is the SUMMARY. The Story begins at DANIEL Chapter 8.

Dn 8    DANIEL Chapter 8: The Ram are Countries; and the Goat are all Evil things felt worldwide.

Dn 8:9-11  Out of the richer Greater Horn who financially supported; came out, the Little Horn [China] to perform the bad dirty laundry/operations:  . (1) China established “Communist Global Order”.  It already took Cuba, Fiji, and Hongkong by bribe-money; thus, it will bring down the mighty Leaders of other countries; Dn  8:24; 11:36-45.   . (2) China created a government “false one-religion; but, is Atheistic; by its TRANSFORMATION SCHOOL”.  It will bring down the holy. Daniel 8:24. . By history, we all knew that China was very poor and Atheistic; and they were only for COMMERCE; they will not spend a yuan [currency] for any religion. But, it showed that another rich Great Horn freemason; paid them big in order to create and impose a Transformation School. (3) It uses DNA Microchips to impose merit system; to control orderliness and choices:   Thus, it will bring down many, thru his wonderful DNA-microchip technology.  Dn 8:24.   

Dn 8:12 The COVID19 evil GOAT from the rich Greater Horn freemason cast down the host; by, imposing to close the Churches to decrease contamination. Ez 29:3]. The COVID19 came from either Migal Laboratory of Israel who claimed they already had a antidote; weeks after the spread of COVID19 from China. Or, COVID19 could be transported to Wuhan, China in order to produce an antidote; but, instead, the COVID19 spread out. Freemason would not let anyone knew who they were; they needed China to take the blame; or the origination of the COVID19. I wish that China will disclose from whom the COVID19 really came from?

Dn 8:23  The Characteristic of the AC: fierce looking; practices craft [Mafia-like bribe]* dark sentences and great speeches…  The Communist spoke the same way with dominance, bogus and bribe; scary.   This statement is to both: the Little Horn’s bribe mafia-like deals; and the Big Horn’s scary crafty bogus talks.

Dn 8:24 [same as Dn 89-11:]  Little Horn AC [China, Communist System/Freemason] will force three (3) things: 1) It will destroy the mighty Leaders [by bribe-buying other countries];   2) Not of his own power; but, it will destroy with the wonders of DNA Microchip technology to impose order and control choices on abortion; LGBT…;   3) It will destroy the holy people; by its own atheistic govt-bible; and Commandments of the govt.  / But, in turn, it will be Destroyed back without the hand [of man] or by the Supernatural; or by the Saints. Dn 7:13;26-27; 11:32; 12:1-2.     

Dn 11:5  King of the South: China, shall be strong.  His prince [N. Korea] shall be above him.

Dn 11:6  The daughter of the South will appeal to the North [seems Fiji or Hongkong appealing to USA; to free them from China; but she will be given up.]

Dn 11:13-14; 15  One of the King of the North [North means High Ranking]-Beast [China] shall subdue the daughter of the South [Hongkong]; but, neither supporting each other.   2019.

Dn 11:18-19  One of the Prime Minister of the North, [Israel or China],  its own accord will stumble and shamefully cannot be found.  [seems to be the Natanyahu? But, Xi also went hiding.]

Dn 11:20    CHINA raised Taxes on Hongkong; was short lived.  [Economic Collapse to Digital Economy.]

Dn 11:7-8   View:   One of Roots [Philippines]; and its allies [USA via Egypt #3] will fight back vs China for the Taiwan, etc and prevail.   [Captives preferred to be sent to more affluent Egypt.]

Dn 11:9; 11-12     Army of the Great South [China] will prepare and is a Multitude.  Many will die.  But, the devastation will not be to their advantage [they will lose].

Dn 11:21-23   King of the North [Beasts; Dn 7:4-7]; is a vile person [Freemason Rallies and False Media] is not really belonging to the govt it conquered; but, conquers by bogus flatteries [Mafia-like], corrupting officials with bribe money.  It will try to conquer more due to world economic collapse?

Dn 11:25; Dn 8:24.    Another freemason country will defeat the Kings of the South [China].  China already subdued “three (3) KINGS”.  [Fiji, Cuba; and Hongkong]

Dn 11:28;31   The Freemason will have riches and his heart is against the New Covenant; by COVID19.  “It will be against the Host”.  It was able to close Churches. Dn 8:24. . But, in turn, it will be Destroyed back without the hand [of man] or by the Supernatural; or by the Saints. Dn 7:13;26-27; 11:32; 12:1-2

Dn 11:36;39; 41-43; 45   The AC will exult himself above all gods by closing Churches and by economic collapse; or/and, by making all to bow to its govt-bible; and Commandments of govt [China]. It’s SONIC has tabernacles man-made island Palaces between the Seas and Glorious Mountains.

Dn 11:44-45  The richness of the North and East will trouble the AC and it will wage to destroy with fury.  Yet, even with all the riches; yet, the AC will come to his end and none can help him; the Little Horn will die.  Thanks God!


Dn 9:24-25.  Israel was given everything they needed; even to go to far sanctuary for their Search for the True Messiah; (they will learn of “Jesus Christ the Messiah is their God” in far-off lands); then later, they will be taken back to the Land Israel; and later in time, Israel will have a heart of flesh instead of heart of stone. Ez 36:17;20; 31-35;38.   Either they Recognize and Accept Lord Jesus Christ as the True Messiah; or, Face Consequences without the Messiah in the Desolation!  Dn 9:26-27. ISAIAH 9:14.

“Lord Jesus is GOD. “…that they may know Thee [Heavenly Father] the One True God; “AND” Jesus Christ Whom Thou has sent.” John 17:3.

Dn 9:26-27. After the Time Limit of 70 years; ended May 2018; then, the Traditional Jewish Religion, aka the old Zion of Judah, was CUT-OFF from God’s protection [for without God, we are nothing]; or, be DECOMMISSIONED [fired from the job]; from all Animal Blood Sacrifices; and to cease from ALL Practices: Assemblies, Moons, Feast Days, and even their kosher Star [Amos 5:26]; because, GOD hate those things and called them INIQUITY to Him/GOD!   Then, to Whom they were really labeling as anti-Semitic to?   ISAIAH 1:11-14.  AMOS 5:21-23.   God had commanded them to stop; because, all those things were NOT working anymore; meaning, that they were unable to find Him there.  God was asking them, now, to find Him in another way: through all the Prophets, and Psalms.  “The Kingdom is not yours anymore; but it was given to the Lamb of God; and thru all His Disciples Sam 15:23; 27-28.  Mt 21:19; 43. /  Then, the Events paved the way to AMOS Prophecy: “Behold, I will raise up a Nation with Priesthood above [raise up] Israel; and against you [your Talmudic Noahide Teachings] O house of Israel!  Amos 6:14. Rev 3:7-12.   Micah 4:10-13. / That CHOSEN NATION with Royal VIRGIN PRIESTS/PRIESTHOOD will be ABOVE Israel! 1-PETER 2;9. REVELATION 14:3-4.  Only the ROMAN CATHOLIC has the CHASTE VIRGIN PRIESTS. The Orthodox Catholic have Virgin Bishops.

Much later, God will bring out REMNANTS Christians including Jewish Christians from all Churches or Nations; to be Prepared in the Battle Array versus all Dark Forces!  Joel 1:14; 2:1-9; 32.  I AM will cause REMNANTS faithful: the end-time Daughters of Zion or the Catholics; and, end-time Daughters of Jerusalem or Christians, to possess all these things!  Zep 3:13-15. Zec 8:12.

I the Lord Redeemer is thy GOD!” ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5.

Why Israel has a hardened heart of stone to control world’s religion [Noahide]? Because:  (1) Jewish Blind Pride Not to Consider even if the Proof is in Holy Scriptures about “The Most Holy Trinity” [ISAIAH 48:16] ; and of “Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the Messiah, Redeemer is GOD” as is written, ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5!

(2) And Israel has a heart of stone because Israel was Indirectly quoted to be Babylon [High Socialites]. That Except for the Remnants Jewish-Christians; then, Israel should have been Sodom or Gomorrah.  ISAIAH 1:7; 9.  And Babylon is Sodom and Gomorrah.  ISAIAH 13:19.  Amos 5:21. / Israel is the World’s Largest LGBT.  Zep 1:8. /  What Talmudic Freemason did to the Children Blood Sacrifices [EROBIN]; and causing others to abuse children [Kethuboth 11b; Talpioth Medrasch 225] was now a cursed Spiritual Disease of the whole country.  Mal 2:2-3. /  Increase Conversion of Israel to Christianity will come about thru their Captivity [mid-East WW3]; until they were freed when they call upon Whom they Pierced: Lord Jesus Christ!  Zec 12:10   All of us are really like Babylon because all are sinners!   But, something will happen to the real Babylon.  But, a Nation was raised up to redeem them. Rev 3:9.  

Dn 11:32  The RC Nation or VC itself and the Elects will retaliate with Exorcism. The ONLY RC Nation who can DEFEAT the Anti-Christ Satan Incarnate is the Nation whom God will raise up/Uplift from the blame of being a Defile [This happened when all the non-RC Christian Ministers or Minister-Pastors teased, blamed and labeled the RC Pope as Peter the Roman. Also, meant that RC partly has Babylon Freemason associated with.]; and that Nation will be Above and Against the Judaism of Israel.   Zec 12:7-8.  Zec 14:16-. RV 3:9.  ///  Thus, Not of their own fault; but, this Nation was blamed by many for being a Defile; due to Religious Scandals, and false-idols [but not in the hearts]; etc].  BUT, THE PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THE THOUGHTS of the LORD. Mal 2:11-12.   AMOS 6:14.  MICAH 4:10-12. 

Dn 7:13; 18; 27  The Son of Man appears from the clouds next to God the Ancient of Days Who will endorse to Him All Dominion, Glory and Kingdoms.  Judgement will be given in favor of the “Saints”.    PSALM 110:1

Dn 12:1-2  St Michael will Appear.  ALL Elects will rise; some will shine in glory; but, some will rise with ugly shame.   Also, Ezekiel 37:5.

“I AM the Heavenly Father; now the Lord GOD the Redeemer [the Messiah]; and His Spirit. ISAIAH 48:16

I the Lord Redeemer is thy GOD!” ISAIAH 48:17; 54:5.

The Saints are the Living Dwelling of the Most Holy Spirit; because of Their Martyrdom; and now, They are Protected by Their Beloved Who said, “If you sin against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven you. But, if you sin against the Holy Spirit and the Dwelling of the Holy Spirit; then, it will not be forgiven you, now and in eternity.” 1Cor 3:16-17 Mt 12:32 Dn 7:27

“If you believe that Lord Jesus is the Messiah; then, His Mother is a Virgin; because, according to the Jewish Prophesy, the Messiah can only be born of a Virgin.” ISAIAH 7:14.


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