DANIEL 7:18 +27 The Kingdom shall be given to the Saints, Holy Ones.” Lv 19:2.  “Bow to HIM, all you Divine Beings.” Dt 32:43.  GOD Spoke:  REGARD SAINTS, Dn 7:18ANGELS, Ex 23:20-21 and PRIESTS, Lv 21:8as “HOLY”.  LORD GOD will come with HIS SAINTS/HOLY ONES.  Zec 14:8

LUKE 1:28   No man nor woman on earth can ever be “SPIRITUALLY PRAISED” by “ANGELS”; but, only the HOLY or DIVINE.  The “ANGEL” said to Mary, “PRAISE be Most Favored LADY, the LORD is with You.” Lk 1:28.  NOTE: From GOD is a SIGN, affirmed of a “VIRGIN conceived” the “Son of God with us”, EMMANUEL, JESUS, was born in Bethlehem. Is 7:14 Lk 1:34-35 Mi 5:1 [KJV]. The SIGN CAN NOT be interpreted as “YOUNG” woman, because there were many young women


Dt 32:4  LORD GOD Who symbolized HIMSELF as the ROCK; Zec 3:9  COMMANDED to mold STONES with PLASTER without chisels; Ex 20:25; as ALTAR/s of STONES LIVING WITNESSES of man’s words and deeds; JOSHUA 24:27; Dt 7:27; 27:4-5; or, known now as,”SACRED OBJECTS“, or STATUES of SAINTS [Holy Ones]; and Angels.  Substitutes are “HOLY”. Lv 27:10; Dt 27:4-5  “GOD Spoke” that HE will descend to man between STATUES; that, GOD may “COMMUNICATE” [“COMMUNICATE”] to man. Ex 20:25;  25:22.  Moses heard the VOICE of GOD between STATUES of CHERUBIM. Nm 7:89


EZEKIEL 9:4  EXODUS 13:16. “Placed the MARK  “of the CROSS” on “foreheads” of all good people.”  It wil be a “SIGN” on hands and on foreheads. EX 13:16

PSALMS 103:1+10-12.  “Bless the Lord, my soul; all my being bless his Holy Name!”  Before, conversing with GOD; symbolically GESTURE the SIGN of the CROSS, starting at the forehead, EZ 9:4; Rv 14:1; then, trace the Cross from Ps 103:10-12:  “That GOD may not deal with us according to our sins; for it is death to be blemished and face before GOD, Ex 33:19-20.  Ark. Jos 3:4; nor repay us according to our iniquities; then say, “as the Heaven is above the Earth [gesture: HEAVEN to EARTH] As far as the east is from the west [gesture: WEST to EAST]; so far GOD removes our transgression from us.” Having done the Symbolic Sign of the Cross, no need to repeat Ps 103:10-12; instead, be spiritually washed at the present moment with the BLESSINGS of the MOST HOLY TRINITY.   Thus, while making the gesture of the Sign of the Cross; say, “In the Name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”  Mt 28:19. Ex 13:16.



Each of the Prayers in the Holy Rosary was COMPOSED by GOD!

(1)”The Our Father”, Mt 6:9-13; because, JESUS is GOD.  ISAIAH 54:5

(2) “The Hail Mary”.   No man nor woman on earth can ever be “PRAISED” by the “ANGEL of GOD”; but, only the HOLY or DIVINE.  Lk 1:28.  The ANGEL said to Mary, “Hail Mary…”, or, “Praise be Most Favored Mary the Lord is with Thee.”

(3) “The Glory Be”.  LUKE 2:14.

Persistence in repeated “PETITION” prayers:

1. LUKE 11:5+8  Parable of Asking over and over for 3 loaves of Bread at Midnight.

2. LUKE 11:31 +18:1-8  Parable of Widow & Judge.

The MOST HOLY ROSARY of the Blessed VIRGIN [who propagates It] is “REDEMPTIVE”.  1-Cor 3:9.  GOD Spoke that HE will show favor only to Whom HE will. Dn 7:18; 27;  Ex 33:19.


JOHN 6:54 Whoever eats MY Flesh & drinks MY Blood has Eternal Life.” Lk 22:19-20.   

EZEKIEL 44:13+15. All Levites-Priests can NO longer serve ME; except for ZADOK and family lineage:  JESUS CHRIST, Mt 1:14.  GOD took off the delight of their eyes: Israel‘s Temple Sanctuary EZ 24:21 20:3, IS 1:11-14; for JEWISH-Priests daily animal sacrifices cannot take off the stiff neck sins of Israel. EX 33:3 Heb 10:11.  Jgs 3:7, 4:1, 6:1.  Jos 7:10, Jer 6:31. GOD reestablished the COVENANT EZ 16:62; Heb 8:13; Jer 31:31 thru JESUS CHRIST, theLAMB of GODIs 53:7,10.  This is MY BLOOD of the COVENANT  [“COVENANT”]”  Mk 14:24

Dt 32:4  GOD is the ROCK; but, Lord JESUS gave the “KEYS” to PETER!  Bless are you PETER; upon this ROCK; I AM will build “MY” [“MY”] CHURCH and I will give you the“KEYS”  [“KEYS”] to HEAVEN.” Mt 16:17-19  Rv 3:7  1-Pt 2:9. Blessings of the people of the world will come from chaste PRIESTS from IMPERFECT ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH; placed “ABOVE” Chosen Israel-People of God; Dt 32:21.  Blessing of the world will NOT COME from Jewish Priests; for GOD spoke, “As I AM live; I will NOT allow Myself be Consulted/Represented by Jewish Priests, EZ 20:3 Dn 9:26-27; cause, they defiled ME, their GOD, by UNABLE to DISTINGUISH SACRED OBJECTS.”EZ 22:26. NOR, the Blessings of the people of the world will come from Sects “DREAMERSwhom LORD GOD said will start from them the “APOSTASY” that ATTACKS, Dt 13:6, HIS RC Church   2-THES 2:4. Even if some reached Heaven [in Dreams]; yet, GOD will bring them DOWN Mt 8:11  Ez 33:13.


NUMBERS 5:7 CONFESSION to Priests, Lv 26:40; as Witnesses.  Ex 18:22.  Son of Man has Authority to Forgive sin. Mt 9:6. Nm 5:7. Lv 5:5.  Whose sins you forgave are forgiven Jn20:23  Who BELIEVE in Confession, Jn 3:15  Nm 5:7; not only who were Baptized, in HIM, have ETERNAL LIFE; cause, JESUS was TEMPTED after Baptism. Mt 4:1-10


ISAIAH 6:6-7 A Seraphim placed an ember coal, on ISAIAH’s tongue; his wickedness removed; his sins purge; that Isaiah 6:6-7 symbolizes or is the same when we received Lord JESUS as the EUCHARISTIC BREAD; Lv 6:7, 11; whoever received It; gains holy Life within. “WHOEVER EATS MY FLESH; DRINKS MY BLOOD has ETERNAL LIFE.” Jn 6:54. 

NOTE:  As long as the Priest wills it; and by OBEDIENCE to the Priest, Lv 21:8; we may do so receive the EUCHARISTIC HOST, by the tongue or by the hands.  The Priests who spiritually died for Christ, takes upon himself the sins of all his Faithful. St Charbel.  John 10:11; 20:23.

Note:  You may CONSECRATE to Our Blsd Lady of the Blessed Trinity, your body [hands] and all its senses that you may be a cleaner receptacle like Her; for no evil can come near Her and through Her; upon receiving the HOLY EUCHARISTIC HOST.  Francis Cardinal Spellman.  “O Mary Conceived without sin; *pray for us, who have recourse to Thee.” *COVER our hands,

How do we know that the Roman Catholic have the True DIVINE BREAD? Because of the True Story of the Saints; one is from St Anthony when an unfed hungry Donkey was asked to go to HIS REAL FOOD; and instead of the donkey going to nearby HAY; instead it walked away and knelt down before the HOLY EUCHARIST, our DIVINE BREAD. .[Symbolized by donkey that was able to detect holiness: Numbers 22:28-31.


EZEKIEL 34:23-24  GOD APPOINTED ONE SHEPHERD; Jn 10:16  Ez 37:19-22.  God Spoke that He will be LORD Ex 33:19; became the REDEEMER incarnate JESUS Christ, Is 48:17; 54:5, [JESUS is] the Good SHEPHERD,  PHIL 2:11; Ez 34:23-24; Who in turn Blessed PETER as successor; “Bless are you PETER; upon this ROCK; I AM will build “MY” [“MY”] CHURCH and I will give you the “KEYS”[“KEYS”] to HEAVEN.” Succeeded now by the POPE, Mt 16:18-19, from imperfect Church, Dt 32:21, of CHASTE PRIESTS 1-Pt 2:9; NOT defiled by women. Rv 14:3-4; who will be “SPIRITUAL” Prince DAVID. Ez 37:24-25; placed “ABOVE” all SPIRITUAL Israel Dt 32:21 Am 6:14 [old].  All the Holy Mountains of God; became,”SPIRITUAL” Israel. EZ 20:40

NUMBERS 12:6-8   God’s appointed Shepherd will NOT be like religious “DREAMERS”, Nm 12:6 Dt 13:6; but, GOD will speak to the Chosen Shepherd who will be “SPIRITUAL” Prince David, EZ 34:23-24, awakened; FACE to FACE, “before GOD”. NUMBERS 12:7-8


Lv 21:8. GOD Spoke: “HONOR PRIESTS!”.  King Soul was not allowed to Offer; because, the FUNCTION of a PRIEST is DIVINE 1Sm 13:12-14.  Like the Messiah can only be born of a Virgin, then, the MESSIAH as True Eucharistic Bread and Wine; can ONLY be reborn of CHASTE PRIESTS; Is 7:14, Rv 14:4.

Ez 44:13,15  All Levites-Priests can NO longer serve ME [GOD] except for ZADOK and family lineage: JESUS CHRIST; Mt 1:14;  Whose Lineage Rights as HIGH PRIEST broke into the Sanctuary of Heaven; OFFERED HIS OWN BLOOD of the COVENANT for Atonement Mk 14:24; as the LAMB of GOD Is 53:7.

The Blessing of the people of the world will come from chaste PRIESTS from IMPERFECT ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH; placed “ABOVE” Chosen-Israel-People of God; Dt 32:21  Pt 2:9 Rv14:4 A Chosen IMPERFECT Nation in order to SHAME the WISE 1Cor 1:27 Am 6:14 [KJV old]. The Blessing of the world will NOT come from Jewish Priests who were UNABLE to DISTINGUISH “SACRED OBJECTS.” Ez 22:26.  Lord GOD Spoke: “As I AM live, I will NOT ALLOW MYSELF to be CONSULTED/REPRESENTED by you Jewish Priests.” Ez 20:3 Heb 10:11. Nor, will the Blessing comes from SECTS “DREAMERS” from where Apostasy attacking Rom Catholic Church of GOD will start. DT13:6 2Thes 2:4.  Note: PRAISING is “2 or more gathered in MY NAME”; all may do this.  To “ADORE UPLIFT GOD”; is a DIVINE FUNCTION of CHASTE PRIESTS. [“UPLIFT the DIVINE BREAD” must be done by the UNBLEMISHED, CHASTE PRIESTS. How are we sure Roman Catholic has the “DIVINE BREAD”? By the Story of St Anthony of the overnight unfed hungry donkey who ignored the bunch of hay and instead walked out, knelt down low in front of the “HOLY EUCHARIST or DIVINE BREAD”].  Note: Early Disciples: Priests, Bishops were allowed to be married Lv 21:7 1TIM 3:2. Now, the HOLY SPIRIT prompts to have CHASTE Priests, Bishops. Rv 14:4. Women Priests were forbidden. 1Tm 2:12


LEVITICUS 5:15 +22:2-3 +27:28  

ALL Offered things must be placed under the Fence, or ban of God, Ex 19:23; both living and non-living things; and be REGARDED as “SACRED OBJECTS”, including, First FRUITS, Ex 34:26;  First born, Ex 13:12, [only by Spiritual Offering; because they were automatically dedicated]; Finest FLOUR, Lev 2:14, Lands; Homes Lev 27:14,16; Plastered Stones STATUES, Dt 27:2+4-5 EX 29:4, 25:22; Shekels or Currency, Ex 30:13; portion of Ministers/Pastors Tithes given as Tithe to the POPE or to  PETER’s Fence, Nm 18:26;  and, Petitions to Convert Nations, Dt 7:2 .   Living Substitute are HOLY; Lv 27:10.   Note: Real Ark is in Heaven. Rv 11:19.  Replicas from Israel must be placed under the FENCE/ban of the Roman Catholic Church who have KEYS to Heaven; in order to make it “SACRED”. Mt16:19  1-Pt 2:9  Lv 27:28.


NEHEMIA 9:1  Fasting to take off sins.  Holy Fast in the Day of the Lord; JOEL 1:14, at Passover: EXODUS 12:8-9.   Israel were made to fast; subconscious/conscious, by not eating forbidden foods, before entering Canaan which is now called the Land of Israel.  Dt 1:35-36.  But, GOD said that once Israelites settled on the LAND of ISRAEL that was given to them; then, they could eat everything; both clean and unclean foods. Dt 12:15, 20+22.



Lv 17:14 11:25 All meat have BLOOD in it, that must be burned roasted as FOOD [“FOOD”], Lv 3:11, 16; 7:11, 32. No one should eat FRESH “UNCOOKED” BLOOD of any meat, Dt 12:23; but, if anyone had eaten dead animals; for King Saul’s soldiers ate them raw with fresh blood out of hunger from war;  1-Sm 14:31-33 then, Lord God commanded them to just WASH UP with WATER, take a BATH until evening; then, be cleaned in the morning. Lv 11:25  NUMBERS 19:17, 31:24.

Dt 12:20+22  After Jews settled in Canaan Land of Israel; then, they may eat all kinds of meat; clean and unclean.  What was forbidden is to take away LIFEBLOOD [Unborn] Gn 9:3-4.

Ez 4:15  Ezekiel who protested not to eat unlcean food; was punished to eat the manure of a cow [same happens in wars/catastrophes].   What GOD made clean; then, man should not call unclean. ACTS 10:15.  That NO man shall glorify in HIS Sight; meant that, NO ONE should be PROUD CLEANER than another person; because of eating CLEAN foods; because, Jewish Priests daily animal sacrifices did NOT take away the stiff neck sins of Israel; but, became prouder and had defiled GOD! Ex 32:8-9; Heb 10:11; Jgs 2:11; 3:7; 4:1; 6:1; Jos 7:10. EZ 5:11 +8:10-11 Is 1:11-14.  Any living creature that moves about shall be man’s to eat. Gn 9:3. Food stumbling blocks is Nahum 1:11.  FOOD INTAKE will NOT MAKE US CLOSER to GOD!  Mk 7:18  1-COR 8:8

NO RUPTURE of “Body”; but, Only Souls

1COR 15:50-51  NOT all shall sleep/die; but, all shall be changed into SPIRITS.   NO flesh nor blood can go to Heaven.  John only saw multitude of SOULS dressed in white robes in Heaven! Rv 7:9

1COR 15:52  At the last Trumpet sound; all the dead will be raised into “SPIRITS” [“SPIRITS”].  IF only there is really a Visible Rupture into Heaven; it could only happen to Spirits of 144,000 VIRGIN PRIESTS, not defiled with women; Rv 14:4.

2-THES 4:17   ALIVE, LEFT BEHIND caught up either in WHITE or DARK CLOUD to meet the LORD. Ez 30:3; 34:12. 2-Thes 4:17. / Those caught on WHITE CLOUD will be taken to EDEN or New JERUSALEM/NEW EARTH or the THIRD HEAVEN [1-Kgs 8:27].   Rv 14:1-5  Jl 2:3  2-COR 12:2+4; where they will wait; until, their time have come to go to HEAVEN.   

1-Thes 4;15.  Those LEFT BEHIND WILL NOT PRECEDE those who had fallen asleep.  Many who did NOT CONFESS nor believe that Lord JESUS is GOD; nor WASH UP in HIS TRUE CHURCH nor receive EXTREME UNCTION or, Full Indulgence: Urbi et Orbi; Stations of the Cross, Novena to Divine Mercy, or/and the “Holy Rosary”[graces may be given at the hour of our death], without which, they might LOSE their INHERITANCE, JOHN 13:8; will be caught up in a “Dark SAD CLOUD”; Ez 30:3, into depressive state; they CANNOT SEE [again] the FACE of the LORD; nor HIS COUNTENANCE at the HOLY CROSS, Ex 33:20. EZ 30:3,18. Few who previously reached Heaven [in Dreams], but; the LORD will bring them down. Mt 8:11  EZ 33:13  Ez 18-20; 31:18 +30:3. Dt 32:51.


JOEL 2:10, 3:4, 4:15 new  NAB.  JOEL 2:10, 2:31, 3:15 new KJV.  Wherein will announce each one’s Destiny.  Everyone will call upon the LORD GOD Who will reveal HIS HOLY NAME!  EZ 39:7.  They will looked for HIM WHOM they PIERCED.  ZEC 12:10 KJV


PURGATORY or Transitional

MATTHEW 16:28   “Many of who were standing here [3000 years ago] will NOT taste eternal rest; until, they saw the Glory of the Son of Man; when HE comes back to HIS SECOND COMING to earth.”   Where did those souls go?  Their bodies delivered to Satan; that their souls “may be SAVED in the Day of the Lord”!  1-CORITHIANS 5:5.  EX 22:19.   Which means that place is TRANSITIONAL or PURGATORIAL; thus, PURGATORY.  Because, they had NOT yet reached Hell of 2000 degrees of blazing oven of Fire.


BIO-MIXING of Human DNA and Animal DNA to make new human breed for destruction of others  is NOT HOLY to LORD GOD. Lv 19:19,  Gn 9:4.   

Note:  Use of tissue cells of the unborn as Medicine may only be permitted with the direct or indirect approbation of the POPE.  Mt 16:19  Rv 3:7.  What you forgave is forgiven in Heaven.  Jn 20:23.  Should receiving medicine bothers you of the wonder stealth of the Beast [Technology leads to Atheism, or Pride forgetting GOD]; Rv 14:9; Dn 8:24-25; then, Lord JESUS said to WASH UP with water of Mercy of Full Indulgence from HIS CHURCH; in order NOT to LOSE one’s INHERITANCE; JOHN 13:8, by the SACRAMENTS [Baptism, EXTREME UNCTION]; or, Plenary Indulgence PRAYERS:  Stations of the Cross, or Holy Rosary [graces will be given at the hour of death], Novena to Divine Mercy or Urbi et Orbi [no Confession required; is also for those Converted in their hearts even if they are of different religions (Baptism by Desire thru the Roman Catholic) as prescribed by the ROM CATHOLIC given the KEYS to Heaven. Mt 16:19; Rv 3:7.  

The Roman Catholic was already prepared by GOD for this End Time; have FAITH!  Rv 3:10.

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