These are my Amateur Honest ANALYSIS.

Ez  1:5-25   Four Living Creatures; each shape of a man, all over full of eyes; each with calf feet; each with crystal head firmament; each with 4 wings and each with 4 faces:  (1) the face of man, (2) ox; (3) lion; and (4) eagle.   The noise of their wings was like the great waters as the Voice of the Almighty.   These means we were being closely watched in our Circle of Life; and life is like a wheel; as an Intelligent man first on Labor, Strength/gifts [lion] and our Goals [eagle] either spiritual or worldly.

Ez  3:15  Tel-abib near the river of Chebar.  

Ez  4:1-3   They built a fort around the City of Jerusalem; and around were camps, and rams.  They shall lay siege against it.  This will be a Sign to the House of Israel that the Bible is True.

Ez  12:10; 27 > Ez 13.   “The vision is far off at the End Time.”  Concerning the Prince in Jerusalem and the House of Israel.

Ez  6:1-4  Against the Mountains of Israel  [Spiritual Israel is Catholic and Christians].   Due to war, your altars will be desolate, your images broken, slain men before idols [AI], all your cities desolate.  Yet, I will leave a Remnant that shall escape from the sword among the nations.

Ez  7:1;5-6.   Unto the Land of Israel [country Israel].  An evil is to come.  The end has come.  None shall remain.  Ez  7:13; 19  Seller will not return to what is sold in life.   Their silver in the street; the gold removed.  Ez 7:24-25  the worst of the heathen shall possess their houses; their holy places defiled; they shall seek peace and there are none.

Ez  8:5-7; 10-12; 16   [The evidences of the FREEMASON.]  Towards the “Altar” of the House of Israel [Jewish religion], at the entry is an image of jealousy.  Then, a door into the Wall of the Court[yard] with every form of creeping things and beasts and IDOLS in the House of Israel.  They worshiped the sun towards the East [Communism, Freemason]. [IDOLS are AI, Clones, Androids, Aliens, Monsters.]

Ez  13:3-4; 7   Foolish prophets of Israel with lying divination liken to foxes on the desert.  They seduced the people calling peace to Israel/Jerusalem; but, was not true.  One built up a Wall.

Ez  16:2; 15; 17; 21-28  Show Jerusalem the cause of her abominations:   Thou took My silver and gold and made them images of men [Coin].  Thou slain thy children [made them poor].   Ez 16:37;41; 57  they will discover thy nakedness and wickedness thru time of reproach of Syria and Philistines; they shall burn thine houses with fire and execute judgment upon thee.  Ez 16:49  The sin of Sodom is pride in abundance neither strengthen the poor and needy.  Ez   16:60   Nevertheless, I will remember My Promise; and establish my covenant with thee [but, only among Remnants].

Ez  11:16-17; 19   Even if far, Jews will find sanctuaries in other countries; I will assembly you out of the countries; I will give you the land of Israel.   I will take off your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

Ez  20:13; 16; 27; 29  The House of Israel has rebelled against Me in the wilderness; they polluted my sabbaths for their hearts went after their IDOLS [ Ez  8:5-7; 10-12; 16 ]; their fathers blasphemed Me unto high places, [O]Bhama.  [Symbolic: All Presidential high places because of LGBT, Abortion etc]  

Ez 20:40  In All My holy mountains; they shall all [be] the House of Israel.  [Explanation:  IF it is only “House of Israel”; then, it is the “Jewish Church that rebelled”; but, IF it is the phrase: “House of Israel in all the Holy Mountains [all Churches] then, understand; that it means “SPIRITUAL ISRAEL!”  Thus, all the Holy Mountains or Churches of Lord Jesus Christ becomes the Spiritual Israel.   

Ez  21:29  Their whiles of divinity are a lie.  Their iniquity shall have an end. [Lying whiles of Divinity Includes self- Acclamation, Inflicting Apostasy on True Church.  [As of this time 2019; the only Church blamed for Apostasy; yet, still silent, is the Roman Catholic Church.] 

Ez  22:3-4   Judged the Blood City  [Freemason Blood Sacrifice].  In Blood, they made IDOLS [AI, Clones, Giants, Monsters, Aliens and all bio-Engineering DNA].   I will make thee a reproach to all heathen, mocking to all countries. 

Ez  22:18-20   The House of Israel are brass [luxury], tin [bad trade], iron and lead [war]; even silver [coins]; therefore, I will gather you into Jerusalem in My fury!

Ez  25:3; 12-16   The Land of Israel [country] will be desolate.  The House of Judah [Catholic/Christians] in captivity [by microchip; apostasy]; you will be delivered to the man of the East [Communist Freemason] by vengeance of Edom; and because of it, God will cut off Edom [Philistines] and its remnant thru Israel!  [Terms: House of Judah: Catholics cursed for Apostasy.  Daughters of Zion are the Good Catholics.]

MICAH 4:10-12 O Daughter of Zion (Catholic) though defiled out with Babylon [Freemason]; the Lord shall deliver thee.  Many nations shall gather against thee; cursing that you defile [blamed for Apostasy]; but, they do NOT know the THOUGHTS of the LORD. Rev 3:9.  Arise daughters of Zion…

Ez  29:3; 9: 32:2   Egypt, the great Dragon that lies; thou shall be meat for the fish, beasts, fowls; the land of Egypt will be desolate.  Ez  29:13; 15.  After 40 years, I will gather them again to smaller base Egypt; they will not exalt anymore nor rule above nations.  [Conditional: IF they err again:] Ez  30:4; 12  The sword will come to Egypt; the river dry, the land waste.

Ez  32:7; 11; 15  The sun and moon will not give light.  [Signs that It is now very near.]

Ez  20:31;39   “I lived saith the Lord GOD“, [“SECOND COMING of LORD JESUS”] I will not be inquired of by you.  Pollute not anymore My Holy Name with your gifts and IDOLS [AI, Clones].  [All will be Converted; because, Lord Jesus will Come! Rev 3:9.]

Ez  34:24  The Lord will be their God!

Ez  36:8-10   Mountains of Israel [Spiritual Israel are all Churches].  All of its cities and branches will multiply.

Ez  36:17; 20   The House of Israel  [the Jewish Church “profane”], profaned My Holy Name; yet, I will bring you out from all countries and bring you back to your own land; [:25-26] from all idols, I will clean you;  change your hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.  [:31; 33-35; 38]  You shall remember your own evil ways and loath yourselves.  Then, your land will become Eden.  But, Not for your sake that I will do this.  [Ez  36:32 “But, not for your sake that I AM will do this.”]

Ez  37:5  [The skeletal Bones of the “elects” will remain.]  Bones, I AM will breathe unto you and you shall live.  Ez  37:24. [Same as Ez  11:16-17; 19]  Israel will be gathered to their land with one King; never to defile Me.  David, My servant shall be their Prince forever; My Sanctuary.   [The word “forever” indicate NOT the previous king David who died or who was not forever; BUT, David here pertains to the Holy Priest of the Sanctuary or Church that has the Sacrament/s or Key to David; Rev 3:7-13.  It is my belief; that after the modern nuclear high tech End Time War; that a Eucharistic Sacrifice or “Holy” Mass should be held; then, see The MIGHT of GOD!]  [To our defunct weak Catholic Priests; do not be certain that your hands are not holy; because you are like the wife of Hosea [Symbolic of Merciful God].  Remember who you are; and TRUST in the Voice of God!

Ez  38:   The Land of Gog [Ally of Russia?] and Magog [China].  [Story continues with Daniel 8:3-26 about Gog and Magog; and at Rev 8-18.] 

Ez 39:2; 9; 11; 15; 16   Gog will come from the north to the Churches aka Mountains of Israel; thou shall fall in an open filled.   [:12; 25] [The Land] Israel will be devoured with fire.  I will bring again the captivity of Jacob [Israel].    I will send fire to Magog.

Ez  39:17; 21   A Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice.  I will set my Glory among the heathens; and all the heathens [Christians] shall see My Judgment.   

Ez  40-47  All here are Symbolic about the Measurement of the Holy Temple.  See also the Witness of Dr. Collett who spent seven days in Heaven. [Search this Video]     [Back to earth >] Rev 19-22.


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