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The Mystery of The Most Holy Trinity

ISAIAH  48:16   I AM [Heavenly Father, the Creator],  now Lord God Redeemer, and Holy Spirit. 

The Most Holy Trinity is the Most High One God in Three Divine Persons: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  There is only One God with Three Divine Persons.  Each of the Three Persons of the Divinity of God is truly a Person.  Because Each Person could Think, Communicate and Act for Himself; but not separately; but They are truly United as One.  Because Each of Them can Think, Communicate and Feel the Depth of how Each Other Feels [Omnipresence]; and They Interchangeably All Act in One Great Merciful Love.

The Three Divine Persons of the Most Holy Trinity are Equal in Power/Glory or Majesty as per St. Thomas Aquinas.  It is Their Statutes or Being at the Present Moment that caution us of how to approach Them.

 Note:  ISAIAH  48:16   The Name “I AM, Lord God Redeemer and Holy One or the Spirit” were All used Together, or Interchangeably as One of the Same throughout the Bible; because of the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity that They are but One God!  Isaiah 47:4; 54:5; etc. Amen.

 Question:  During the Creation of the world, where is Jesus?   The Answer placed After Reading All of These.  Hint:  St Marie Louis G. de Montfort answered… 


Happy are the poor in spirit who have nothing in this world but only their trust in God in order to get by from day to day.

Happy are those who silently mourn within [that only God knows]; for they shall be heard and comforted.

Happy are those whose souls are hungry and thirsty for the Words of God [and His Righteousness], before anything else in this world, for they shall be filled.

Happy are those who are humble who gives way for others first and self last; for theirs will be the Promised Land. 

Happy are the pure of heart, detached from all that is worldly things, for they shall see the Face of God!

Happy are the peacemakers who gives charity to all regardless of race, religion, wealth or whoever the others might be; for I was hungry and you feed Me; I was thirsty and you give Me to drink, imprisoned and yet visited Me; for if you do these thing to the least of your brothers, you did it to God.

Happy are judged wrongfully for the Truth; but, Happier are those who are merciful and forgiving of their enemies; for they too will receive forgiveness!

Happy are you when they do all kinds of evil things against you [financially, socially, criminal, etc] because you endured for God’s sake; because in heaven, your Rewards, will be a thousand folds

DEFENDING THE FAITH on Usual Questions

HOW DO WE KNOW THAT JESUS IS GOD?   There are many more answers to this question base on the Miracles of Lord Jesus; and Testimonies, proclaiming, “the Lord is my God!”  Zec 13:9.  The Basic Answers: 

(1) Because of the Words of Jesus on “John 17:3” that says, “Now, this is Eternal Life, that they should know You Father, the Only True God “AND” the One You sent Jesus Christ.”     (2) We will know that Jesus is God; because, the Jewish High Priest, Pharisees and Scholars said that Only God can Forgive sins!  Jesus therefore is God; because, of this Evidence that Jesus had forgiven a Jewish Scholar Saul who became St. Paul!   (3) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and “the Word was God”.  “John 1:1”.   And the Word became flesh and dwell among us; and we saw His Glory, [which is] the Glory as of the Heavenly Father’s “Only Son”.  John 1:14.   (4) Lord Jesus is God because Messiah means “thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, I Am the Lord Thy God” clearly Defined in  “ISAIAH  48:17”.   (5) The Messiah is the Holy Redeemer or the Lamb of God Who has bore the strife and sorrows of many that He may Intercede for all sinners.  “ISAIAH 53:1-7-12”.    


The Saints are the Living Dwelling of the Holy Spirit because of the sacrifices or martyrdom that they did while on earth; and they are protected by their Beloved Jesus Who said, “If you sin against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven you; but if you sin against the Holy Spirit and the Dwelling of the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven you, now and in eternity.”     “God will destroy those who destroy the Temple of the Spirit.”  1Co 3:16-17.   “For I am the Lord your God; you shall name yourselves holy and keep yourselves holy, because I am holy … ” Levit. 11:44; 19:2 and 20:7.  1Co 3:16-17.   The Saints is the Holy Spirit in the Person of the Saints [martyrs; heroes].  While, the Holy One is the Holy Spirit.  Then, particularly, in ISAIAH 49:7 talks of “The Holy One of Israel “and” He shall choose “thee.”  The Holy Spirit chose Whom He wanted.  Therefore, “thee” is pertaining to a Saint, the Blessed Lady, from Israel; because of the Coming of the Messiah!   ISAIAH 49:7. 


(1) YES, If you believe that Lord Jesus is the Messiah; then, His Mother is a Virgin; because, according to the Jewish Prophesy, the Messiah can only be Born of a Virgin.   (2)  The Blessed Virgin is the Only One Who could see the True Image, Beauty and Majesty of the Most Holy Spirit that it is impossible for Her to love another.  Lk 1:35; 46-47.


Behold the Wonders of God in the Holy Eucharist; shared for the Forgiveness of Sin!  Mt 26:26-28.  To share with Him “spiritually” without any other blood sacrifice; but, only the Blood and the Body of Jesus in the form of “Bread and Wine”.  There is no more bloodshed.  To Remember “spiritually” Jesus, the Messiah, the Lamb of God Who Offer Himself once and for all!   Because while holding the Bread, Lord Jesus said, “This is My Body [This is My Blood] for Forgiveness of Sin; Do This in Remembrance of Me”. Lk 22:19-22.  Mt 26:26-28.  The Churches that Offered the Body of Jesus in the form of a Bread or Communion Host [wafer] are: the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants, Presbyterian, and Episcopal.


The Arc of the Covenant, Designed by God, is a man-made Holy Treasure Chest with man-made materials with two Angel statues on it [“The Designs remindful of Heaven”].  Following the example of God; then, Solomon built majestic Temples for God [Yet, a building temple is not what God really wanted; and that God like the Spiritual Temple in the line of David];  Abel offered the finest sheep; and the poor woman offered only 2 copper coins but she offered all what she has.  Those things of dearly Great Value to us; yet, after we offer it to God; showed to be accepted by God as a symbol of our small but best love. 


Every knee shall bow… that Jesus is Lord & God.  Kneeling is groaning.  Only when you’re humbled; that your “soul meets the Spirit” that knows how to communicate with God.  “We kneel because or until we feel the Holy Spirit and not anymore the statues before us; just like David to the Ark.  The Holy Spirit actively dwells in us when we communicate with God.  He sleeps when we do not read the Bible.  When we pray the Holy Rosary “slowly”, our souls transform to a spirit that Communicates with God!


Because of the Ten Commandments: “Honor thy father and mother”; therefore, there is a human/spiritual father on earth.  And there are spiritual fathers on earth namely your Pastors.


Receive the Sign that we be Protected by God!  Rev 7:3.  The Lord is the Everlasting Sign. Isaiah 55:13.   Thus, In memory of Jesus Christ on the Cross; by the Holy Spirit within us; then, we Roman Catholic formed the Sign of the Cross.  For the Heavenly Father seek those who Worship Him in Truth and Spirit; because it is only by The Spirit that we could Truly Praise God!  John 4:24.  Any symbols and Signs pertaining to God or remind us of God was allowed by the Heavenly Father as in the Statues of Angels in the Arc of the Covenant.  


Reason for the Holy Rosary [besides of your Love for God]:  Because of the: (1) Parable of the insistent Woman and the Judge.  Lk 18:1-8.  (2) Parable of the persistent man asking in the Middle of the Night until his Friend got up and gave him three pieces of Bread. Lk 11:5-8.  (3)  And when they all prayed unceasingly to free Peter from jail; and because of their unceasing prayer the Angel released Peter from jail.  Acts 12:5-17.  (4) The Lord said, it is Only by Truth and by the Spirit [the “Prayers of the Spirit”] that man can truly Praise God!  John 4:23-24.  The Holy Rosary is Compose only of The Prayers of the Spirit which are the Lord’s Prayer; and the Words of God thru the Angel Gabriel: “Hail Mary, full of Grace.”  “For the Father seek those who will Worship Him in this Way”.  John 4:23-24.  The Prayer of the Spirit is the Highest Offering that we could give to God!  (5) Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.


Sorry, that news was too bad.  Since we will All be judged according to our Faith; then, non-RC Christians; have to really be very good because they will only be judged to go to either Heaven or Hell!  There will be no Purgatory for them ever; no second chance either because they will it this way!  While RC having the Faith to believe in Purgatory; then, RC will be judged to go to Heaven or Hell or Purgatory!  Rev 20:5.

1Th4:15 those alive will not go ahead [in Heaven; than] of those who have died. 

1Cor 5:4 I already passed judgment [of death] with the man who had done terrible things… hand over to Satan his body to be destroyed [in Purgatorial Suffering State], so that his spirit “may be saved in the Day of the Lord”.

The Lord will not abandon us to be rotten in the valley of the dead. 

QUESTION?  During the Creation of the world, where is Jesus?   Answer:   

St. Marie Louis G. de Montfort answered:  “Jesus is in the Bosom or Heart of the Father united to the Heart or Bosom of the Blessed Virgin”.*   Because Jesus said, “Before Abraham, I Am.”   Jesus also said, addressing all mankind through Anne [Direction of Our Times p 66,70 vol 4]: “My children, you are created by Me.”

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Next Future Feature Topics: 

(1 )The Dogmas of the Lady: why the SpiritualCo-Redemptrix?  Answer Preview: Because Lord Jesus said It in His Exact Words, “It is in Co-Redemption that My Mother is above all Great!”  Message was given to Franciscan servant Berthe Petite; from the book, “The Sorrowful & Immaculate Heart of Mary; Imp Most Rev Bernard Cardinal Griffin p.27.”   Our Lord said, “A still more solemn Consecration may be timed for the Feast of Dolors of My Mother- the Great Feast of Her Heart as Co-Redemptrix”.  From page 45, Same Title of the Book of the Immaculate Heart; Imp Arch William Cousins; July 6,1965; Fourth Edition. // The Holy Wounds and the Holy Death of the Heart of Our Lady were all done “Spiritually” throughout Her Life especially at the foot of the Cross.  The Co-Redeemer is really the Holy Spirit or the Holy One Who chose to dwell in “thee” or in the Person of the Saint: the Blessed Lady because of the Coming of Our Messiah.  ISAIAH 49:7.  

As for the Advanced Civilization found in Antarctica.  IF I am to Re-write History with regards to the Bible; then, could it be things happened this way?  IF this Generation will be Right with God; meaning that, IF this Generation will choose the Holy Spirit in Our Lady as Spiritual Co-Redemptrix  [The Holy Spirit and the Lady are Inseparable] as Lord Jesus said, “It is in Co-Redemption that My Mother is above all great!” [p. 27 of “Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary” by Fr. Duffner, MSC; Imprimatur by Most Rev Bernard Cardinal Griffin, Archiepus WestMonasterii.  p 45 on 4th Edition; Imp Arch William Cousins.]   Because the Transfix Holy Wounds and Holy Death of our Lady were all done Spiritually forever with the Cross of His Son.  IF then, we be Right with God; that is, for us to recognize Gen 3:15 which said that “She Alone will Crash the Head of the Serpent.”; meaning that if we overcome our own evil; but history went; we knew that we alone, we cannot overcome world evil; but, of course, we could do it only with the Lady; then, if we do overcome thru the Lady; then, this Generation will see the “The New Earth” which is like the Great Pentacost; that all can Prophesy: to Proclaim the Bible; goodness prevail and Miracles abound!!! // However, IF we fail to be good; or also means that we fail to see the Lady; then, the opposite thing will happen; and we will see the destruction of our Generation just like the Ice Age of the Antarctic. //  That a Generation in Heaven means centuries from the Time after a World-wide Destruction to the Time a New Earth was given for man  to begin again. 


These are ALL my Amateur Honest Analysis.


Ez  1:5-25   Four Living Creatures; each shape of a man, full of eyes; each with calf feet; each with crystal head firmament; each with 4 wings and each with 4 faces:  (1) the face of man, (2) ox; (3) lion; and (4) eagle.   The noise of their wings was like the great waters as the Voice of the Almighty.   [These means we were being closely watched in our Circle of Life; and life is like a wheel; as an intelligent man first on labor [ox], strength/gifts [lion] and our goals [eagle] .

Ez 1:26  Superior to the 4 Living Creature is a Man sitting on a sapphire Throne surrounded with glowing amber; and a bow of firmament circling above the Man.

3:15  Tel-aviv near the river of Chebar.  

Ez  4:1-3   They built a fort around the City of Jerusalem; and around were camps, and rams.  They shall lay siege against it.  This will be a Sign to the House of Israel [that the Time is near].

Ez  12:10; 27 > Ez 13.   “The vision is far off at the End Time.”  Concerning the Prince in Jerusalem and the House of Israel.

Ez  6:1-4  Against the Mountains of Israel  [Spiritual Israel is Catholic and Christians].   Due to war, your altars will be desolate, your images broken, slain men before idols, all your cities desolate.  Yet, I will leave a Remnant that shall escape from the sword among the nations.

Ez  7:1;5-6.   Unto the Land of Israel [country Israel].  An evil is to come.  The end has come.  None shall remain.  Ez  7:13; 19  Seller will not return to what is sold in life.  The Trumpet was blown.  Their silver in the street; the gold removed.  Ez 7:24-25  the worst of the heathen shall possess their houses; their holy places defiled; they shall seek peace and there are none.

Ez  8:5-7; 10-12; 16   [The evidences of the FREEMASON.]  Towards the “Altar” of the House of Israel [Jewish religion], at the entry is an image of jealousy.  Then, a door into the Wall of the Court[yard] with every form of creeping things and beasts and IDOLS in the House of Israel.  They worshiped the sun towards the East [Communism/Freemason].  [IDOLS are their AI, Clones, Humanoid Android, Aliens, Monsters: they make them as Weapon for WW3!]

Ez  13:3-4; 7   Foolish prophets of Israel with lying divination liken to foxes on the desert.  They seduced the people calling peace to Israel/Jerusalem; but, was not true.  One built up a Wall.

Ez  16:2; 15; 17; 21-28  Show Jerusalem the cause of her abominations:  Thou took My silver and gold and made them images of men [Coin]; thou slain children [making them poor].   Ez 16:37;41; 57  they will discover thy nakedness and wickedness thru time of reproach of Syria and Philistines; they shall burn thine houses with fire and execute judgment upon thee.  Ez 16:49  The sin of Sodom is pride in abundance neither strengthen the poor and needy.  Ez   16:60   Nevertheless, I will remember my promise; and establish my covenant with thee.

Ez  11:16-17; 19   Even in far places, Jews will find sanctuaries in other countries; I will assembly you out of the countries; I will give you the land of Israel.   I will take off your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

Ez  20:13; 16; 27; 29  The House of Israel has rebelled against Me in the wilderness; they polluted my sabbaths for their hearts went after their IDOLS [Ez  8:5-7; 10-12; 16]; their fathers blasphemed Me unto high places, [O]Bhama.  [Symbolic means Presidential high places because of LGBT, Abortion, etc]   Ez  20:31;39   I lived saith the Lord GOD, I will not be enquired of by you.  Pollute not anymore My Holy Name with your gifts and idols. 

Ez 20:40  In all My holy mountains; they shall all [be] the House of Israel.  [Explanation:  Even if the Meaning of House of Israel is the Jewish Church; but, in here “House of Israel does NOT mean the “Jewish Church that rebelled”; but, take the whole explanation of the Paragraph; then, understand that in here; specifically,  “House of Israel” in all the Holy Mountains means “SPIRITUAL ISRAEL!”  Thus, all the Holy Mountains or Churches of Lord Jesus Christ becomes the Spiritual Israel. 

Ez  21:29  Their whiles of divinity are a lie.  Their iniquity shall have an end.  [Lying whiles of Divinity Includes Apostasy, Infiltration, Schism inflicted on Catholic and Christians.] 

Ez  22:3-4   Judged the Blood City  [Freemason Blood Sacrifice].  In Blood, they made IDOLS [AI, Clones, Giants, Monsters, Aliens and all bio-Engineering from DNA].   I will make thee a reproach to all heathen, mocking to all countries. 

Ez  22:18-20   The House of Israel are brass [luxury], tin [bad trade], iron and lead [war]; even silver [coins]; therefore, I will gather you into Jerusalem in My fury! [ISAIAH 1: 11-14 applies.]

Ez  23:1;4; 47   Two daughters of Egypt:  (1) Samaria aka Aholah [Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey];  (2) Jerusalem aka Aholibah harlot of Egypt.    Ez 23:29  They shall leave you naked.    Ez  24:   Woe to the Bloody City:  I will take away the desire of their eyes with a stroke.

Ez  25:3; 12-16   The Land of Israel [country] will be desolate.  The House of Judah [Catholic] in captivity.; you will be delivered to the man of the East [Communist Microchip] by vengeance of Edom; will be cut off from the rest of the people.  God will cut off Edom [Philistines, Esau] and its remnant thru Israel.

Ez  29:3; 9: 32:2   Egypt, the great Dragon that lies; thou shall be meat for the fish, beasts, fowls; the land of Egypt will be desolate.  Ez  29:13; 15.  After 40 years, I will gather them again to smaller base Egypt; they will not exalt anymore nor rule above nations.  [Conditional: Because if you err again; then, >]  Ez  30:4; 12  The sword will come to Egypt; the river dry, the land waste.  

Ez  38:   The Land of Gog [Russia or Ally of Russia] and Magog [China].  [Story continues with Daniel about Gog and Magog; and at Rev 8-18.] 

Ez 39:2; 9; 11; 15; 16   Gog will come from the north to the Churches aka Mountains of Israel; thou shall fall in an open filled.   [:12; 25] [The Land] Israel will be devoured with fire.  I will bring again the captivity of Jacob [Israel].    I will send fire to Magog.

Ez  32:7; 11; 15  The sun and moon will not give light. 

Ez  34:8; 12  As, I live… so will I deliver; bring them out of the people; gather them to the Land and feed them.  [The 2nd Coming of the Lord!  All will be Converted.  Rev 3:9.]  Ez  34:24  The Lord will be their God!

Ez  36:8-10   Mountains of Israel [Spiritual Israel are all Churches].  All of its cities and branches will multiply.

Ez  36:17; 20   The House of Israel  [the Jewish Church], “profaned” My Holy Name; yet, I will bring you out from all countries and bring you back to your own land; [:25-26] from all idols, I will clean you;  change your hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.  [:31; 33-35; 38]  You shall remember your own evil ways and loath yourselves.  Then, your land will become Eden.  But, Not for your sake that I will do this.  [Ez  36:32; this will be at the End, end for the sake of the Promise of God; thus, that is the meaning of: “But, not for your sake that I AM will do this.”]

Ez  37:5  [The skeletal Bones of the “elects” will remain.]  Bones, I will breathe unto you and you shall live.  Ez  37:24. [Same as Ez  11:16-17; 19]  Israel will be gathered to their land with one King; never to defile Me.  David, My servant shall be their Prince forever; My Sanctuary.   [The word “forever” indicate NOT the previous king David who died or who was not forever; BUT, David here pertains to the Holy Priest of the Sanctuary or Church that has the Sacrament/s or Key to David; Rev 3:7-13.  It is my belief; that after the modern nuclear high tech End Time War; that a Eucharistic Sacrifice or “Holy” Mass should be held; then, see The MIGHT of GOD!]  [To our defunct Catholic Priests; do not be certain that your hands are not holy; because you are like the wife of Hosea [A Merciful Lord].  Remember who you are; and TRUST in the Voice of God!

Ez  39:17; 21   “A Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice.”  I will set my Glory among the heathens; and all the heathens [Christians] shall see My Judgment.   

Ez  40-47  All about the Measurement of the Holy Temple.  See also Witness of Dr. Collett who spent seven days in Heaven.      [Back to earth >] Rev 19-22.    AMEN.